TL vs CG Week 4 Day 2 | LCS Summer Split | Team Liquid vs. Clutch Gaming (2019)

we're back in gearing up for Game three where clutch gaming challenge Team Liquid we're gonna start with these starting lineups on a blue side a is going to be Team Liquid with impact up in the top lane xmithie in the jungle Jensen in mid doublelift in poor JJ at bot and sport with the coaches Kane and dota and selecting a red side for this matchup is clutch gaming top lane hooni jungle Lyra mid Demonte bottom Kody Sun support Vulcan and coach Bix crag on stage now it's been an exciting week in the LCS yesterday was full of upsets but Team Liquid maintained their hold of first place they defeated fellow first place team golden Guardians yeah it was a really big win for them versus golden Guardians they separate themselves from the larger pack that were tied for first place heading in with all six of those teams and now looking ahead towards rift rivals Team Liquid have crafted their own win streak that they're looking to you know join the international competition once again trying to look strong especially impact he one player of the game he had a huge performance on that eight rocks and he was one of their best performers at MSI so he's definitely looking to continue that streak yeah definitely an impressive player and of course despite impacts big game he did talk about in the interview talking about clutch gaming tomorrow that he is mindful of his opponents hoody has been playing more selflessly and it's given more option for the clutch gaming so to sign up I mean who knew looked strong yesterday his irelia you got multi man stuns at the baron around for a very big turnaround fight and it also helps them that Cody Sun has joined the roster he had another deathless game they really have found that stability in the bottom half of the map and it seems like it is allowing the other players to play a better as well you know definitely have been impressed by Cody Sun so far this split we are ready to go into champions select here as clutch have been making their moves up the standings only a game behind first place as they've been surging of late but Team Liquid your 3-time consecutive LCS champions in first place themselves right now are tough opponents and who DS Rumble has been dropped off that first ban right off of the table Carmen following suit very quickly keep on mentioning the 912 buffs but they were ginormous huge that's so much speed to the team now a toxin irelia very common as far as our flex pick power picks that are left with the Silas pretty much taken off of that list Claude and I have had one game on it but definitely if I already greatly reduced yeah and Rhys kind of has disappeared as well I'm actually surprised he's gone from Pro plays so look you enter it was fine but it means we can have Rhys buffs and maybe he'll be a viable champion a so look you don't say those words freaking I think Rhys buffs could be valuable if he's ever made him not a 40% win right champion there's Olaf is off the table and that is the interesting one of course Lyra apparently wasn't gonna sign up for the tank first tank duty of Szechwan eBrush Rundle will we have our third straight 220 first big as you me and band he might not sign up for it but he could be enlisted maybe yeah that's true drafted into it all right is this his Ronnie oh do they think Lera doesn't care enough about it they can pick it later on honestly there are other good options yeah meta right now but I don't is up it's gonna be all about how Team Liquid want to play right I mean double if doesn't seem like they greatly enjoy to their Sona Terry games though they were effective sure oh look at that Ronnie everyone is surprised oh wow mild shock pika da I was going with the Picard mild shock but uh I like the Pikachu face I think it's a good one too X myth the back on sejuani yep yeah tag tag lt's official do you prefer Pikachu or Picard mild shock I wanna help me wins I wanna see freaks version of the Pikachu face I'll take a picture of it and well this comes through we finally have Lux coming in here we had a lot of other sports coming in this time we do have deluxe the skarner for Lyra is on the table so there's the jungle picked up no trundle yeah in the old off man I mean it is you can stop down I'm sorry I really am but he could choose pace chip select this Carter though is another you know very viable option versus the sejuani right there another one of those front liners and you get that pick priority you can use it on the tahm Kench because there is a time catch on the team obviously you're gonna have to watch out for whatever he's close by for the devours but Tom catches a very viable target as well they're a lot of the times you can actually burst him down before he gets out of the ultimate stun and can thick-skinned and it's gonna probably get a qss pretty early on after his upgraded sight stone and that'll be the first pit stop right makes it more squishy it's a little Caitlyn instead or you know baby with a light binding who knows what but Caitlyn Lux definitely a very strong two on two lane I actually expect them to have a lot of pressure here against ona tahm Kench there shouldn't be a lot of easy answers back and double full generally run out of mana before he's able to actually push them off yeah and it seems like a very quintessential Cody son Vulcan Lane here Cody son likes to be the huge damage source later in the game for teamfights but as you said the lane phase can be so oppressive sona tahm Kench has very very little to deal with Lux bindings being spamed out and the long-range harassment from Caitlyn I wonder if it's even going to be difficult going for klepto procs for the sona in exchange for you know the health that you're gonna have to use for it you know because you don't have the extra healing of the Tareq's supporting at this time around you know he'd mind we have seen things like coin Sona be the the farm lane there where you know