TL vs CLG – Week 6 Day 1 | LCS Summer Split | Team Liquid vs. Counter Logic Gaming (2019)

you're back and you're just in time here for game number two we got liquid going up against counter logic gaming let's waste no time jump right into the starting roster selecting the blue side it's Team Liquid with impact in the top lane expending in the jungle Jensen at mid doublelift bottom support coach JJ and coaches Kane and dodo and facing them on the red side it is counter logic gaming in the top plane ruin in the jungle Wiggly mid power of evil bottom sticks a support file Frost and coaches Weldon and Irene on stage now CLG fans are coming into this matchup today with more Moxie than ever before as they get to champion their first place team after taking down TSM and getting rid of that monkey on their back and they did it in stylist fashion mr. flowers connealy exercising diversity ruin in particular played nine different champions across ten games and Wigley of course the Silas game that I'm referring to was absolutely a monster 13 KD a 72% kill participation and huge damage numbers coming out of a carry champion for the side of CLG Andes solo killed bjergsen we're just going to tack that onto the graphic there at the very end just imagine that extra category being there but the surging cornerstone for CLG and Wiggly goes up again sticks mithy who's been a pillar in jungle consistency across this league for so long yeah I think most people would agree that xmithie has been a top three jungler in the LCS for every year that he has participated CLG however got the better of Team Liquid when they played a month ago and exceed it'd go for a poor invade early which definitely cost teamliquid however they'll be looking for a revenge today as will the team as a whole because they need a win here to deny their opponents that head-to-head advantage heading towards tie breakers as we get to calculating buys for playoffs and it matters so much more when the standings are as close as they are right it's not like you have one team that's comfortably in the lead and probably won't even have to think about tie breakers it's been neck-and-neck this whole split long I hope it stays that way up until the very end because it makes it a hell of a lot more fun to watch but CLG would love to have the 2-0 / TL TL banning out the Silas that Wiggly heart carry with / TSM and also banning out the lux that was instrumental in counter logics gaming's victory over Team Liquid the first time they played yeah the Caitlyn was the other champion alongside that one of sticks A's classic go to bottom Lane matchups doublelift in sticks they have gone head-to-head a lot over the years ever since success replaced him on CLG meanwhile the bottom Lane bands keep coming the SONA bands still in effect on 913 here continuing to ban that away doublelift has spoken pretty pretty publicly about how much he dislikes ona and the sona meta tag fulfil always blames the coach for picking it for them but it is a very frequent Team Liquid big so you can see the reason to here for Steele keep Fanning it out Sona band against Team Liquid is one of those few things that both fans of the enemy team and fans of the team itself are happy to see them do because Team Liquid fans want to see double if on a pop off champion and their opponents do not want to see him on a champ they have such a good win rate with as liquid will ban out the sejuani again targeting the jungle and the final band from CLG is more of those enchanters in the you mean you can really see the respect that Team Liquid are paying to wiggly specifically fading out both of the sejuani and the Silas and then first picking Jarvan as well Forex mithi on 913 Jarvan got some very nice feelgood's buffs for the way that the EQ can come out so it's a very very popular especially in pro pick replacement now if says Ronnie and Silas are gonna be permanently banned we had another hover over but don't get too excited it is gonna be the élysée lock in for Wiggly I have really been looking for the return of the AP junglers ever since the runic echoes got buff I thought that especially teams that are looking to run over early game police should be more highly prized very curious to see if SIL G can use that effectively and target the early game because at least does pair so well with super strong lane matchups if get strong solo Lane matchups and and pair that with some dives from Wiggly trying to get aggressive early on it could be clg's way to try and you know take down these back to back to back defending champions in LCS royalty in Team Liquid well if that Tom catch goes bottom lane with Ezreal this is the polar opposite of what we saw from the laning phase from CLG the first time these teams met Caitlyn Lux shoves you into their turret bombards you with projectiles the entire time and makes your laning phase life hell Ezreal and top can't say yes sir we would like to purchase real estate underneath our own turret and we will sit there until the day we die which we probably never will because we're as real tahm Kench it is a very passive Lane we'll see if that's what happens the lovers duo locked in for the side of TL and as both sides have bottom laners and junglers I'm looking for some solo bands here in the second half the band phase as aatrox is clg's first pick to remove from the table yeah honestly it's looking like a very standard setup here for Team Liquid I would expect them to probably have similar solo laners to follow this through maybe the isère gets targeted as well CLG are gonna ban away the h ox from impact which is used over and over we'll see if they try and whittle down continually on that champion pool the gangplanks still available one of his most played as well and certainly effective for trying to snowball the bottom lane like they usually do Corki fanned out Jayce banned out aatrox banned out the impact Jayce BAM become one of those signature champs for him these days ever since they wanted to start him getting away from that tank player reputation CLG paying some respect towards that pick that he's put so much work in on impact becoming quite a carry player of his own especially after his performances at MSI where even when the team was struggling he was one of the guys stepping up pretty consistently final band for TL and of the game here will be the eye relia as it goes off the clg's fourth pink alright do we have any more Kiana players because she gets through even the second round of bands here and assassins I think do go up in value if you have a safe bottom line like Ezreal tahm Kench and in Elise big is a super aggressive early jungler that all signals playtop side of the map early so with his ear locked in it's definitely not gonna be you know mid lane is here diploid scale super wealth Wars mid lane side I would think that sealed you would want to pick an aggressive topside matchup and have that be the area that the Elise goes to because both the other ones are looking like a little bit more safety for themselves we'll see what the answers from Team Liquid are steel gr saving counter pick for ruin so maybe they have something special in store it is gonna be the Akali lock in for Team Liquid which has usually been in the hands of Jensen and that is the gangplank that I mentioned earlier surprise surprise Zell bull carry solo laners from the side of Team Liquid and not just that double melee carry solo laners which means not a lot of safety from these guys if they fall behind and it also means that exceeds Jarvan is gonna be the main frontline there now over for ruin what is going to