TL vs CG | Week 7 Day 1 S9 LCS Summer 2019 | Team Liquid vs Clutch Gaming W7D1

it has another one of these surprising attack damage threats for the midlane as well as Cody son I would expect him to try and pick up some sort of Lane bully down there he talked about trying to really put the pressure on their opponents early on well we're not gonna see too many surprises in terms of the enchant only because they have all been picked up now the you meet deluxe that karma has been picked up the only one that hasn't been grabbed by either side is the sewn up because Team Liquid and clutch both opted into more traditional bottom style lanes but man that is a lot of shielding power gonna be up here in this game Sivir versus Lucian in the bottom side yeah it's evolution gonna be going head to head Lucian definitely gets the advantage there especially early on this is what Cody son used last weekend as well in their victory it was three high pressure early pushing lanes poor clutch so we'll see if Team Liquid trying ban out a couple of those possible threats for Demonte still here in the second round because let's really feel like they've got a mystery card lying in wait they haven't jumped in and got him anything early they're saving the counter pick here last pick to read sides plus whenever you're up against a team like TL and you're one of those teams it's on the cusp of playoffs picking up a win that most of your competitors for that spot will probably have racked up as a loss in their own column against the team that sits at the top of standings gives you a nice edge for being able to eke your way in there at the very end of the split we'll see if they can make that happen they have banned out aatrox and TF the Olaf banned out by Team Liquid they don't want Lyra having all that early jungle power with that champion one more band to go what's it gonna be are they going to continue focusing that jungle pool something a little bit different okay it's jungling Elyse another early one Rex I definitely still open then that's a possible early jungler for Lyra if they want to continue with this style heavy ganking as you're talking about though you know the team liquid side is a very defensive opening here they're very defensive showing and a lot of those are fairly difficult to gank Sivir with the spell shield and then also the Yumi speedups is hard to keep track of here Silas is locked in if that's gonna be another jungle stylist here super excited to see that for Lyra has a lot of scaling potential really big power spikes on complete of your runic echoes as well as your proto Bell and also the massive power spike when you hit level 16 remember this is still patched 9.13 so it's not with a massive cooldown nerf on the level 3 ultimate meaning that champion will be ulting like crazy in these late-game fights oh you know you won't be alright that's what I'm talking about alright Team Liquid says all right you got Silas we got something even better does everything ya ask you captain flag as a scar or connoisseur have you ever been in a game where you skarner ulta to Silas while he tried to garner alt you just turned into a little bit of tug of war it's a magical moment but we are going to see the Corki picked up well hit the side of Team Liquid so that means up against the Corki as well to try to pop them that's what we're looking for I knew that they had a mystery card they were holding odds way they first surrounded Rumble and Lux knowing that they've got another 80s event left for Demonte I hope that they keep it in his hands last time around they switched it to Cody's site and they had some Lane swapping but I think Demonte needs his time to shine here on another attack damage assassin and I feel almost bamboozled by the hover of Zed earlier cuz we see it just hovered as a meme so often especially when they've had such a bad game with it with Cody you're thinking ah they're just gonna hover if they'll get the audience excited maybe bait a couple of fans here but no the Zed is locked in no time for resident sleepers in the chat I want to see this Popoff we've been seeing so much Corki so much is ear in the mid lane people have been wondering what is the counter to this how do you deal with the scaling or do you just play scaling be scaling all day long well clutch says nope we're gonna try to cut him down early get that assassin rolling and it does hinge a lot on those early plays you have to get going because if you do not it's so hard to assassinate people through a karma shield through a Yumi healing your target it can get very frustrating as these assassins plus she has to worry about jumping in and getting altered by skarner it's a very big damper on most assassin every way skarner is actually incredibly effective against assassins I actually like playing him the most in assassin metas because the problem of running after guys is pretty easily solved when the guys run at you all you have to do is sit on top of the carry and keep him protected but we're on to the rift here for game number 4 of the day as the players backed away out onto the rift Cody Sun earlier today share clutches strategy to collect wins towards the end of the split I think for us because we're kind of this newer team and you know this this mix of like different players from different eras um we're gonna try to you know make the game you know if yeste and then just thrive in the in the Fiesta and hopefully you know we can make some unpredictable played a kind of catch them off-guard clutch wants a fiesta and I've got my party hat on after they've locked in the Zed this is one of my favorite champions to watch in pro play because there's so many cool things you can do with it somebody cool out plays and I hope Demonte has been practicing up on it I'm very glad that we got this game we