THE ULTIMATE RAGE! Rocket League Fails and Funny Moments Ep.3

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] whooping you gonna go yeah yeah hello that mommy [Laughter] let me see Davey Smith Tony boy Chloe Lily what's real one if you lock Hans wrong you were absolutely and in just you're incorrect well the one rule one is keep the ball up for as long as possible I don't care what reddit says oh yeah but I'm gonna change that night so that we don't know what's going on look at the ball look at the ball look at the world yeah bro what is going on I got bummed yo it was a long weekend to keep this guy on our team is it okay are you serious I want just I'm done I'm done dominus game I'm done right I peed on a boat ride home oh my god suck ass in that situation button Oh [Applause] [Applause] openopenopen Jesus Christ I never thought those guys who don't bro what what is it bounce why does it go up but does it make sense the pole is always sinking wait nice I just a fake no come here but what yes yay oh my god just embarrassing no no no I want ball eyeball chaser I want ball my boots I want everything I want go I want go from chasing ball from chasing boost I want ball don't go I want both I don't want that