be that top lane pick here you already said the man's played 10 games and nine different champions that is quite a diverse selection of things to play could we see the Lucian top it's definitely been effectively used into gangplank in the past at least for a laning phase try and kill the gangplank Renekton that's what I was looking for as far as hey Bob saw the map not looking like great Elise territory to pull off some early game stuff Renekton that looks like prime Elise real estate let's see if they go for the early dives impact is definitely used to it so this is gonna be another test of his skills will this be the day that's ruin and Wiggly catch captain impact under the turrets try and dive them early because it's definitely possible Renekton and at least extremely good especially early on because Renekton you can just power up your W to get the empower W stun that allows at least a free cocoon onto the target you can basically chain CC your opponents even if it is something like gangplank with the oranges you can wait them out and there's enough first damage there to early on get the kills and then reset our agro with the repeal from the lease team liquids composition feels so powerful if it gets ahead with a Khali and gangplank able to just blow people up but if they fall behind having to deal with something like the ranged power of a Nazir and an Ezreal that has the peeling potential of tahm Kench right next them could be very difficult and honestly Kobe with both these teams recent performances with Team Liquid being the one team from na that really found themself funny winds at rift rivals with CLG showing up and performing in a way that we haven't seen from this team in years this should be a really exciting battle at the top of the standings battle for first place who will take control of the LCS team liquid or CLG let's get on to the ribs [Applause] the CLG chance is something that have been hushed for quite a while now but it was quite an experience last weekend when they roared of the sound of TSM liquid fans though none to sleep at the wheel as they're here to support their squad as well we'll see CLG going towards the bottom side Ward place down by Team Liquid right before both squads around at the corner that is one dead ward immediately placed and killed off there as everybody runs headlong into each other is gonna be a little bit of extra experience over there too a few CLG members bottom lane it doesn't mean that much but Sola Lane also was in range they're looking at key stones across the board here real quick you do see the electrocute over onyx Smithy's Jarvan shows more bursty early on as opposed to the concrete we sometimes see them take ruin has the Conqueror on the Renekton so he scales a little bit better as opposed to the press the attack that only just wins the lane harder electrocute for P OE is more bursty style for the isère everything else pretty much par for the course bio frost does have that summoner spell book on tahm Kench so we've got to make sure we're on the lookout for him swapping that over to things like teleport and cleanse and other play making moves all right let's see if we goes for some sort of early play on the topside he could just start red here and then end on bottom half of the map Elise definitely has quite a few options right now look we'll check on how rouen actually plays the minion wave with Renekton looks like he's actually gonna draw impact back up to his area you this way you get the range minions there you could see them he draws impact up to this brush so that then OOP well impact getting the better of Rouen here at level 1 wisely setting up those barrels to get a quick chain on him pay attention to the range minions is what I was gonna try and point out there as they add a lot to these early trades be currently helping out ruin they're also nice use of the copter thus far another good shot there by impact gets the passive burn once again on to ruin and forcing them off the Minuit minion wave is so big when gangplank here with two charges of the corrupting potion used early on for lame dominance gets the push to Renekton off the minion wave now you can actually start to deny yes and gain so much extra control for the teamliquid topside so much about laning against gangplank like this comes down to the barrel timing minigame can you manage to pop them before he can detonate them a topside it was impact over and over again grabbing the explosions before ruin could disarm the barrels they can look back at mid lane power of evil is gonna control this Lane early on range versus melee match up what do you expect as expensi puts himself in position here in case ruin goes forward in case CLG is trying to set up some sort of a gank onto impact he's there for the counter gank but CLG has no such plans right now yeah if you can see impact was pushing the wave the timing here works out you call the jungler when your wave is about to get up to the enemy a turret there because he knows he's got no more trinket Ward to rely on and Elise wants to work with Renekton to try and get early game power so really good move there from ex mithi just to cover his top laner impact has done his job you know in winning those early trades and I'm forcing back to it pretty slippery but he's got some fight left over Roode going oh so close chasing down an impact there but he's able to back right back off no explosion on the barrel hits this time around and there are no more charges less than the corrupting so it's a little bit more risky 6a taking some damage in the bottom side I mean everyone went for that trade in the top side because you didn't have the level 4 over level 3 advantage because of all the minions colliding underneath the turret but considering impact only gets taken a little bit low and then heals up with the oranges and the grass gangplank has a lot of ways to stay healthy in this top side power of evil will continue pushing up here in the mid lane as ruin once again tries to get aggressive on this Renekton in the top side is what you want to see out of this champion want to see that pressure being applied to something that scales the way that gangplank does seen this before Wiggly checking the brush here with the explosive spiderling has to show himself because he doesn't want to allow the gangplank the opportunity to give it a 90 map though jarvan's here it's gonna be a 2 vs. 2 CLG coming in looking to find the name a double-dip these able to group himself the first blood room take him down it is a one-for-one but critically so many minions are going to die here with impact still seeing black and white yeah and this is where the moments where the jungle is like yes thank you very much 650 now level 5 after getting all that solo experience actually ahead of the solo laner bottom side they're going for another trade your eyes on those feathers in the ground late call for double lift turn around let's take another look at it as I was talking about expected was heading right back up the lane he knows this is gonna be the target area there's no other area on the map that field you're gonna go for big almost hit the complete burst there but because they don't finish it off ruin still under the turret flashes dashes too many turret shots that small little judgement there where they don't quite have enough damage for the initial burst to finish it off before weakly goes for the repel it means that ruin is left with a tower aggro and he's left with the tower aggro and an incomplete mission so they still try and complete the mission he stays under the turret make sure