are both Fiesta lovers and yes sir let's get into it with clutch they wanted it and we're gonna get another one here looks and Lucien on a ward though SIF doublelift and gorgeou J go try and get a little spell thief's money off of them as well as some good damage yes some nice poke the thing about the lux shield very strong once both halves of it apply but considering you have a delay if they can burst you down pretty quickly there with the boomerang blades into the prowling projectiles makes it easy to win out on that snappy trade Cody Sun and Vulcan will be forced back here and I want to see how core JJ looks on the ume we've just not got to see too much of the champion overall cuz it's so permanently found I'm excited to see how this works huge harassment how does the team look with bottom lane already and we kind of talked about it on champion select out Team Liquid I've been trying to draft these very powerful early high pressure bottom lines for JJ and double lift now given that early ward giving them the advantage of 108 feet coming into Lane it is gonna be nonstop feroz's down here from skill shots double if the core JJ landing most of them here in the early game and we know how oppressive the ume can be too once you're on the back foot against this champion the prowling projectile will just keep moving forward as long as the ally Yumi's attached you can also keep moving forward with it gives you an incredible amount of chase potential as mid lane Jensen will be able to get the better of Demonte here early on until the Zed has a couple of levels to try to get some better trades against the ranged opponent and this is one of the reasons I always kind of expect being the Rex I for the jungle for clutch gaming trying to go super all in on early game ganking Silas definitely can go for level 2 level 3 ganks as well and could make a pass mid but that's what Demonte kind of has to wait for the dead Luke's weren't all in with your ignite to try and get an early kill on the court even when the jungle air comes bottom side is just continuing defeatist deadlifting core JJ skill shot Palooza as it's Crowley connect I'll into Boomerang Blade over and over and over again Vulcan a Cody's son will have to try to dodge these but man it is hard it is a one-sided party so far and it is literally just core JJ and doublelift throwing everything they have at Cody Sun under this turret it's also denied a decent amount of seat CS to that turret so they're getting rewards feet on the health bar that they're chunking down speaking of getting chunk Demonte continuing to eat that damn it from the phosphorus bomb and the auto attacks coming out of Jensen sporky again Corki sort of just making his way into the meta along with the isère these two big scaling mid laners kind of just becoming the mark of what you have to deal with in the current iteration of the meta as the junglers will both be on the scuttle crabs now it just may be on the top side bottom side occupied by Lyra see if that vision plays much of a difference here or if Lyra decides to make something happen in the mid lane and Lyra did about 30 seconds ago proc that Squires bloom you saw it on your mini-map briars bloom it actually just shot up from the bottom side and I was going for the gank actually on bottom side finding find a planet double lift good block comes out from core JJ though leaves double it from the attach to block the Sun speaking of Suns it's topside expending locking down hooni right off the flash bunch of summoners spells blown both teams have to keep track of these topside been focused by Team Liquid and they did get huni's but also on the bottom side Cody Sun aggressively flashed there with Ellucian and that can be punished as well so both top and bottom are possible areas for x50 here we go though another binding hits more bindings more damage cody summon Vulcan feeling more comfortable in this Lane now after the assistance they got from the gank pudding developing core JJ on the back foot Yumi never has a flash to begin with and now the doublelift in spin his teamliquid has to be really mindful of their positioning in this bottom lane definitely true especially considering early ward investment by the side of flush gaming on the bottom and of the map that got trolled plus scuttle crab plus the Tri Ward brush they're gonna keep their aggressive pushing bottom side well informed actually explicit just passes over it goes back to backtrack and take out that control ward and you can see the question mark paying down there from clutch gaming as they're saying alright she's clearing that one outs we aren't gonna have any vision going forward on where this guy is at level four on both junglers still and here's where you look for possible all ends in zed matchups Demonte is about to hit level 6 has gotten his first recall off to get the serrated dirk you need that lethality for when you go for your all end with your level 4 6 death mark as soon as you can get that you get a jungle gank this is where kills can actually come through because a good set will be able to save it for the flash and still be able to follow their lane opponent all they need is a little help from the jungler to start a topic smithy passing over a ward might allow clutch to get into position doesn't look like they'll be maneuvering too much just yet except if he moves in drops the control ward at the enemy blue buff Vulcan walking overs gonna see where he was buttocks video take the blast cone out also denying napkin future gank paths that may come in from Lyra double if from 4jj once again setting up shop below this tier 1 turret pretty easy for them to work on some plate money down here but lira and Demonte are in the bottom half of the river the point is not yet capturable it does have a delay between captures and