you're gonna drop some CS you just take the coin you get the gold that drops when the things you you know when is you don't kill and you make your way up from there though it is the rarer build the gangplank and camille the bans for clutches side here really try to remove a lot of top lane options lets you look at throw to bans that made the Twisted Fate and leblanc are gone and held with wine fixes here instead clutch gaming are going really good at late game here with Azir caitlyn lux lots of long range for later I think they're gonna put Unni on a tank I am definitely feeling a tank draft here if you have two tanks in front of this type of backline that will be a very potent teamfight you do the other option of course yeah the option of course is to try and have a split pusher a 1v1 artist to try and answer but it looks like this might be the case Jace some poke and long-range answered here with teamliquid that could go to the mid lane by the way for Jensen Jake Jace was one of the old pics that people used into his ear to try and poke them early you get early lethality these hover over that might come into question now you can go for heavy poke of course you can look at things like Zoe coming through the mid lane as a collie will be grabbed up that's not now a champion that Hootie can play for himself and can be flexible of course we can see those in either role right now so something to kind of consider on the clutch gaming side typically impact has been there Jace player for Team Liquid yes I believe all of their LCS games have been in that order but they could pull a switcheroo here what will the answer be if they do expect impact to be taking the Jace once again we have our second LCS Silas after the huge rounds of nurse really hitting the wave clear as well as delaying the shield since you have to land your stun on the chain some people have started using in the jungle by the way as another option but we'll see how who need uhz up versus the chase once again yeah definitely missing one right here I do like texture of clutches complet you mentioned they're very very good late-game with the isère kaylynn backline I agree it's very strong I like how easy it is to segue your early game leave it you expect to have from the dual Lane in the bot Lane move it around the map into the mid game you're not going to rip down with the Caitlyn luck siege and then by the time your opponent have caught up you've you've kind of gotten close to that three out of his ear point and it really does transition pretty nicely right your teamliquid have plenty of carries to support with this sona the chase is top n as you mentioned the Akali is mid and they're gonna get a lot of shielding and healing and help from the tahm Kench two tanks the frontline for the team liquid side sejuani and that tahm Kench only the one here just the skarner for clutches side so a straight-up teamfight might be a little more difficult for them but we'll see how they can play through there bottom lane that seems like the important point for me here alright Team Liquid heading towards MS I have crafted their own win-streak looking to enter strong and clutch gaming coming surging from the bottom of the standings off the back of some strong Cody Sun reliability and huni's gameplay improving and we are gonna be on to the rift Team Liquid your first-place team is optic is keeping up as well we'll see them later on similar for TSM clutch gaming Wow a lot of losses for and 340 that is not the record you want to see in the LCS you you thought I didn't believe in them on the dive how about same 340 losses that's rough that's not how I feel about this team all right well they're going for the invade right now this is I believe we had a stacked team liquid to alright they just killed a ward and back out no face check their money comes across lots of players actually don't know what a five-man board I see if it's enough to actually level two I've only really seen it with three I know you can definitely get it with three I think even four but five might be stretching it core knocks down a zombie ward rooms at work just doing a 2-1 gold quartz AJ smashing the bot lane matchup it's actually not true Vulcan is 15 from hitting spell thieves and it is the spell tees for double if so he's going for those autos klepto spell and Eve's as usual even without the extra healing from the Terek got the tahm Kench there in case the all Lin happens yeah tahm Kench really gonna eat double lift out of bindings so he doesn't get hit with the infamous strap binding combination yeah that's very scary but also for late-game this table can't pick in favor of denying skarner ultimate so mainly they adaptation there instead of the classic Sona tear minions go down it's gonna be none missed actually Cody son has all of them and although he might've actually lasted the wards dude might've actually missed one and the scoreboard lies to you but none of that farm is gonna be lost on the e-team liquid side of the I'll come forward lash grabs one and they'll wait for the push for some more of this this little poke towards Vulcan and early game it is gonna be a gorgeous day taking all the farm so we'll track how much he can be denied mm-hmm and I do like double its going for the poke onto Vulcan it's less few people walking to sustain it's the the fleet footwork Caitlyn was super long range I feel like even though he's got an extra potion yeah I agree a damage is definitely gonna stick this Dana's definitely easier than one side almost it's that buy no hoodlum there now shots toward Cody saw and then shield comes out premature instant cast actually it shields instantly when you play the animation on your own character you don't move right away pretty easy to block those ones out and toppling fights go back before the twenty comes in but doesn't seem the Sun and now take even bigger hits if I'm having a good start to this one of course it's a big wave to farm but that wave clear is slow big