The Top 10 Underdog Moments in League of Legends

You know, there are few things Riot Games loves more than a good storyline. And there are few storylines better than that of the underdog. You know, David vs Goliath, the Misfits vs SKT if you will. That’s why this week we decided to give you the top 10 underdog moments in League of Legends. These are the one-off upset victories, or the Cinderella bracket runs that made us want to stand up and cheer for the little guy. These are the underdog wins or near wins that warmed our cold shriveled esports hearts. So without further ado guys, let’s get into it with the top 10 underdog moments in League Before 2014 no one gave an international wild-card team a second look. The 10th spot on our list belongs to a team that blew up Group D at the 2014 world championship. KaBuM!. The first seed from Europe, Alliance were locked in a dead heat with the second NA seed in Cloud 9 and the favored Koreans NaJin White Shield. Their match against KaBuM! was more important than ever. A win would put C9 into a must win-situation against NaJin to force a three way tie-breaker. What was expected to be Alliance brushing aside the wildcard turned into KaBuM! surprising everyone with their early aggression and forcing Alliance into uncharacteristically bad team fights. (Casting) Alliance was pushed all the way back to their base, but KaBuM! never let up and overthrew the Kings of Europe. (Casting) C9 will go on to beat Najin to eliminate Europe’s best hope for a world championship in forming a bond with the Brazilian wildcard that had proven the world wrong. “Since Kabum beat Alliance, that win was for them.” “This is for KaBuM!” With one of the biggest upset runs in NA LCS playoff history, our number nine moment comes from Good Game University in the inaugural NA LCS Playoffs. During the regular season GGU you played their role of a middling team well with an 11-17 record, going negative against each of the top three teams, and barely avoiding the promotion tournament. No one gave this team of fresh faces much of a chance against the third seeded Dignitas. (Casting) Then moved on to face the number two seeded Curse. (Casting) Once again GGU won the series 2-1 and found themselves in the finals against the number one seeded TSM. “TSM comes in to this match at the top seed in playoffs, and the hottest team in the LCS” TSM, to no one’s surprise, took a clean game one. But, GGU exploded out of the gate in game two winning a perfect 27 minute game. (Casting) After two more back-and-forth games GGU managed to do what no one could have expected and took TSM to a decisive game 5. Although they didn’t manage to overcome the kings of NA in the end, GGU proved that your regular season record doesn’t matter and that in the playoffs, anything is possible. “From 12 and 2 to the championship game, taking 2nd place in the Spring Split.” Quite a run, they took TSM to all five games.” Forced to play their way into Worlds 2017, the number eight moment on our list goes to Fnatic. The third European seed found themselves in a group with with the top North American and Korean seeds as well as one of the strongest wildcard teams to ever attend Worlds. Unfortunately for the Europeans, the first four days seemed to play out as expected with Fnatic losing their first four games of the tournament. To even have a chance at making it out of groups, they needed to win their next two games and hope for a tie-breaker scenario. “Nobody has ever qualified for quarterfinals after starting the tournament 0-3 in week one.” Fnatic did their part with their deliberate team fighting to force a three-way tiebreaker. (Casting) “And Fnatic they needed to win and they have done it.” The team would play Immortals with the winner taking on the Gigabyte Marines for the final spot in the Quarterfinals. Their teamwork proved too much for Immortals. (Casting) Fnatic was one win away from becoming the first team to make the Quarterfinals after going down 0-4. In a bloody back-and-forth game Fnatic’s superior macro play earned them the win and a trip to the Worlds Quarterfinals. (Casting) Although they’d soon fall 3-1 to Royal Never Give Up, it was their miraculous escape from the near death sentence that is an 0-4 record that earns them a spot on this list. “So many expectations defied by Fnatic.” “No one in this group stage format has come back from an 0-3 let alone in 0-4.” “An absolutely miraculous run, a Cinderella story for Fnatic.” From Challenger, all the way to Worlds. The seventh spot on our list belongs to the famous run from Origen in 2015. The team rolled their way through EU Challenger only dropping a single game and qualified for the EU LCS Summer Split. Origen proved they had what it took to play in the LCS, crushing their way through the split never falling lower than third, winning EU’s third spot at Worlds through the regional qualifier. (Casting) In a group with KT Rolster, LGD and TSM, no one expected Origen to even make it out of groups. But once again Origen rose to the challenge, advancing out of the group to the Quarterfinals against the LMS’ Flash Wolves. “I have experience playing against them in a best of five and they are very energetic throughout.” “They are good at adapting, their coach understands the draft and how to adapt properly.” “So I expect them to do exactly the same in this matches.” Origen proved they weren’t just masters of the best-of-one and took the series 3-1 to move on to the Semifinals. (Casting) While their run was stopped, as many are, at the hands of SKT, Origen proved that a team with the right chemistry can climb to just about any height. Our number six entry on this list comes from the 2016 Mid Season Invitational. Off the back of their first 2nd consecutive domestic championship, Counter Logic Gaming faced down four daunting opponents. After going 2-2 in the first two days CLG got a chance at a breakthrough against SKT. After being down for more than 40 minutes CLG managed to hold on and find an opening. (Casting) After SKT took their revenge on Day four, CLG matched up against the undefeated Royal Never Give Up. The early game swung in RNG’s favor but, CLG held on again and at 37 minutes Xmithie turned the entire game on it’s head. (Casting) After taking out Flash Wolves in the Semifinals, CLG could not overcome Faker and SKT in the finals. But, with this run they had proven that NA was a serious contender on the international stage. (Casting) Let’s be honest here, nearly everyone is an underdog when facing down SKT. Rounding out the top five is the little EU team that could in Misfits. Coming all the way from Challenger the previous season, Misfits finished second in the Summer Split to secure