they get the kill and on the outside can't escape with his life meanwhile stick say doesn't get one stop on a court GJ core JJ stopped a double it gets back in time and considering double if took TP both marks that actually with TP that means double it gets to come back to lane bf sword in inventory and this is one of the laning differences between Ezreal and other ad carries early on Ziya comes back with VF Ezreal has a few different mana items pretty big difference in combat power there so doublelift will have an easy edge if CLG tries to go for big all in style trades look to see stick say only poking with a mystic shots for now let's see if they'll throw in at core JJ cuz I believe there's a ward over there he's been able to stop his back this time around meanwhile level sixes have come in for the mid laners teleport coming back on the bottom side bio frost don't look nice little sidestep with his old lane partner their bio frost once again gonna look for the tongue lash and double if once again breeds them like a book and notice all of double lifts dodges have been up he is dodging aggressively nice is one of the things where it is a bit of a mind game with dodges and I always love to play this mango are you going to switch your tendencies here but still cheats keep throwing bottom side and double if keeps dodging up it's a much more dangerous dodge to dodge upwards but it also kind of shows the confidence that he has you know against these players that he's played against so often and cordial J now back to Laennec smithy also gonna join the party expensi with level 6 here on the Jarvan bio frost on tough in the air thick skins gonna protect them from any further damage coming in impact once again gonna be the target here by CLG but they cannot find the kill and with the TP showing up from Jensen TL can ward them away ya Jensen I think bate got baited a little bit they're missing some stuff in the mid-atlantic smithy they're trying to take dragon while Jensen just hope or to top this could be disaster for Team Liquid bio frost heads over but there's nobody else sticks a still under the turret they don't call everyone goe forced to flash away not only do TL grab their objective they get a summer spell from the enemy midlaner now it's impact 2 again is par gonna by the side of CLG the damage comes through the cocoon land and the auto-attack seals the deal mission successful this time around theology return and this time they also get the turret plate for themselves top bottom side might be a little bit overreaching but teamliquid are able to get the ocean Drake sticks a was under turret and Wiggly of course was topside Wiggly makin those plays happen up there for ruin trying to get this guy ahead play around that Renekton keep gangplank suppressed early on in the game there's now power of evil has to keep trying to farm up here Jensen's gonna take some damage there from the minion wave be retreating on this Azir as if he keeps on farming up on the Jarvan and remember the name of the game and you have another jungler against Elise as Elise isn't quite gonna get that same level six power spike because somebody else is it's not like you have a new ability coming online let's take another look though how Wiggly set things up in the topside alright so they kind of bait with recalling here they just walk out of vision teleports back in impact thinking that ah they've already ganked twice there's no way that the Elise is still here but we've Lee waited in the brush and so they can in fact go all in pivotal and at the Blues fight for the extra speed and then saving the cocoon until the very end and Bob side now coming to vs2 core JJ go underneath the turret stick say not able to grab the damage with the trueshot barrage means core JJ gets away and sticks they will lose his support bio Frost down one four zero team liquor yeah look like they first did vile frost down before he's able to get off the thick-skinned activation they're really nice use of crowd control from the team liquid duo now they've got a known time with the turret a little bit of extra damage you can see Wiggly on the wards in mid but so can Team Liquid alone time is plate time another one going into the pockets here of Team Liquid and only a moment but they will be forced away before they can grab it as Wiggly grabs the bottom side scuttle crab equate ngey in the mid lane good turn into a two versus two Wiggly wisely not gonna walk into that brush just yet but now the face will check that objective here as we're gonna see expended get himself away nice buffering of the EQ combo to get out of the cocoon as Rouen finds himself a favorable trade on the impact topside yeah Rouen goes for the page first for the extra mu speed down impact trying to keep up and go for those all and so take another look at this because this worth thought was too much CC for by us to be able to get office thick skin in birthday yeah flash from core JJ for the point-blank so good he gives no time for him to react and they 100% to zero file for us within the CC duration amazing use their flashes in for the point-blank so there's no reaction by us and op flash out of it and it's right under turret very nicely pulled off there and clean kill for the Team Liquid duo but we are still in a game with gold advantage to CLG a lot because of this topside jungle focus a little bit of CSS advantage for power via on the mid lane as well an impact despite the fact that clg's been putting so much focus on him into the top side still doin all right but it's gonna be Shelly where the fights focus on next CLG moving up trying to stop expensive or he's able to secure this objective they want it to lose patience they want it to reset and there it goes objective accomplished for CLG and this is because CLG sent all five members up to the top side of the map you can see that comes out of cost if you look at the mini-map right now double lift is able to run straight into this turret he's gonna get more turret plates so yes they do chase teamliquid off of that rift tail but sending everybody up there with nobody heading bottom no teleport from sticks they use no abyssal voyage being level 1 for bio for us not very long range this is gonna cost them heavily and double if we'll take the tax CLG giving away some more plate money to the carry of Team Liquid here in the bottom lane doublelift up almost 30 CS compared to his Lane opponent at this point see if CLG can grab Shelley for themselves if you have both soul winners and jungler here ready to go still committing to Shelley that eyeball rockin again as expecting goes forward with the combo has to flash out over the wall to keep himself alive Shelly he runs up he grabs the eye he's about to stamp out that spider and Wibbly shut down oh my goodness that feels real bad for Wiggly completely destroyed there in fact gets it with the cannon barrage and then they kill him afterwards that is now gonna be a reversal of faith this is a Team Liquid Rip Taylor that will completely take out two triplets in the midlane there what a huge swing for the side of Team Liquid these guys have got themselves so much from impact playing well in a champion he is known for playing well on playing well with the Kenna brush getting the last hit on paper ticket it is not jelly with the with the smite being used there I believe is that is some next-level calculations then yep I'm believing in the mental math here coming out from impact making the plays happen for Team Liquid but whether or not it was perfect timing from him or a mistake from his opponent or both here it goes