poke and of course a taste of level one he barely got out in time to avoid that trap as well walks off the edge pushed under turret as usual for a soda lane here with a tahm Kench and especially so with this long-range assault with Cody son involved game Caitlyn and lux is expected to get some early turret plate for themselves as well as a large CS lead there who knew shield falls off of elo comes in and impact trades him back and hooni by the way we had him on countdown last week and he was the one to say yes the stylus nerf no look very big on paper but he felt like it was still very much a viable LCS and competitive champion so now we get to see him actually prove it right I love when we acted to get to see the players put up now he's getting ganked and that's gonna be shooting out of the way taking very little damage actually doesn't even need the shield vana spammy mode after that one yeah yeah that is for me it's Jay by the way I just tagged that one and up something goes control seven all day where the key binds yeah people use me I press J then the emo comes up what's on your email wheel Coby I got the split really cranked question mark for sure love it I do not have the Lexx though I like the crab I get it Maile crab okay there's some damage on the Cody centers they trade back and forth and right now it's 27 to 16 so it is buddies unforced to drop some farm you have to imagine Kaitlyn should drop pretty much zero across his landing phase so far this slowly work their way forwards but he sent 300 gold up from all that but pretty decent gold on the Sona here as Vulcan runs over the first roam across the map puts a pretty forward trinket where two of them actually it's okay this is around the time that you would gank us so now we're gonna start tracking xmithie here I like that kind of move should make them feel very safe in this bot lane yeah they see him up by the Raptor pit so should be easy to track noise that got a lot else to do on the map except for spend some time passing by see I'm on another war that means Lyra knows please clear up on top side but in fact goes for the recall after pushing in he does not grieve for turret plate damage with beerus whereabouts unknown on top wind resets with a 10 CS difference there wasn't bikes for anything but didn't do all that much but we come in with the ability power coming in towards – and Eevee serrated Dirk though done for impact means you can be quite aggressive he wants to be have already come through and in fact you will walk his way back to lanes with her is a bot lane fight impact can join it hooni cannot and will actually probably catch the push in time as well it's very very good time that impact means that recall losses and fading Lyra unseen coming in except the fully fully seen by clutch though they had two wards and knew he was in the area yeah so we were waiting for this counter you know he left on the river as well so they're gonna push forward look for damage in a court damage was double of maybe as well and out goes liras recall he's gonna have a jungle farm pretty soon wolves are up the old right now is clutched gaming ahead largely through the bottom Lane they've already gotten one plate and they're working towards the second pretty soon damage first double if not gonna lie in that queue though but double if running low on mana has the TP but it needs to get back easily has mana for tier or money for a tier I have to say cor JJ I feel like he's doing pretty good on the cs on tahm Kench by the way yeah tongue lash definitely helped out a lot with that so a little bit more than usual tarik numbers and of course very high base attack damage the passive helps as well percent of his own max health extra damage right here is double he's gonna get pounded as a massive damage but look at the Schilling back in is this enough they layered it all and I think core was routed couldn't devour him yeah he was a bit too far so they were approaching I feel as yeah I thought we just huge excuse me pedis knees uh I feel like they knew that there was possible danger in that brush because they were initially approaching together and then doubler starts you know walking crooked in a zigzag there oh the head oh he's warded they had a ward or they have a word backed alive can't see him too much we oughta too early he could have gotten the II he Auto too early could've gotten a slow power cord maybe I maybe sets up for Sun lash all right tracking been taking meanwhile the lira on the spire with skarner easily able to take it down with Wilkins extra DPS the book tries to stop the back there but it doesn't register damage in time so Cody son not delayed that's very big Mountain Drake which actually in this situation is actually valuable early game because it is a Caitlyn seizing these turrets and the more you damage them the more they get extra armor which true damage can ignore so actually this could be a very it strangely impactful early mountain drink and it's another look at it from the TL side of vision that reads huge yeah they felt like it was in there was some danger in there but if you do then you have to approach with tahm Kench a lot closer Sona is very liable to getting burst it down and if the binding hits both it binds the tahm Kench too far away to save doublelift that's what were they were banking on as their safety for stopping this recall yep that is this props to Vulcan Landing the double binding there for them to 100% the sewn up and really give the money over to Cody son this is gonna fund infinity-edge progress yep you know what hooni said Silas is Lanie wasn't so bad just take Jason VJs now your landing is good hes range that's gonna be a stun though this could be really big damage the vinyl in the land well it's gonna hit both but doesn't matter the shields are in but Cody son will be stunned and he will be taken down double if now on the board answering back from that kill from earlier yeah quick heads are actually the abyssal voyage from