when you can go for it again Lyra is gonna wait that out and back on top of it to make sure you capture that away keep away coming smithy back in this bottom lane business as the ward Lyra wants to make it happen over the control board he goes but vulcan has low HP on this one double f2 core JJ still no flash on doublelift exhaust available for for JJ but that is it prowling projectile fired off and Team Liquid has an easy time disengage yeah they're able to kite long enough and with no deep vision on 2x myth either skarner the counter gank there would be devastating so good call by clutch gaming not to force that too hard even though they had a ward in the side brush to try and see that and go all-in on double lift they had no intelligence as to where xmithie was and a possible room Jennsen would be devastating and as we've been focusing a lot on the bottom half of the map here early on I want to turn attention towards the top side real quick to comment on the Karma because this is a champion that we see have some different build paths and different opportunities depending on the game sometimes it's really coke heavy sometimes it's more of a supportive role but with the chalice on impact we will see more of that supportive role at least at the start of the bill during the early and mid game from this champion and honestly when you've got a Corki and a Sivir to do the damage I like this yeah and they also talk to the in the last game about the Karma with the Athene magic resist early on from your chalice feels quite nice through nice so far has been pushing and doing a very good job on that Rumble because they've gotten multiple sightings of xfinity earlier now they have no idea that he is on the dragon pushing bottom Lane should secure it for Team Liquid belt with encore JJ of retain control of this lane so effectively than it does earn you pretty free objectives as far as the ocean Drake being picked up smithy should be able to finish it here comes Silas though Kid alehrer get in there here is making his way throughout he goes out but he's not able secured he does grab the ultimate from Xfinity TPS coming in now from both sides we were looking to maybe make his grab if he can do it remembering speeds not even level six the real skarner ultimate is not available only the clone is there mm pop the spell shield getting himself away summoner spells gonna be used here by team lip disengage a little bit the heal coming out from for JJ just to make sure they all got away in time and nothing else comes of that except for that Drake but now impact may be in some trouble here in the mid lane I mean what's the shuriken he'll burn away and first blood goes to the Montague kill for Demonte on the assassin mid lane it's not on his lane opponent but he'll take it takes down the top laner here impact using both summoner spells in that fight teleport it down to answer is Vulcan here still on mid trying to make a pass at Jensen really hard to do much of anything while the valkyrie is up so of course you can very easily get away from that skill shot you might fire after him and Jensen is just gonna move up in the 1b 2 against these guys let's see how it looks now that hooni makes his way into the mix with expand that ultimate now armed and ready clutch gaming decide to back away all right that was a much-needed kill for clutch gaming because they just expended every getting down to this dragon after tea Libman had already taken the dragon here's another look at how it happened impact was trying to clear that warrant flash in from Demonte able to land the death mark both Q's heads ignite goes on at the end to secure it as well and you could see the shuriken above impacts head for those that may have forgotten cuz it's been a while since we've seen zed shuriken above your head means you die as soon as it pops but impact shielded himself at the end to try to bait out the oh I think I've got the kill I'll go for the fadeaway cool guys don't look at explosions unfortunately Demonte was ready to throw everything down to secure night finishes him off he out plays the mental outplay and earns himself that first kill you can see has the ingredients for the first lethality item in inventory here and you can't really go wrong with lethality stackers by just throwing an extra long stores whenever you can afford them you're gonna need 14 of them or something to finish your build so easy choice and there's a fairly low cooldown on death mark early on even for Zed so you should continue to look to attack members of Team Liquid that do not have flashes currently that is only impact and technically for JJ but Yumi's don't really count there take a look at this wraparound ganks from Lyra stylus slipping into the brush here they want to attack impact with no flash still will they go for a possible dive though that seems a bit risky against the Karma with a lot of a shielding it can get very frustrating and as you point out as well the stop watches are all online makes it very difficult to pull off that kind of a dive but Lyra is waiting patiently waits for him all the way finds the chains look into the chain see see follow up there comes to rumble ulti over the wall who knees not there in time but he's gonna go all the way in the flash but there's you cannot underestimate it it's a one-for-one almost a one for two captive flowers it's like I know this very well because you give me the PSA every single game yeah always check your opponents inventory for active stop watches and clutch gaming go for the dive as you pointed out boom it is a there to save karma so impact survives long enough to get a counter kill in a 2v1 that means bottom side of the map is very very open for Team Liquid to push ahead and they get to tower the first month after those runes came out I feel like I infinite