the second EU seed at Worlds. They managed to squeak out of groups with a 3-3 record after winning a tiebreaker against TSM. (Casting) Now the European darkhorse had their toughest test, the Korean dynasty SK Telecom T1. “I mean it’s very exciting. It would also be a massive upset of anything other than the expected result happens.” “I mean, it’s SK Telecom T1 we’re used to seeing this team in the final.” After losing the first game Misfits held strong, winning an impeccable game two on the back of their team coordination. (Casting) In game three, all bets were off with IgNar’s Ferver Leona pick in the bot lane. (Casting) Misfits had a plan and managed to secure the first two kills of the game. (Casting) They managed to hold on to their lead to take a 2-1 series lead. (Casting) Eventually, experience won the day and SKT managed to stave off the Misfits onslaught and capitalize on mistakes to win game four and five. “So much credit over to Misfits, like what a performance in this series.” “So few people thought they could do anything against SKT.” “Game 1 was a complete stomp. 25 minutes in favor of SKT, and then they bounce back for these off meta picks.” “We get Leona, we get Blitzcrank, they win two games in a row. Even in the slow games here game four and five; they were so close to actually beating SKT. It was definitely not a late game just purely in favor of the Korean team.” Misfits shocked the world in 2017, they were one teamfight away from the biggest upset League had ever seen. “From Challenger to almost champion killers.” When you think of underdogs in League of Legends you probably think of the International Wildcard spot at Worlds. In the fourth spot on our list goes to the most historic wildcard run in league history. “This is insane they are actually beating the ROX Tigers right now.” Albus Nox Luna came in to Worlds 2016 with precisely zero expectations. They weren’t even considered the best Wildcard team at the tournament. After a bloody but decisive loss to the ROX Tigers everyone’s expectations seemed to be coming true. But Albus Nox had other plans. They beat CLG, G2, and then CLG again. One more win and they would be the first Wildcard to make it out of groups. (Casting) And Albus Nox did not disappoint. In an almost 70 minute bloodbath they kept the tournament favorites against the ropes and managed to become the most successful Wildcard team in League of legends history. (Casting) “Hey guys, we are from Wildcard. And as I have told you before; being underdog doesn’t mean being a loser. That’s all.” In our bronze medal moment from IEM Katowice 2015, the LPL’s most unlikely hero challenged Korea’s dominance on the international stage. The GE Tigers were having an incredible split with a perfect 10 and 0 record and had a combined game score of 20 and 2. World Elite only had a single series win to their name and a game score of 8 and 22. But by edging out OMG and EDG at the IEM Shenzhen qualifier, WE won a spot in Katowice. “That’s the really scary thing about World Elite is that the language barrier, the roster changes, they’re still trying to find their synergy. And the fact that they’re dismantling top tier teams in the LPL with uhh, kind of a lack of synergy, kind of speaks to the strength of the players right now.” “Can you imagine when they were finally firing on all cylinders.” The Tigers blew through their group, knocking down Cloud9 and SK Gaming to qualify for the Semifinals. World Elite took a tougher road. After losing to TSM they went on to knock out Gambit and the second Korean seed in CJ Entus. And so the stage was set in the Semifinal. The Tigers won game one as expected, but in game two World Elite held on, and after winning a scrappy dragon fight, they took over forcing a decisive game three. (Casting) “I mean we could see WE take this game, It’s now down to that best of one. And I mean going into this match it can’t be understated, if the the GE Tigers lose this game This is undoubtedly the biggest upset in League of Legends history.” After grabbing an early lead, World Elite never looked back and completely destroyed the Tigers in what could only be described at the time as the greatest upset League had ever seen. (Casting) On the back of big shakeups to North America’s longest standing roster, our runner-up moment comes from Cloud9 at the 2015 NA Regional Qualifier. Ya see, C9 barely avoided relegation during the 2015 summer split and had one last shot at worlds. The Gauntlet. “As strange as it sounds to call Cloud9 a Cinderella story, they could go on a miracle run to secure their third consecutive appearance at Worlds They reverse swept Gravity. (Casting) They reverse swept Team Impulse. (Casting) C9 came together when it mattered most and managed to topple Team Liquid earning their third consecutive spot at Worlds. (Casting) Taking the top spot on our list is a run so storied, so impressive, it’s become one of the most iconic underdog stories in all of esports, not just League of Legends. Taipei Assassins entered the 2012 World Championship as a complete dark horse and were staring down three of the best teams in the entire tournament. They took out a surging NaJin Sword in a 2-0 sweep and bounced back after a tough game one to defeat one of the tournament favorites, Moscow 5, to earn themselves a spot in the finals. (Casting) But, it was there where they faced their final boss, the Korean juggernauts Azubu Frost. Now, you have to understand here, Azubu Frost had decimated the competition up to this point, mangling the best teams in the world to get to this final, and no one thought a relatively unknown team from Taiwan would be the ones to challenge them. “Azubu Frost, they lost out on the five regional winners drawnings, and they were the ones that got stuck in the group stage.” “And they proved that they’re one of the best. Crushed the group stage, beat up on SoloMid and then they had that close three-game set in the Semifinals.” “If I had to guess the crowd favorite here is going to be the Taipei Assassins.” “It’s an underdog story, people put power rankings out before this tournament. Who do you think has a chance? They were ranked 10th there, they were ranked 6th.” “They’ve proven to the world that they deserve to be there.” After losing a close game one, TPA proceeded to dismantle the Korean champions in three back-to-back games. (Casting) The Taipei Assassins overcame incredible odds and three potential tournament winners to become League of Legends’ greatest underdog story. Well guys, that’s our list. Now, if you are still watching, I have one question for you. Why? The video is over go to the comments section? Maybe go watch a story of. I don’t know live your life.