coins a day Breen 650 right fine damn in lane they may have it warded up they may have gotten the burst damage skill on to double its earlier however even at the level 6 abyssal voyage has enough range to get behind them in lane 4 constantly pushing 8 'ln and lux nice answer there from Team Liquid yeah buddy son did not burn his flash though knew he was dead so did at least save the summoner spell but here's another look at it really nice pull as 48 days every been getting to be right behind him and that puts them right into such 1aq so gets interrupted out of it gets basically no distance that's unfortunate yeah as soon as that happens like flashing definitely got me hunter persona was does this part there but the good setup double if got the flash done that was a good shot and yeah gorgeous day right over that wall gets enough distance and Jensen feeling frisky in the mid lane and amante a little bit technically it's a flash dance it is actually it's technically a son they just plays animation of you dancing it's done dance I like that one so our new hit stunned it bring it to the club I love it it's a very very short track about a second half long more if you wear fancy shoes or less I guess well Cody son almost in range to be slow but can't cook at the Auto track doublet shield comes in regardless lines them both up and that is blocked cleanly enough sightstone is completed already here for a double it looks like is actually not quite done for the Lux yet 496 needs to do it literally once more and then that'll be ready for Vulcan they go no gang they really really are trying to make this work on top side another pass from x50 they were hoping Cooney would take that bait but Lunia turned a new leaf you know playing more defensively uh-huh not open to giving openings to jungler ganks and X Matias made multiple passes on the topside but avoided very well by who need us bar so if he does settle for the rift he'll take and we'll pick up the objective for Team Liquid instead and we'll have three minutes to run it for plates drop and likely gets two or more out of it armed guard done for hooni finds elf in a fight against impact with the shield I've actually really good damage here that runs back in a daze himself and puts on some shots actually oh my God look at that movie presses 17 different skills and kills impact now that was impressive at first you could see them respecting the jungler it's like okay fine you go to the trade and sup boys just like I'm not taking this anymore yeah uses every button on Jason Silas and kills him outright that was actually really quick two steals it and immediately goes for the full combo once his conker is proc by the way so he waits until the conquerors Brock gets the true damage conversion goes all-out with the Jayce transformation and out chases the Jayce Rooney was right you can do it all just smash his impact there from a deficit was down in gold not anymore and now Devon has to get away from Jensen this game right now still tied in golds oh we've got equivalences pretty much across the CS difference is very small in most locations within for everywhere about the bot lane because it's Sona Lane guess what it's how it works all right guess what junglers bottom once again we're picks up this crab and attempts another counter gank constantly shadowing here oh that's a lot of damage chomps I'm out of the piltover peacemaker but otherwise that will take most that hit even gets summer heal out of core JJ so a pretty meaningful shot right there all right this is booties vision by the way he knows they're on red built so initially he's like okay the jungler could be coming but it says conquer frocks you steal the chase yo fool boom empowered aftershock or blast right there and is able to finish off the kill fast attack speed he's suddenly ranged and works out pretty well for him all right but gaming gonna start up the dragon here burn down the ocean Drake Smith he goes for the steel over the top he has flash to get out if it gets really hairy for him so are they gonna go for this pipe I looks like yes they find the stun who's gonna fight this wine and it goes to expect the courtiers save someone but here comes Carter beautiful Christian no but it's still gonna be enough damage I will still take that trade Drake goes over the team look better the cost of one champion yeah turf lights were being taken by impact so hoodie teleports top he would call up to it he's got a call yo that's maybe enough to go for round 2 nothing go for it just yet he misses the Sun so yeah I go all in if you missed that no you're gonna call you first oh well you settle down only for a moment cuz this Ronnie is flanking clutch gaming big damage for table view they have the first it's gonna be close time Cody son claims it the route Auto smithy flashing is gonna find that stud one more on it's the kill and Cody's son he is in the wrong spot on this map finds a route find the son in his own face though and he's 50 will slowly but surely find the double kill battle sejuani x50 gets 2 kills on the bottom side double it went back out from under the turret for another bit of first here's a pro few look at ex smithy spice feels they are legendary yes done it on the international states first he stuns the starter because he doesn't want to get suppressed by the way starters players number one trick around these objectives is to go in skarner old the enemy jungler to suppress them thus stopping summoner spells buttocks mitt the galaxy brain one step ahead also uses the ultimate to stun him out of range so that he can smite and double if could have kept running under the turret but he goes to get more damage on Cody son so that he can get the kill under Vulcan and then turn for the double and at that point it's a red buff sejuani you cannot run away from that far too much crowd control couple models come in that is the double kill so big money comes across and triumphs gold on top to make it even sweeter arc angels