every other game – a stopwatch that I forgot existed it has been burned into my mind as something you must keep track of the bottom side teamliquid getting that first turret money getting all the plates associated with it there 2000 gold ahead here against clutch gaming Jensen will continue pushing up here in mid lane we'll see if Vulcan can come around to make some sort of a pass but with impact showing up behind this is 2p to CG doesn't win all right Jensen then firing away gets one of the Turk plates off of that mid turrets they're actually swapping lanes as well as you see SS was able to teleport in with the ume attached to get it to the one on that here's impact walking into face Jack Lyra it's gonna be able to get away because there's a big deal there that will stack up tether for karma has the shield to be able to shield and bait hooni further under the tower you see how long impact waited to actually activate his trap card until huni's buried deep under the tower ensuring his death in the end Lyra does go for the kill to at least get the one for one for clutch but he also has to flash out greed is a deadly sin and patience is a virtue means teamliquid makes a one-for-one on a play that looked like you another wise favor CG and now we're on to the Shelly games one and a half minutes left before the plates go down means if either team wants to get the extra benefit from that they'll have to secure the rift Herald early and then drop it rather quickly afterwards to garner spire secured by the sight of clutch gaming means if smith he's gonna feel significantly weaker around this objective until they can recapture that clutch gaming has a lot of bodies around this point and they do not want to concede that objective to tal but Team Liquid says alright whatever we'll just go for the turret direction doublelift and cor JJ big strengths here for Team Liquid they dominated the bottom half of the map for the first 13 minutes after teleporting up top team look we're trying to move their power around here all of clutch grouped up in the tribe rush on that controller kind of waiting for a play here let's see if they go for it inside the rift Herald Pitt both junglers also have a skarner already to go if anybody's out of position they will quickly find themselves captured and bursted down Shelley getting impatient running away alright back home Shelley's just playing ring-around-the-rosie here and everybody's trying to wait for her to de-spawn I think or at least wait for the plates to be spawned so you can't get the bonus value out of her I should say meanwhile on the bottom half of the map impact has been able to push all the way into the turret so that does occupy Mooney for now and his teleport is ready huni's got a couple more seconds on his but teamliquid have a few seconds of beat synched teleport timers they're trying to force the rift out on it here come the teleports TP from clutch gaming means team liquid has to head away from this one Shelley's gonna stay a little see your punch gamer able to secure the rift herald instead you just get a leash from Team Liquid on this one but tiel's not willing to walk away from it it's gonna turn into a pull on Team 5 equalizer comes down devil is gonna be eating a little bit of Damon time in a flash away now it's MIT the in danger goes into the stopwatch keeping himself alive have to continue to disengage wheels Eric comes right back into the mix but he's gonna be killed double it with the damage and Lyra goes in alone and falls the skarner gets the last laugh there Leah I wanted to be a hero goes in to finish off the low health member but immediately activates this skarner ultimate and that will be Team Liquid then rotating the mid lane here to finish up this turret Jensen spinning with a farm of his full Trinity force along with double F at his side they will meld it well much gaming got the ability to maybe take a turret with the rift Herald but in response they traded away a kill and the ability to definitely take a turret in the fact that Team Liquid took a turret yeah wouldn't exactly say that one went in their favor overall but Demonte is patiently waiting in this brush up here in top lane to see if maybe he can get yeah I feel like you'd always have you'd always take a turret now over a rift hailed for later meanwhile Demonte in the topside able to push in impact on this dead he's level 10 still has the extra gold advantage with that one kill ghost blade completed now so some more mobility for this assassin but not a lot of super viable targets bottom side they are gonna try and trade here for the cloud tray predator activated from x50 but he's outnumbered so that would be a risky move outnumbered and no ultimate means the starter pack to the lower compared to what it normally is buttock smithy just walks right into the Drake pin it can be slain by clutch gaming regardless skarner has to flash over the wall to keep himself alive a shutdown on the devil if goes to Demonte clutch gaming with a big win in them yeah that was a little bit scattered here now they're continuing with an invented by Jensen they are not done yet Jensen disengaging their core JJ ulti gonna be helping out with that when Shelley summoned up here in the mid lane equalizer used this wave Team Liquid from moving in in time Shelley's gonna continue putting Auto attacks into that one and with five members from clutch gaming they'll try to secure the rest but a couple more Auto attacks should do the trick and there you go clutch gaming on the board for objective that was pretty big for Demonte you got another kill here on the Zed he'll be able to get another serrated Derk item funding his lethality armory let's take a look here double if walked over the ward so be honest being Demonte just goes right for him one-two combo from the dead