again yeah alright so Xfinity with a dangerous play goes in between three but Wiggly isn't able to get the cocoon on him so it's 50 P is able to get out yeah early it's just an early spike six HP was that it yep whew that is rough then Wiggly there's nowhere for him to go you can't repel on anything on the topside except for a colleague Macaulay it's gonna kill you either way so he goes for the side route and it does give the money over to the Jarvan which is probably the best place to give the money but with Team Liquid destroyed the bottom turret plates in exchange for all this rift failed stuff and then still got the rift Herald that is just like winning both sides of the deal without any cost to themselves and that is very hard to come back from if you're playing a team like Team Liquid now that they have this gold lead they call it the down to the bottom side to finish it up and you know why they're going bottom side claim and there's another dragon ready and waiting another dragon ready and waiting another plate ready and waiting with five seconds left before it would've fallen off first turret going over the side of TL and that one mistake that 6hp error from Wiggly feels like it costs CLG so much as Team Liquid will now go for that Drake here yet again Wiggly paying another visit to the top half of the map ruin has the ability to knock this turret down pretty easily now considering the plates are gone there goes ruin here comes that Renekton all t is going to be tanking up a lot of damage though impacting himself away ruin not finding the kill nearly taken down sticks a mix of TP Jensen going in after him there comes the dog as CLG will now defend themselves against Team Liquid counter-attack no dead people on either side yeah everybody's gonna call draw after that one I'm sorry Kossoff ruin does have teleport maybe coz are going to redouble their efforts on this top side all teamliquid are heading up as well impact has teleport so both top laners could get back if the fight does breakout currently resetting to the bottom half of the map though after all the actions dissipates that one was pretty wild you could see CLG really wanted to get the dive but gangplank now that he's got the extra health from Trinity force he's scaling up he's got the grasp the oranges do so much work in stopping those dives as well it's getting harder and harder to make plays under this guy even though he's 0 2 & 2 still has plenty of money just because he's gangplank only about 150 gold behind his opponent he's feeling totally comfortable definitely one of the classic champions for Team Liquid because of the semi because of the ultimate there he's also able to affect other plays without completely joining and fine me left alone but right now it's 50 is actually going through the bottom half and there is a controller for impact so it's a fairly dangerous spot for ruin but xmithie is stopping and doing the Krug first until they see the rest of the members of CLG maybe he's got some time back off well someone who doesn't have a lot of time is gonna be power of evil who tries to get himself away in the mid lane and will succeed in doing so double if goes for the flash to follow up but will not be a train for the blade caller to get there in time to shopper osmond Lane who just barely grazes the side of Team Liquid has blue and rotates over to help po8 clear that mid wave out double if there try to to catch up and get the kill on a POV but a little bit too slow no harm no foul I think because it is going to be a full reset Gil G still searching for a little bit of a past here towards Midland I think team liquid happy to get this reset off if they can make a play with core JJ and its Miffy Denton's hovering over since seeing if maybe there's a move to make here with this a call it be going in with Liam sticks a target smithy gonna be taken very low though up into the air goes the spider but where's she gonna come back down as the flash of the ball Jensen follows after with the ultimate stasis gonna be used there Wiggly very low and he cannot be gone up in time stick say in bio frost try to escape as Jensen continues forward having a flash out now Nick Smith he's still gonna be kept alive into the backline Bruin looking to dive into him but he's not gonna have enough just get rooted up beaten down double if makes sure of it a team liquid fine to 400 very very close to their ruin actually roaming up to walk behind and cut them off but sealed you not ready to oh that was close definitely right on the money there for sticks a does find the shot but not enough damage behind it seemed liquid immediately dispersed into the 131 once again as they've got Jensen almost at the top turrets trying to get some more objectives for themselves and because there's double oceans racing smithy in this Jarvan is actually healing up very quickly able to get the scuttle crab so teamliquid keep up the pressure on the map even after playing out the victory in that teamfight and not going back to base Team Liquid having the much they had the better early game they're having a better mid game here so far even though we've only been in it for a couple of minutes impact will continue applying pressure across the map pushing that couple of waves up into the tier 2 turret and let's take another look at how this big ol fight went down alright so if you are looking for the for v3 opportunity like smithy against change decedent bursted out very low but not low enough Wiggly also has to flash out and Jenson uses first part of a collie ultimate to go over the wall second parts with the execute damage to take down the kill then here's the Rome from ruin up behind ex Miffy he wanted to get the full burst but the nice feeling there from impact and forge a day keeps x-min thei alive and nobody else from CLG acted at the same time as ruins so there was only threat from one direction and it was the Renekton who got focused down nobody else was able to ward off the members of Team Liquid so they come away unscathed it would push out the minion waves then go for the resets and they were also able to finish off that mid turret beforehand so a lot of the map now in their hands double is probably one of the riches in the game at the moment two kills for himself just over 200 CS as well and wearing the red buff this is all smiles as far as ad carry perspective doesn't have his flash though because the early play tried to towerdive power of evil with got respected though I like the aggressive plays got you to flash offensive leave sometimes wiggly off to the side here in the mid lanes maybe he can set up a trap knowing he's on top of the control ward oh but the cocoon misses that means cor JJ will be kept perfectly safe nineteen and a half minutes into this game means barons gonna be coming online soon and with the damage potential of these teams a big teamfight mistake could spell a big objective loss for either side CLG he still has quite a mouth to work up against here three and a half thousand goals down teamliquid will be commanding a320 drake eat as well after they secure this mountain wiggly once again committing into the top line here but it doesn't look like they're gonna find a whole lot from this as that drake falls are they gonna force it now having the dragon call go over to team liquid steel G all now focusing up towards the barren area I think they just want to wait on that scuttle crab and get the extra vision around the Baron because it's so difficult for them to actually set up versus Team Liquid with all this extra money that's gone over to the team liquid side