already beginning four double lift as that tier is stacking into well beyond halfway all right topside the hooni show once again he steals Jace gonna use Jace to take down his own turret plus the rest of the team comes to support him and that is going to be clutch gaming moving forward on the top half of the map yep extra day we can you press the button gets that passion to go off no one's around him but you know you can try pace up the squad and here comes the seat is what Caitlyn wants to do after getting some pressure bot Lane has run over to the top one knocked down one turd go for a second and no one's gonna defend it so no of course doublelift will get plenty to have it down to the bot lane himself but it is still to turrets claim cliffs gaming CG aggressively now into the mid game and have a currently 1,000 gold leaf SS doing his best to try and catch up on work here on the outer turret frocking machine as quickly as possible and will eventually even out that gold and now employs Jensen to the mid lane big damage on him he's rooted in place but still devoured and stays alive here in LA in dark Jayce core couldn't block the ulti coming across so the two snipers in bottom lane well let me get a replay that was a lot Caitlyn yeah with something stopping them because that line was perfectly lined up it looked like but cone McDonagh and Vulcan the double snipe I think Jensen watch slash go away from walks and instead his own teammate so it loops around now mid lane gone as well clutch gaming in less than as many minutes three turret kills fixed up now two through top one through mid and looking good at a 15 or gold leaf yeah I mean initially it was a completely split map topside all clutch gaming bottom side all team liquid but then the spillover turns it into a mid lane victory for clutch gaming take a look at this the monta goes in to start it off on Jensen pushes him back into the rest of the team and Vulcan does hit the light binding that gets the devourer out then Jensen runs for the hills core JJ he walked a little bit to the wall side and Jensen didn't have any room to dodge on that side cuz he was already up against the wall they up nicely lined up by Cody's son and Vulcan but also that's encore yeah this is the sidestep all right well top banner is gonna go down though Team Liquid as you mentioned the fact that clutch gaming had had all the left side Ward's off the reset it's Team Liquid we were able to strike first up there and they find an outer turret he'll bring the game within 700 once again Noah Slater was the mid lane as Jensen in a lot he finds himself he ran downwards and set up towards his teammates and of course TL work of it for the tower dive but Jensen does get that kill picked up Down Goes the Caitlyn's three deaths actually the primary target of Team Liquid immediate repercussions here Team Liquid right back able to get the mid lane kill that means they should be able to get this dragon 17 seconds left on cloud Drake and they're pushing in on bottom the lattes on the run and there's a fast tahm Kench somebody has a turret for safety but he is still second let me brief big old buy some space for the damage like to be there the tanks are tanky the damage is there too Monta is gonna fall all right Devante goes down will they also now after the kill have time for the dragon looks like they should Vulcan and Lyra are scouting around to get a little bit of vision of it but Team Liquid should be able to secure that dragon all right second one for them the first ocean now this cloud no one for else today actually at all across any of our games Padraig does go down Bop and we have a tied game in gold up in Drake to the team liquid side items coming through finally double Luden's echo and for the two mages of clutches side but serous completed in Lich Bane very close behind for doublelift is a pretty big deal as impact also has this Black Cleaver done and is sitting on that serrated Dirk not putting it an ending just yet go quite as well d wanted and the big damage from sona doesn't really come through until you get that Lich Bane once doubles can upgrade that they'll will have a very very strong damage profile however at the moment he felt like he had to rush for that serifs as quickly as possible he's got the extra shield we'll see us this if the teamfight for Team Liquid with their tahm Kench version is enough for the trade offs you know you have this does deny on top hence with your devourer and the lux bindings very key but you do give up that AoE T by immunity to damage that cared ring for the hard engage and for forcing that five-on-five yeah you can maybe find the burst is to find it over the top of tahm Kench you can save a single part it pretty easily backline can be good but might be out sustained by the healing of team lies with Bodie Sun is gonna sit in the mid lane the only out of turret there is to kill well there's none but scheming I've got them all already so CG gonna be a bit harder whom he's gonna walk away doesn't want to take some fight with Justin inside the shroud instead it's clutch gaming with the high damage going for the Baron right now and there is no one the wiser on PL yeah I spotted out no one's been anything about this as long as it walks too close to that ward to the left it's this looks out of the control board itself but not disabled but it gave them to the safety made them feel like they were okay this will not be checked in time such one is nearby but it shouldn't be close enough that will be claimed the two-man Baron Lyra this runs right away and now Jim's gonna be a bit careful – he's around jumps over the wall deals the Akali burns the flash out they go what a bear and sneak for clutch huge here for clutch now they can push you know you talked about the AP items being completed for their solo laners Demonte after the early burst damage which has become so popular for Azir it's now transitioning into some of the attack speed steamer picked up will be