he had no flash so he was completely dead also at the same time Lyra had a very nice smite steal on the actual objective so even though Team Liquid had to teleport in from Jensen who has package and the you meet you know a very powerful transition for him over to the bottom half of the map Colette's gaming play really well around that power and the package really doesn't earn Team Liquid anything much gaming definitely needed that yeah small victory because Team Liquid currently ahead and scaling very nicely with their Torquay and to their Sivir and clutch gaming isn't one of these teams that typically bleeds out a ton in the early game either last week I believe was the first time they had actually lost a turret 315 minutes in this game they've already lost to that third one taken down now by Jensen so Team Liquid showing exactly what the difference between going up against them and going up against up some of the other competition in the LCS looks like clutch gaming is really gonna need to step it up and it does also answer the question that some people have been having about why has the meta developed into the Corki and his ears in mid lane because those are the best damage scaling mid lane champions for your team fights Corki now past the Trinity force once you start to get a couple more items on it the damage output from the Corki and the Sivir is going to be amazing during the key pipes for Team Liquid and then they have a bunch of support champions around those two hard carries yeah expensive the front line to take and then to Shielders from impact and 4jj impact showing no signs of working towards a more eight focus typical solo Lane are built instead just wants to continue supporting those two big carries ardath's sensor completed now you can apply that to everybody on the team with a mantra inspire if you want to also having that Athene's we already mentioned earlier in Savannah and extra shields are gonna be easy things for him to manage over the wall goes Vulcan with the flash maybe gonna be caught out here and that is one dead scorpion Lyra makes sure what happens that's killing before o'clock big play there from Vulcan uses this flash to get the kill what can they get on the map for it though yeah autumn turret is probably the best target as there's a minion wave fairly close Funi does head down there but nobody else from clutch comes so I don't know you know how successful he'll be able to finish it off it looks like impact is thinking about sticking around and offending here with karma so coach gaming might not get an objective even though they expend the flash to get that pick they definitely need to utilize the time where they have power playoffs right I mean that's bulk in a splash that's a huge part of your ability to initiate on team that honestly doesn't have a lot of initiation mechanism so you look at your ad carry mid lane and solo Lane positions no engage there yeah you've got the ability to steal an ulti with the stylus and go in with something like a skarner all but you really need those flash bindings and spending nap to not get anything aside from the 300 gold on skarner's head not the best outcome here for clutch gaming at least it is that kill it keeps them little bit further ahead but still plenty of work to do here up against Team Liquid as except arms up we're almost to the point of the game where Baron is relevant which means we will see the team's focusing around this top half of the river here soon and that was actually very important that clutch gaming try and get a turret off of that kill because they're the team that really does need to take down the team liquid defenses to force them into scattered formation so that Demonte can actually make use of the assassin here now zed wants one be ones in the side lanes that said does not want a teamfight versus a team that has AOE shields and a skarner that's looking to sting him so it's very very important even more so than normal compositions for clutch to actually get these two last standing outer turrets down top and bottom actually still fairly healthy for Team Liquid so Team Liquid game plan is actually going quite well for themselves yes they've got two items already on SS one and a half there for Jensen almost about to complete that infinity edge great for the damage options now as clutch gaming can find themselves getting engaged on the x-15 quickly having a flash out defensively he's inside he goes after him but he's a little bit too late the shield's doing exactly what they do to shut down Ted plan Jensen grabs our kill on the back into the fight at Team Liquid come out on top Jensen goes in with a package there he's able to touch them with the end and get off the auto now it's Team Liquid with their power play 5 before headed in mid lane clutch trying to get in defensive position lunch gaming they managed to get two people up there near that tier 2 turf the other two we're gonna be stuck in the jungle and that means Team Liquid take down to it none before and now there is a cloud Drake they can retreat to trying even up the move speed bonuses here expensi go straight for it he's gonna start it up while the rest of the team holds off foodie or nice the flash yeah no flash on your Rumble means less kill potential when you go towards those backline members if I survive with just a little bit of HP and that last fight showed us just how good this team liquid composition at being deceptively tanky it earns in the midlane for it it earns them their killed or earns in this cloud rake on top of it let's take another look at how it went down all right Xfinity goes in on Starner looking for the all in you talked about them you me feed booze but nice binding from Vulcan initially stops the initiation and then all the shields there save Xfinity so the monta goes back