Gil G trying to play a lot more carefully now they do get the scuttle crab which is very important vision that can't be removed right around the objective that team liquor are gonna try and use to draw them out and when you look at the map you can see if it could be removed Kobe it would have been removed because there are so many little blue dots all over this map but the red dots are few and far between you can see one control Ward dropped by Wiggly on top of his current location but the rest of it is just that scuttle crab one more there in the top part of the river but that CLG map is mostly darkness do their part to try and make it dark for Team Liquid as well now that is one of the hopes here for CLG is to try and take away enough vision that you force some base checks from Team Liquid thus far it's very difficult to do though because there's so many ways for them to get saved but the elite as well as the tahm Kench do pose a couple of options here for CLG to try and catch Team Liquid off guard now that it's been in darkness for this long they're actually starting it up if you look I have to get a bit antsy Smith is saying alright we got to go check this they're taking a half HP CLG there's no way you can continue this it has to be disengaged it's trouble for CLG Jensen maintains a crawl on the Baron and that team CLG has done nothing but leash for their opponent Gorge AJ is gonna be taken very low he stays alive only to be executed by baron but now will CLG find anything else Jensen continues moving forward a TP coming in now CLG do not want to let their opponents get away with any more but do they even have a choice I think they don't CLG end up going 1 for 1 and lose the Baron Baron DPS must be respected Fiore stays in the pit there takes a lot of damage on the isère and core JJ was already on the inside route up through their own jungle able to find x50 went this way but core JJ goes up behind the Baron pit looking for Bo ease only escape and he once again is able to flash in make the play on to Wiggly and they catch the juggler even better of a kill for the sub then he also takes the same route back out though and that one's gonna lead to baron finishing the job there was able to get the execute and make it one for one and ruins Renekton I mean he's sitting on a black cleaver he's sitting on the pieces of a spear but one and a half items is not enough to run into the middle of four people and try to stop the liquid exit there so no way for CLG to find something on the back end and liquid now has two and a half minutes to slam some objectives on this map that was only the third shirt they've taken this game plenty of standing gold left to grab here for the side of TL as Jensen will continue pushing into the top side you've got impact in the bottom the other three members here in mid lane expensi actually sort of bouncing back and forth between mid and top making sure he's always got the opportunity to help either one of those as Jensen will just keep applying the pressure here checking the brush there with the five point strike making sure nobody's gonna be chilling out in that one as little try to defend but the turrets keep on falling yeah CLG trying to find an opening here they do have tahm Kench almost to level 11 once bow Frost gets another rank in the abyssal voyage you get more distance so maybe they might man take a side lane play and try and pick one of these quit pushing members of team liquid off is currently the Akali as well as the gangplank just being unanswered Jensen gets a turn on the topside impact on the bottom side has got the minions all the way up to the turret that are being dealt with by power of evil but more damage to the structures here as Jensen just buffing up those cannon maintenance takes almost 50% of the turret by himself double if losing about 50% of his HP there as well as sticks they finds a couple of auto attacks on to him CLG continues trying to defend here but things are getting tougher and tougher my friend when you're down 8,000 gold when another turret Falls but now all you've got left to defend is what's in your base the map is rapidly shrinking here for the side of CLG not many plays to make except just try to weather this storm hope that liquid makes some sort of steaks but so far they're playing clean all right mid lane the next one to take some damage here mm for the game move inside they've finished the turret and even though still gee clump up teamliquid get the objective first and they don't take any risk there's a cloud Drake now on the map for them to take as well power people goes for the play on the impact CLG is saying all right can we find something here quickly wanted to move forward finds the cocoon more damage coming through there's a kill for the side of CLG but it may just cost them their inhibitor in the top lane tl take that one down with the remaining four members they will disengage and escape alright that means there will be some breathing room here CLG lose one inhibitor on top side and cloud Drake is available but impact sacrifice definitely worth it 14 liquids the base has been cracked open inhibitor off top side means they can focus down on the other exposed inhibitor and just return with all of the money that they're able to spend on items here you see impact is able to get an entire sterak's gage completed now for himself plus some lethality to come in and back up the power behind these barrel explosions 50 attempt it at no cost there you just blast going over the wall you can get you right back out you also have your class so not too risky just going for a possible play there doesn't get the smite and that is gonna be class break for CLG it's not a lot of room for them to use it a lot of room to run around but you know one dragon better than nothing nothing is about the options that CLG half right now stuck in their base two inhibitors exposed one of those already taken down third inhibitor turret still standing but how much longer is Team Liquid gonna tolerate that you have to wonder as not only do they have the sterak's gage on impact they've got the stone plate up on the Jarvan meaning the front line is beefier than ever core JJ has been making engages so far for the team and CLG has just not found any similar capabilities look at the engaged potential of CLG Renekton has a short range – more of like a skipper and jump towards you that doesn't do a whole lot can't really distance with that Elise cocoon hits one person power of evil could go for a big shuffle but that's about it somehow I don't think bio frost has enough licks to get to the center of a liquid pop so there's no way to really engage on a team like TL that's 8,000 gold ahead and now they've got to try to defend this mid lane inhibitor and it's just not in the car all right I got a question for you then what is at the center of a liquid Bob captured flowers well here in about a few minutes it's gonna look like a blown-up CLG Nexus as CLG is fun their health bars poke down here yet again forced off their own objectives core JJ gonna take ever so slight amount of damage there's p OE tries to summit enough soldiers to keep these guys away Team Liquid just waits for the next minion wave they don't have a bear and they don't need it it will be spawning in 15 seconds if they decide to double back to that here soon they would like to at least get this mid lane in hit first provide some extra pressure on to the CLG bay that's two and now they'll back away now it's saying okay barons up we can go get this their base is gonna be flooded with minions this is easy Jensen