before that nashor's tooth later on and with Barry buff see how much can actually get off of it some fun those builds my try right now but core sq assess was not a good target Lyra takes a couple of shots as he runs away and this is the move speed buffs 50 just waiting in the wings though not gonna find their openings just yet though TL able to walk back from this one clutch gave me the same alright naturist was also completed by Demonte so he does have the dps output here on the back line of the flood if they just bring together Lyra front line they could definitely see double they're definitely worried about the flash ultimate from double at once again though you need to spread your carries in situations like this can't have your Sona right next or I can't have your Caitlin right next to your luck so the threat is real one top window steals the Jays form hidden come 6:50 find some damage he's gonna find the southern hooting down at the breast name of Joe certainly they do as the wrestle squad goes by as well unfair four to one and it's not even close TL pick that one up the turrets god they can keep going for more what a rotation from Team Liquid they cut off the split pusher clutch gaming hesitant to put out any pressure even with that Baron Buffett so they go take out hooni and they're the ones on the inhibitor turret there's that next push right there a couple of shots Bethel region all the way back up to full HP Demonte does answer is on tier two turret so something is picked up with a bear muffin Lutins echo and there's a split there is the advantage gains two turrets to one I would usually take that as cost of a kill but it is during your own Baron buff you do expect to come out ahead has yet to happen Drake will be alive during the Baron buff that's probably theirs as well and now all six outside the base turrets have been claimed clutch game you see Jing gets harder from here but a rapid firecannon Caitlyn is very good at picking down turret yeah that's about it can get x50 goes in on to hooni gets the knock up that sets his own ultimate up with his ease done they have plenty of damage with all four members arriving at the end and as you know they've finished up the turret afterwards now it's about setting up here because Caitlin it's not just the long-range auto attacks the traps do so much for setting up and seating making it hard for your opponents that find that hard engaged and then has to be flashes from doublelift or xmithie from Team Liquid to make the really big outplay and find those kills and it gets harder because Lyra is the frontline he's picked up his own qss on Starner knowing that the Sona ultimate will usually be going through him aimed at someone on the back line at some point now as well bonding in a kite away to the monkey hit banks busy is wards come down and cliffs gave me really try to own this bottom jungle 12 seconds left on the barren boxes the cloud Drake is up at the Monty take spoke and getting lightly heal they're gonna walk back down to the river still looking for the bait not gonna find the route though and keep looking able to stay safe right here Jensen still pushing the top and sexy at 5 feet for if they can bring the whole squad around Silas over the wall they're coming for it now they find the first route they're on the front line it up whatever comes in big backline access the 0 only ones disengage lyrica the shield and here come but the kill still comes through team living in the first kill Jensen claims the second under the Toyota Zuni running away same fan amante trying to stay alive they might just find the next kill they've almost got the damage but did they go too far team living at low health for finished 15 again the battle sejuani claims kill number 3 3 4 0 team fight team liquid wood in the mid game and we are getting a look at that first damage and also the healing from Sona the sustain for Team Liquid in the mid game always the highlight in these Sona cops whether you've got carrots or not and Team Liquid will use that key playe in jury sits around Lyra he's gonna have a really hard time get away from this one they are all around him Demonte cannot help full-ride answered kales be an inner certain to fall a drake when they wanted the baron still 90 seconds away being hit is gone 30 seconds on Loretta respawn little bit of poke from Kaylin not gonna mean enough though and now Coast you look it up for a huge huge victory in the mid game yeah and they have another dragon to pick up on the way out cloud rake number 2 will give them even more move speed reset should be very easy as well there's nothing for what's the answer with let's take another look at how it all started out because they get such a nice setup here alright the lux combo is used but look at that Jake two powered stock lash from impact off of the back of X fifties sejuani son he annihilates three members half of their HP gone on the side of clutch and they have to scatter after that is to chase down from Team Liquid Sona speed allowing them to get under the tower and even though hooni steals Sona ultimate and turns it around on them under the turret they get off the hill beforehand there's no damage behind it I stood nobody from Team Liquid goes down and they also picked up the hoody kill big pickups they're the only healing reduction picked up now for clutch gaming is the real anomic on there is no ignite on this squad unless Vulcan spellbooks / executioner's not in real anomic on that internal but who knee and he's not hitting great targets all the time yeah Sona doing work in these teamfights and heels and shields are definitely strong and the death cap is on the way for double lift as well that is going to be a big big power spike iPhone gold away already hitting like a truck and it's gonna soon be a convoy of trucks hitting people as volcán spots the fog of war but Baron is alive we know team like we can start that kind of whatever they want they'll have infinite health infinite