in try and finish the job he altered double if they're on the Sivir but it was such a big answer double have got off the boomerang blade huge chunk as well as the auto from Jensen with trinity force proc allowing him to go all-in onto the assassin uses the package there to get in position slows him and tags them with the edge plus the extra Auto to finish off the counter kill meanwhile team liquids double supports of impact in core JJ keep it smithy alive the mom says gonna be found out here in this top half of the river with a smithy nearby Demonte knows he can't try any sort of a fancy outplay as soon as you even go towards anyone at all dance I don't know why though you can do yeah you can throw your arms behind you an arou tow run straight to area 51 instead of top lane because you're not gonna make anything happen up here meanwhile doublelift back to mid lane here Sivir tried to wave clear as usual which honestly is the secret to winning here against clutch gaming for Team lick but it's just clear out all the minions scale up waiting for that late-game it is working out pretty well for him I mean honestly clutch gaming have been ahead and kills the entirety of this match but Team Liquid has always been in command to the gold the gold graph just likely looking like a steep cliff at this point wow I guess more of a gradual incline or downhill you know hike maybe I guess we'll call it the clutch gaming I've got to find some sort of a way to make these plays happen but as I already said earlier the engaged tools are so limited for this squad when they're not ahead things feel kind of like they're out of there for yeah I mean they're trying to use some sneaky tactics here hiding in the brush looking for lone members of Team Liquid separated from the pack but they haven't been able to take advantage he most all these control words in defensive placement that's the right idea you know that's set up and D'Amato is up there on the top side looking again for a possible opening on Jensen isn't able to find it in time though and now Team Liquid starts to do the dirty work they're clearing out all these controllers to quit the god antics myth he trying to find that ulti was not able to make it happen in time I believe you heard the voice but he wasn't able to get the pole now he's got it anyway there goes booty he's taken down there was crabs to kill money and now clutch came her on the run will they grab anybody else the you me LT wants to find one but it just can't quite get that third hit team look was gonna chase them all away they grabbed the flash out of bogey enemy jungler and ad carry we'll see what else they want to decide to go for now still five men strong they've got priority over this top half of the jungle impact leading the charge the ume bouncing around between whichever member is most pertinent Cody I'm gonna be in some trouble now route fighting its way down and he is blown up with the ad carry out of the picture things just keep coming up Team Liquid and the push keeps going that you thought you me was scary when attached a double if that was you me attach the impact the double support squad takes down the enemy ad carry now they're trying to fend for themselves in the jungle Demonte lying in wait here but Team Liquid won't take the bait they go for the objectives they pushed in the top lane Jensen's already on the inhibitor turret up there he dealt with the outer one already that leaves the mid window right open no reason to run around on nature walk through the jungle when you can just knock on the front door the base here mid lane tier 3 turret nearly eliminated top lane turret taking a little bit of damage here from Jensen as well much gaming finally with 5 bodies alive on their own side again are able to propel Team Liquid but this was a serious bonus for how far ahead Team Liquid was earlier compared to now they made a lot of headway here alright Demonte doing the dangerous job of heading in to the jungle to try and clear out all their vision one of the benefits of going with the full lethality build get some Kiki Ward clearing that's the number one priority here for clutch they're trying to keep some sort of vision around Baron because they know it this may be their last hope if Team Liquid comes knocking on that door fully decked out in purple you're done yo lined up with five people you are done there's no way you can get in the middle and trying to assassinate through all these defenses so it has to be in one of these more scattered formations trying to take advantage of someone out of line teamliquid has done a good job so far of not allowing those sorts of errors remember although Team Liquid are at the top the table currently number one they are back to back to back champions they have some issues during regular season play of losing games randomly that you would not think of them to lose they don't have that invincibility factor the top teams often do he's gonna do any kind of an ambush I don't think as fast and rumbles gonna make too many moves on to Corki here especially not with the package no basically a free escape turn around assassinate Rumble I mean you just drop the bomb right on him I mean who knees right here you lose you lose faith in the assassin Robo assassin rumbles coming around from behind equalizer gets dropped down just to the rest of team late but in retreat hoon he's gonna be taken low he gets pop Demonte moves forward that's what I'm talking about you do not assassinate when skarner is right there pumpkins run down next double kill double lift Lina is going to be out of the picture here soon Jensen goes and a killing spree and Team Liquid get four for nothing yep they're coming to knock it in the door is wide open bottom lane will go down teamliquid who looking to end it no reason they even not just kick