split-pushing in the bottom lane he has TP to join if he needs to and you can see how much respect Team Liquid are giving to the damage output of the level 16 Azir power of evil you mentioned try him trying to be the one to get to the center of this Team Liquid problem that is their hope he is the level 16 carry for this team he's got his nashor's tooth their attempted to steal the bear I'm not gonna happen today devil if settle to secure that one has Wiggly gets himself away with a repel Jensen takes down sticks a a1 b3 shuffled back by V inverse defied will he actually fall bio prompt walking in over the wall Jensen goes down it's a 1 for 2 though as CLG of all so long very far forward but he's able to just bait ciancia they don't know the damage just get the hump gonna be taken long taken down teamliquid are winning the fight for now one man stands on the side of t/l expect me we'll try to get away he buffers through the stun but ruin will follow he needs a little bit more to chase this Jarvan down the slow will stomping gone hey CLG alright Bruin is the hub for CLG then captain flowers he is able to have four kills for the side of CLG double if a little bit too brazenly walks right up to the face of the crocodile and ruin tastes of ice spear of Sojin he pops his ultimate he gets the ax power W immediately taking down double whip and with the rest of the members right around him a lot of AoE damage from Renekton goes off as well really underestimated there you can see the first power W get through he's gonna have another second power W their takedown impact as well and then he gets a chase up the weaker members having taken down the two carries as you know if Smithy's chase over the wall is able to finally find him as well so Bruin they're holding on at the last moment for CLG they get to defend the remnants of their base a crocodile's courageous teamfight keeps these guys alive for a little bit longer still got to defend two downed lanes of inhibitors you only have one Nexus turret left thankfully for them top lane in hip now responds only the one wave now gonna be spawning with super minion power of evil continuing to scale up on that Azir stopwatch is broken though so if they find a way onto him teamliquid can explode the emperor very quickly teamliquid has to be scratching their heads a little bit over how they let themselves fall into that trap especially after being so respectful and playing so carefully like about earlier I can clear it up for you okay cleared up for me buddy again doublelift walks face-first into the crocodile crocodile are dangerous they will bite you okay this I feel like this is a this is a lesson that should have been learned a while ago but maybe somebody wasn't paying attention in biology class I'll have to see check double O's transcripts at some point but double it and the rest of teamliquid are still in a very good spot here for themselves as Lewin will keep farming up here in the bottom side that croc has a lot more in his pocket now to randomize Omen completed he's got the charms fist working on the next item probably a sterak's gage to be even tankier survived that burst even better they're on the front line one and a half minutes until the third inhibitor responds and teamliquid just haven't found the opportunity to push forward any further losing that baron meant all that push power they had is no longer on the table and considering you now have to respect scale cheese so much more because of all the money in the pocket of the top laner it's just not gonna happen the Deaf learner is a huge stall here for CLG now they're cresting the 31 minute mark this has given them new life in the game inhibitor on the top side has respawn and they are very happy to see another ocean Drake respawn the difference between Team Liquid – ocean Drake's and three is negligible in these endgame teamfights it almost means nothing so with the mid inhibitor responding in 45 seconds that last heroic play there from ruin really did give them new hope Team Liquid though are coming to crush that hope they've gone back to purchase there is a queue SS now on double lift his flash still not back up nor is it on Jensen or core JJ so they have limited options but they still have an overwhelming advantage in these team by skiff they pulled them off correctly any core JJ annex mipi to get their initiation they can't afford any more mistakes Plus this game go out of their hands Robin's death cap completed on power of evil brings his ap up to a current grand total of 454 they would be able to put plenty of damage down with those sand soldiers in the teamfights as long as he doesn't get popped first inhibitors now all backup team liquid has no natural advantage in terms of pushing from the minions any longer but they'll force themselves into the enemy base now with just the normal minion wave 1/4 HP remaining on that last remaining tier 3 turret Gorge AJ will walk up and slap the midlane inhibitor but won't get much else you can see power of evil trying to defend the top side against impacts gangplank as well youmuu's ghostblade completed on him even more disengage and chase down power with that active Jensen continuing to push up here in the bottom side has double its right next to him team liquid would love to ruin this last remaining inhibitor turret we'll see if CLG can stop it moving on the frontline eating a little bit of damage chair gonna be taken very low taken down CC landing on to ruin who will still be alive not gonna be fully engaged on just yet that's a pretty tanky member of CLG to be starting off on Team Liquid don't want to make that mistake here impact still in the top side as well inhibitors all up but inhibitors all exposed is still a very very risky situation whateleys kept alive but only four of all the final five gonna be taken below decks and 50 into the middle of fight so let's turn the kite away from Berlin who turns right back around as double kill over the approach ARIMA and power of evil make sure it's an even fight two for two let's Yugi try and make the attack right when Team Liquid are backing off to set up for the baron to V to the jungler killed for CLG though they don't have a smite left I think that is Team Liquid with the objective victory in the aftermath and that is what they were waiting for it they need the Baron empowered minions to be able to get past the onslaught here of the isère waveclear and the as we accused coming out here's another look at it sealed you were trying to catch impact while he was flip pushing here impact types down to the bottom side glass is over this year survive as long as possible and take Weasley down to 50% they're critically Jensen goes right for Wiggly he knows they have to kill the enemy jungler Baron on the table and that was the main objective ruins does get in he trades as doublelift is able to kill him with the blade collar on the way out once that goes through he knows the Baron is forfeit and teamliquid will come once again to attempt to finish the game now they've got 2 minutes and 45 seconds left of this Baron buff and they want to put it to use finishing up the game ruin looking for the flank here on to Team Liquid as they push up the mid lane CLG know they can't just allow Team Liquid to slowly push up and choke them away from the inhibitors they don't want to slowly bleed out like that they have to make some sort of a stand here zombie ward there means that ruin will be spotted out blast cone no longer available as that had been removed by ruin to make sure to yell couldn't use it yeah suspiciously combusted yeah how strange topside