mana and they can re-engage quickly with their high at movement speed again spotted out by the lux but some matter Pune trading shock blasts with impact from the top lane it's still pushing forward this could be the fight yet again as the monta stays safe puts up a new turret look at this fight over the mini wave all of them have died because the super minions from the side of Team Liquid killed them off so clutch are between team liquid empty liquids towers daughter just racing down and so there's a wave top lane so that's actually pretty easy claim top and hip will drop thick use it to end the game actually so clutch must do something about this they are badly positioned and they are going to be losing their base for too long so gonna claim this one as Jensen pushes in to blue could have the high ground fletcher forced into a bad spot so they're forcing baron they're forcing them to come and fight desperation they find the sun they pull back feds wonder like how tanky he is and he's pulling back bike or JJ where is the re-engage when to the stun Landing vide stay safe prediction vices face jets in the backline finds couple of stuns big damage to the locks to the shields over the top and Lyra bring it help a big set for Dublin there's the kill but it's two for two so far but will it be more Cody son finds his third it's actually clutch gaming who win the teamfight so far with shields and full health he's happy to keep doing more there's minions on top side as well team liquid is going to actually cut them off they're gonna boarded this red buff Caitlyn is pretty dangerous but double if that's huge burst damage Smith you should be able take pretty good damage here Vulcan very low and man like it's all done they find this low they find this son the big shield comes out look at the person on the Kudus Geoff a template you predict skill he's got the shut down the power courts so strong as Vulcan is running only by the single breath though and the next shot will get a double kill five two and six on the soda looking at hooni now as well can he find the slope can that might just be enough sejuani comes forward needs to Otto's they're gonna get the kills the cleanup comes through expect these on a rampage and they're in the mid lane now as well as core JJ's below the turret TP comes in from the top lane as impact now joining in as well and he looks a good maybe close the game out it's 4 vs. 2 right now waiting 15 seconds to respond another one for the sejuani Lyra's trying to run it will be shut down as well 6 kills for the battle sedge and the second turret will drop teamliquid will remain in control of 1st place as they will take down clutch gaming in 29 minutes 6 and 2 for TL [Applause] you're talking in champion select freak about North America being one of the regions that has a higher priority on Sona than most others yep you get a little glimpse of it there as to why I'm a little bit sad we didn't get to see the death cap so it drives even more attention yep but I have to say MVP of that game for me was still xmithie same setting up everything for the team he is the reason the bot lane was turned around quickly I've seen so many of these Caitlyn Lux lanes just abused Sona pusher turret down in ten minutes go top and get that one as well and you never get to the backline her DPS just too high this did not happen a five death game for Cody's son largely led by axe mithy and getting into that bot lane turning things around getting dev left on the board team look up with a very solid game 2904 the end score 17 8 and kills I believe that is four wins in a row for Team Liquid to heading into MSI not all of them clean no definitely scrappiest especially the first two but definitely regaining their form heading to international competition giving fans some more hope yeah it's a more confidence that's two for two of rift rivals teams getting wins on the last day before they go into it so you think of cloud 9 you think of Team Liquid TSM later in the day coming as well if your hope is for the LCS to do well at least those teams look to be a bit more on Form heading into that tournament so that's always my hope because that's in four days yeah exciting right it's yappin up on us that's gonna come really quickly Thursday stay tuned those FYI yeah don't miss that one for clutch though I have to say this team looks so much better now right they have a clear game plan I mean even at the beginning of the game who needs playing a lot more cognizant of the enemy jungler oh you got a solo kill he avoided a lot of the early pressure so I think their team overall keeping those improvements but not enough to take down Team Liquid not up take him down but they are still close to the top of the standings we're gonna send it down to Avila who's standing by with the victorious mid laner thanks guys Jensen congratulations on the game but I'm not really focused on that I'm focused on what's happening next week rift rivals we're gonna get the revenge on g2 we're absolutely gonna smash eun-ji – okay so let's get the lowdown we got fnatic we got Origen we got g2 coming back what do you think about these teams coming in – na um I mean we lost the g2 and Emma sighs so they obviously good but I haven't really seen too much of the other teams they don't look nearly as good to me so I'm pretty confident that we'll be able to smash the Toyota teams but I think I matched against g2 is gonna be pretty close I really want the rematch let's just think about all the other EU mid laners then we got nemesis coming from fnatic we got nuke duck from origin and of course Capps you're familiar with what do you think about the other two I wash nuke talked a lot and I thought he's really good in Lane so he's always a player that I've looked out for I don't really know too much about Nemesis haven't really seen him too much so I can't really judge him I mean obviously we have caps who is really good so it'll be fun excuse me this is na versus EU so with that