the sucker down and keep on marching Nexus turrets the next target here for TL what are you gonna do in your Cody son double have said he was looking to see more out of him he's not going to see it today the Nexus already about to fall 28 minutes into this game Team Liquid showcasing why they're number one lunch gaming than a drop here they'll run on the fountain but is there really a whole lot you can do Team Liquid seem to be just hanging around to pad the numbers here a little bit more Cody Sun Falls today's gonna be going into stage 2 2d goes down next rampage of the Jensen and the minions say enough of this next this goes home Fletch gaming goes home team liquid grabs a win ten and three now for Team Liquid the three-time defending champions have turned it on after the first couple losses early on in summer kind of finding their way and making adjustments trying to learn from MSI they have dialed right back into the tried and true strategies scaling back line damage from mid and bottom supported by multiple champions and a front line in there leads to a very very secure victory for the squad and from the beginning of champion select I was curious how this game was gonna complain got to see the three champions in the lux and the Karma and the ume that are also often banned and when Team Liquid gets to have two out of three of those and just say nope you are dedicated Jensen and doublelift hand-holding you are making sure they are comfy they've got a mint on their pillow when they wake up in the morning and they can carry however they please that's what you get and that's the kind of carry performance I want to see mints every single morning I'm happy Oh honestly I have a lot of respect for the salad that clutch are going for right that's why at the beginning we were talked about I hope that they continue to try this stauch continue to try and push it early to see if they can find openings in other ways well they found the openings that got them the way in this game and firt well liquid did I should say clutch game extend a little bit more to work on but for more on how Team Liquid secured the way in here for themselves we're gonna send things back over to the state farm analyst desk thank you very much captain flowers before we get into it we got a welcome broken blade to the desk to help us break this one down normally we would jump right into you know the macro strategy of the team comps how did this team win or what did this team do improperly I want to start by just looking at an awesome play core JJ there's a reason why we continue to talk about this guy from MVP of last split to play maker of this one down in the bot lane saving his ad carry with the heads-up play this is so insane like how quick of reaction is he doesn't see Lehrer coming down here he goes protect and then midair after it's already coming to him he disjoints it by hopping off and collecting it so doublelift has time to flash out otherwise he sees it up and killed right away so yeah that is the difference between our my bot lane dying and maybe losing their lead and like were okay we can stabilize that was insane I mean it is it's a it's incredible to see that kind of mechanical heads-up play and I think it results in exactly this right the ability of doublelift and core JJ to outplay certain moments is what makes them so scary as a bot lane and ultimately build leads like this yeah I think it definitely had a better Portland draft for TR and just absorbing this kind of pressure is really really insane because this lease they made it play a top side and Rumble got behind off that play because Oz was making play ball but TL ballin absorbed the pressure and we they got a lead on top side which was really insane from I'm sure you can speak to this just having a played against the TL a number of times at this point it makes it so difficult than to develop an attack strategy for this team because you assume a certain level of execution from each of their players just by virtue of being good individually at the game and so then how do you put them on a composition that you know that their mechanics and abilities can't cover for let alone the fact that they end up on ume Sivir of all things so you didn't even put them on a poor botlane duo with that I don't know that's just the first pick rumble doesn't rival for me when you leave up so many power picks like the Karma and you me and you don't grab any of them and Lux is strong but feels like power below at least clutch has an identity right sure the identity is the most difficult compositions to execute for the most part which should that be the identity of this team that is tied for seventh they are zeroing in on something and if it's a matter of refining it and needing the practice I mean they've had a lot of practice it's still not there but it's looking better these dead got kills this time around versus the last time that it was dead so listen no matter how much we say there's still stay sound good to me but what you have made clear to me is the difficulty of execution for this composition which again gets high to an extreme against a team that doesn't make as many mistakes as your average team would we drive we jump right into top lane dive from clutch gaming broken blade I want you to let me break this one down because I think there was opportunity for this to turn out better yeah this possibly I fear to me what was happening in the game because Rumble was going to the Herald warding it while Lyra was in the bush waiting for a karma to be there but one camera facing the bush rumble wasn't ready to punish it and I think there was a very very big mistake in a game which caused a lot of problems later on because they're using a lot of sums and resources for the update for the top lane dive but it was a one-for-one trade and