nobody gonna be doing a lot just yet Jensen's getting the wave ready pushing that up into the base clearing out the ward from that topside Lane brush as well we'll see if CLG go for anything else with bio cross abyssal voyage the Sun disk falls in the mid lane Team Liquid taking their time with this one they don't want to make any more of those big mistakes that led to the last pop off from CLG we win rotating bottom side to deal with it's 50 now Jensen still gonna be providing that 131 pressure they're in the top lane power of evil shows up and summons up some soldiers keep your eyes on the support or keep your eyes on topside or everywhere it's about to go off power of evil getting himself away from jester go to smoke double dribble to kill on to wiggly first and foremost trouble is the game ruin the last man standing the only man standing and despite clg's best efforts liquids will remain at number one team liquid remain supreme in the LCS they stand alone at the top first place once again and I've got to give credit to the guys making the plays on the side of Team Liquid the initiators ex-miss and core JJ we were comparing the junglers going into this talking about how Wiggly has really brought CLG to the point that they're at buttocks myth he's been a staple for so long and this kind of a game show is y/x myth he has been a staple for so long he was the ngage he made things happen he was exactly where he needed to be for the team his early stopwatch was on point to buy time makes myth he did what needed to be done and although Wiggly I liked what he was going for trying to play around topside getting new in ahead it was just so well absorbed by impact it couldn't give CLG to leave in yet yeah impact once again standing strong in the top lane they know this game so well him trying to absorb pressure on the gangplank pick able to use the oranges to get out of a lot of sticky situations the ultimate very effective and that allows for their bottom Lane success SS in core JJ once again huge advantage on the bottom side they've got so many plates so much money double if was very fed heading into that mid game and it just added so much damage to their fight and I think that's such a big difference between this game and the first time these two teams played as well the bottom lane difference for CLG bio frost looks a lot better when he's on these mage type supports when CLG is trying to oppress the bottom Lane the tahm Kench aside from that one abyssal voyage I didn't see a whole lot out of it compared to core JJ who's making these initiations on recon starting things off even helping him get the 2v2 kill in bottom underneath the turret there was just so much more presence from Team Liquid support yeah I mean the gameplan for CLG it was coming out of champions like we look at it obviously going to be focusing on the top side that Renekton at least that had to be the name of the game and it wasn't powerful enough they weren't able to pull off the dives cleanly enough and get enough an advantage to actually win the game through that top lane opening so Team Liquid once again take their toll through the game teamfights objective control and take their spot at the top a little bit of a trip up there in the mid game what we saw with the teamfight double if going forward flashing a little bit aggressively thought that maybe he could have a big play to end everything ruined turns out around and I got to give credit to ruin and for CLG –ts for keeping a cool head staying in a spot where they were almost able to mount to come back like that but really it just came down to that two for two in the top lane that looked like an even fight until liquid gets another Baron from it and you just can't afford to have your opponent's get those kind of wins from what looks so close but now we're gonna send things down to rib who's ready for an interview with the triumphant bot laner thank you very much gentlemen great casts on the day I am joined by double lift after their victory over counter logic gaming right back in first place nothing new like riding a bike I gotta ask you CLG did takedown TSM where you guys sweatin it all coming into the match today yeah we thought still to you would be a lot better fair enough fair enough that's actually I'll go to my third question after that looking at the recent international events riff rivals MSI kind of tal showed that they as the top of the table team with the rest that went if they're always a little bit better what do you think the kind of current standings are between the teams in the LCS now they're still fighting for the top of the table whoa it's really hard I think there are actually a lot of teams that are pretty good and it shows because there's a there's like always really insane ties for like first or like third place or something right now I would say I can't really speak for like team strength but in terms of like balling strength I think CLG spelling is usually good better than that and I think tsm's fault lane is really strong as well but unfortunately it's not a super bot focus better right now so the top of the standings is kind of just what it is I'd say it's like TSM c9 us I'm steel J as well and once in a while I think golden Guardians can be really good right on sticking with strength looking at how TL is doing first place doesn't suck but how does TL feel you guys said you'd be a little slow ramping up this season but are you guys hitting you're kind of strong points as you want making your way to playoffs I think early in the split we were playing like way too carelessly and then every single game that we lost we basically did something really dumb and gave him the game or we were just really ahead and we were played too recklessly and I feel like we were a bit scarred from international experience where people called our style like boring and I mean it's not like they think like we've listened to the community were like yeah they're totally right but like we didn't realize like we play a little bit more slow than like the minute the best teams in the world you know like g2 so we were really trying to kind of go for a lot more controlled aggression for us that means running it down so I think we kind of need to slow down a little bit back to our usual selves and that game was actually a terrible example because we should have closed really fast we really had we were stopping the game and we almost let them come back so yeah gonna hear another mouthful from the coaches after that one but we're doing our best to start playing a lot more seriously doublelift thank you so much that insight into the liquid mindset Congrats on the win over CLG and first place let's throw back to the State Farm analyst has to break that down make very much rib doublelift expecting more out of CLG in that contest for first place but Team Liquid does reign supreme at once again and will top the tables in our standings of course there still is one of the team that has the opportunity to tie them later today if cloud and I can pick up that victory and move to eight and three as well that feels pretty likely given that they're playing against a crow Fox seemed like you teamliquid had a relatively hard task this time around the draft was real interesting where CLG has like total scaling on the bot half of the map with Azir and then Tom Kenshin Ezreal not too much pro activity and then the top half is literally the most proactive top side you can basically draft which is a least Renekton this is an old-school duo yeah we're talking LCS era for the new Renekton Annelise coming out needs to be this