is there going to be any camaraderie between you TSM and against c9 I don't think so because I mean we're still also focusing on the regular season so we don't want to give away too much to the other teams but I know we're just gonna have a fun tournament then hopefully we win so that's smart and I'm very excited to see if it Jensen thank you again and for more on the game was here from the State Farm analyst desk thank you awfully have a fun tournament hopefully when I align with those goals [Applause] winning in mice no but for Team Liquid it's gonna feel good to have a – oh weekend moving into RIF rivals they are number one seed for North America in that tournament and you can hear from Jensen quite obviously in the back of their heads is that loss to g2 at MSI but believing that they very much can stack up against the likes of all three of the –use I'm a little concerned then it seemed to know anything about the other duties fnatic just be – I mean they're busy focused on this game you know where they're running Sona errand town Kench because someone else in the world did it so we're gonna try it – and looked okay but it it's one of those things every time I see doublelift on Sona playing a weird bot Lane I just don't feel very confident in it and it kind of felt like that again throughout this game which to be fair we so often are asking for our teams to innovate right we're so often asking I wasn't on that side of the debate you know I know and there's what I'm saying is that but I do I want to recognize the point that you're making though which is that in certain cases when you when you take a look at the player name right when you look at the name above that health bar and you see double lift there's only a few champions in the game that I would never want to see him on and Sona is probably one of those champions just knowing what his individual capabilities are right it's like you're sacrificing the ability to mechanically out play for just button mashing because the champion has incredible synergies right now but even though in the lane and even these Ultimates okay you do get a carry and that's great because there's a lot of follow-up it just doesn't give us the same rewarding feel that we're used to from seeing him how to play someone with you know crazy auto or crazy flashy Ultimates it's this its own that I mean that's the thing let's be honest they were getting slammed in the bot lane til Smith he saved them here in this fight double if she's gonna go for a fail all right as he goes in so you see there's no follow up to help Jensen who's trying to assassinate the backline impact goes up a little late so now you have these two people who'd open alone and you're not able to support them properly and then once again the reason that they win this game is smithy and him tag teaming together you know Sona kind of just enabling the sejuani and healing if we can keep running for it to be fair at this point the game you know Sona skew me and auto attack those hurt a lot but it's gonna save us so like because I so let's separate these two things and discuss their value because on one end you have the argument for you know double lifts on on picks that take mechanical skill and have outplay potential is something that naturally you should want at the by the same token as you just mentioned mark eventually you get to a point in a game where the power of Sona will be Illustrated no matter who's piloting the champion and ultimately it was one of the reasons why they won this game so is it not a good thing that TL is showing us at least the potential to play a composition like this come roof-rack I think it is because when I saw sejuani so nante K locked in I was like games already over this is probably the strongest jungle bottom line pick you can have right now so it's great that Team Liquid can play to that but they need to refine it because we've seen that coming ripped ribose these teams are used to playing against these shenanigans in the bottom and they do bring their own flavor like we saw it karma pike that's what I'm gonna hurt to so that's how does this iteration of TL interact with combos like that how does a pike karma fare again that's exactly why I'm not in favor of it because like who's gonna understand the weirder interactions more g2 or PA or TL and the answer is g2 and so like if you want to get really good at what TL does and they just want a spam just keep plays some more Luxan and Caitlyn like like they played in you know you just play the strong stuff that you know works well for your place now I'm totally fine with that I don't I'm not I'm not asking for every team to innovate and like I know sona antique tahm Kench is a strong botlane but they were getting slammed in bot lane they're making mistakes they were dying Smith he saved the laning phase save the whole game they're still not quite executing in teamfights and then no offense to clutch they ran it down toppling one at a time dying to win the game so I think it was close I'm just not convinced I want to see it ever again right that's one of my final takeaways is how many times smithee's name was mentioned within this segment as the savior of the game in ways and we will need to have him performing at his highest level come international competition against the likes Yanko 90 plus 90 percent plus kill participation this game beautiful literally just only missed one kill right that's what I like to see out of X min thei and Team Liquid picking up another win to n2o before heading into RIF rivals reminder that crumbs and mark differed in their predictions for Game four of the week which brings us our weekly wagers stay tuned during the break to spam chat for what delightful ingredients will be added to the losers strawberry banana smoothie complete their drink and we'll see you here for golden Guardian vs. TSM mint jelly jelly please yeah I had a pretty big fender bender here State Farm's got you covered Mike that's great to hear