I was just very very unsink but I think it was forest because when we were watching that you were saying they can't dive her she's got stopwatch and beyond that she's got the magic resistance from the chalice so it's very true that they didn't want to go for the gank and she just faces like I might as well try to kill her I guess even though we're not in position and even if you knock her down it's the least important member of the team it's karma top it's not the composition at all yeah which is and in the fact that that play took place at 10 minutes again to me speaks to the desperation that clutch was already feeling right this idea that they needed a lead they needed a gold advantage at that point in the game to feel comfortable moving into more of the teamfight phases let's jump ahead just four minutes to around the rift Herald where team liquid has been positioned for maybe two three minutes now at this point clutch looking for the right kind of fight and still struggling to find it I mean this is why they wanted that Goldy just how much harder it is for them to find kills you have the Karma speed up the silver speed up the heels the shields and so even though smithy kind of gets cut off from retreating from the rumble equalizer and isolated out the ume on top of them buying space with the ultimate he's still getting CC it up but finally some last-minute heels come in as well he just turns around grabs Lyra and for a kill unnecessary for him to go and you just got the ripped herald you could have just eat out yeah I mean they they thought they could get kills cuz it's a 300 HP no stop watch you know skarner and you think you can get that kill but there's just too much utility on teamliquid side broken blade what this is a huge and maybe impossible question to answer but we're in this game would you like what what if you had to pick one thing to have done entirely differently for clutch here give these graphs and pick any point in the game like what would have been something you would have tried or you would have called for trying um I think class has to snowball the game in order to win because they clearly got drafted I have to say I would go a lot in two million to e twos because that is their pick into cocky their ass being too cocky and if that peak does not snowball they will not win the game because the only identity in the in this comp was team fighting but they still got they he also had a better team fight because I mean how can you team fight against karma super-yummy it's just too hard and if they can't snowball it's just very hard to win at the point so an idea that we were talking about was your jungler can go into the mid lane and just burn his own flash to force a gank it's not gonna yield a kill but what you do is you trade flashes so now Jensen loses flash against the Monty now he has to be stuck in the lane against an assassin that has ignite and his own flash so the kill threat is a lot bigger and it makes the laning face a lot easier for Zetas he's ranged I'm sorry melee against range so now he can't be harassed as much since Corki has to be a lot more careful since he has no summoner so your jungler sacrifices a little bit of himself to get his laners ahead yeah and Demonte had picked up the first kill for the team so with a little bit of that gold in the pocket maybe set up to really take off if things were positioned in that way yeah I mean this scary thing was the rest of the replays the whole rest of the game looked like the one that we showed where it's like someone on TL gets really low and then gets all the shields and heals and then they're fine and that's if you have just a little bit more damage maybe you can punch through before the second shield and all those other things start coming on top but right it didn't happen just fight after fight broke out the same way where one person gets low gets topped off and then you have a couple of those in a row and selling the game's over I think that is important to know you know what you're saying there the idea that with just a little bit more damage if they if if things have tipped in that direction of clutch we could very be easily having a different conversation here if they went off to the races right but again that's kind of the difficulty of handling one of these compositions over to Team Liquid is that when you don't get that leave you're doomed and I gotta say when we have so much you mean the likes of karma coming in we might need to start looking at the healing that was done throughout these games because it's so impactful some even more so than the damage that they're dealing for us to really get a full idea of the insane value that you and me provided with karma coming into the meta more prevalently here what are your kind of top couple picks lane wise against her um today we saw in this eulogy game they picked rise into Karma I think that is a very good option into the Karma it wins after his first base after tier or lost chapter you have a really good lane against karma but karma just run a very strong champion that has very few counter picks and it's just even if you're losing Lane for example in this game we saw that MPEG was behind like almost like 100 CS but it doesn't matter it once you get to the teens and what was the second item did he go Luden's including four things in this one or was that the previous one I'm remembering alluding this garmen my own the items fold up art and sensor get those two items you basically never have to farm again as karma and dry your place for karma now yeah you basically are to support the second supporter on your team and then she's just all team fight everyone's just sounds brutal man absolutely sounds brutal up next echo fox and optic are gonna battle it out for game 5 so don't go anywhere I was trying to poke them