was the top lane where your top laner would just be like please to God ban one of these two because I cannot play the game like or Lane swap like one of those do no more we got to give us so much credit to impact on this lane because yes he died but he found the way to come back with proper wave management and when we looked at his level one that I'm not a lot of other gangplank he started barrels and then went W seconds so he was actually having a lot of pressure here and what he did get Kent it's still GP you get more gold than your opponent's per camp so as long as you farm you can do a whole lot and he actually got to steal the herald which was a huge play in the mid game I mean it's a testament on both sides of that conversation right that the duo itself is strong being able to punish impact who is playing very well into a lopsided matchup I think in this situation like everyone knows doesn't happen you see the Elise Renekton they're gonna dive top there's no doubt in my mind everyone in the game all ten players knew and just like who executes better who who's in the right spot at the right time smithy did great job on the first gank beam up there and wiggly did a great job camping the top Bush to get the second kill and then I think everything was going fine and then the zoster happened that chrome was talked about Harold and Baron were the two big plays that lost he'll do the game flat out they got stolen twice actually both objectives got stolen so I it was really bad and this is the first one where they're getting cute trying to sneak it and then they realize wait a minute how do we get out if they catch us and then they all kind of group up together you lose the jungler and from that point on it's just 3:40 oh they leashed it for them well I mean to be fair I know what CLG is going for as much as we're talking about the game was close it really was and this is like a five or six skate gold deficit at this point they're kind of getting run over so they go for a cute play of trying to sneak it and they have ways out with the Elise repelling over the Blasco and as you're being able to hop out if they get caught so that's what they thought they were gonna do but recon has a great engage to follow them as they try and escape out GP alt comes over the top so I appreciated like hey we're losing the game already let's try and find a sneaky play end I have much more problems with happening in the early game with this confident than that specific bad thing well you like that rift Herald play I'm huge damage numbers coming out of double if they're on this I even there in the final fight while in the base going pretty deep kind of in a 1 b 2 1 b 3 you Asian but I didn't want to talk about Team Liquid my and CLG will jump to them in just a moment but kind of this point that doublelift was talking about you know their learnings from RIF rivals and you know how they've been kind of workshopping themselves into a place of you know controlled aggression where do they need to push more for advantages what should they actually take from other regions because we've stated we're pretty comfortable with them continuing to refine their already laid out win condition I think the issue in TL right now is the fact that you have a team that is clearly the best Nanae how do you improve when not a single scrim partner can challenge you to the way you can challenge yourself so everywhere that they go they're facing competition that is worse than them so then they have to be a constant reminder hey you need to play this way you know it's the best way even though your opponents aren't challenging you so it's a lot of mental stress which is why he was vocal about the coaches are gonna come down on us because at least the coaches have to hold them accountable to the standards that they expect out of themselves I think a lot of it is like yeah I think the community feedback definitely got to them right like I hate watching solitaire like it's actually absurd hey I don't like watching tiel's like international stage games because when I compared with GT like this is a team that's like I love this team they do exactly what I want everyone's flexible can play all the roles all this stuff and I watched y'all my alternate Erica can come on but like to be honest like what if they're the best or the Terek in the world right even that riff rivals two of the three teams have to literally ban them because they couldn't beat them and they'd still be GG with a one game so it's like if they do become the best on the Terek team in the world and are flexible enough to force bands but I'll still be able to play standard ad lanes like ziyarah Khan which by the way we didn't mention sorry can't killed this game like yeah murdered this game yeah the whole tour the whole bot side of the map for Tia along with X misty kind of aiding those two in the duo Lane definitely took off for Team Liquid here I do want to jump over did CLG real quick before we go to break just to talk about the success they found this split because I think with the cult with the historical context of a struggling CLG people could be quick to see the success and discount it as something that is either undeserved or as a fluke but is it that I don't think it is I mean you played the best team in the league it was relatively close I mean we you talk about how the game was over at that Baron they still took 15 more minutes to close out because they made it tough with the zero Israel and they were able to find a number of picks and they got an ace at one point with room popping off so like this was still a relatively close game against by far the best North American team their 1-1 against T in their in their head-to-head for the regular season as well Skaar I know you have some thoughts though on the CLG roster and the fact that I didn't necessarily luck their way into their current position you know a lot of times that look at coz I look if they're replacing their standing and I'm like they are way higher or then they should be yeah I think that maybe they got there like on luck or on strength of schedule but here I think that they got there because their teamwork is actually good to see this season I've not watched too many games the co G games I catch it's really funny because I think actually I thought Roo it was gonna be super star broken blade level like Lane Dominic flexible carry but actually he's I think a person who tends to lose Lane more than you'd expect mmm-hmm but his team work with the team is great and see og became that like teamwork oriented team that they always joked about everyone jokes about them becoming I feel like they're a team that's really well liked put together now they tend to synergize really well and come together for a lot of different plays and it shows throughout the roster team is better even though individually I don't even think ruin is doing that well I just think I just like how their team like works if that makes sense CLG continuing to find themselves Team Liquid though our reigning champs from a spring split continue to impress and find themselves in first place on the other side going guardians of like West Duke it out in game 3 you won't want to miss it now like this is like there's no trouble is the game a great product can define the present but it takes the unprecedented to define the future to go beyond what's next and change the world of game to make history break ground and force the universe to take notice the world's most powerful and most of gradable gaming laptop with Intel Core processors the area 51 M defines the future of gaming