The Story Of The Jungle (League of Legends)

you're in the woods you hear the quiet howling of a pack of wolves the rustling tall grass in the wind to your left a monster climbs out of the trees glowing an unnatural shade of blue but you're not afraid because you're the hunter not the hunted what does scare you though is other hunters monsters dragons and the lunatics that hunt them it's a jungle out there in nearly a decade of competitive League of Legends one role has changed more frequently more dramatically than any other but in every year after every rework and despite every nerf a resilient group of players have made it their mission to master it this is the story of league of legends as general and of those players brave and bold to conquer it jungling wasn't always a core part of league of legends in the games earliest days the to12 meta was more popular and viable in a huge range of configurations and a big reason for that is that the jungle camps hit hard in the days before season 1 jungle camps were unpredictable and it was easy to miss out on experience for the ones you did manage but soon players began to realize that ignoring the gold and experience offered by jungle Dreams was inefficient and they started to disappear into the wilderness to hunt monsters and champions and by the time competitive play began to truly pick up in 2010 chun-li was seen as a standard part of the game bill and so I'm gonna wait to call up the lane matchup until they get spotted by minions but unsurprisingly both teams will be running a jungler but that's not to say that jungling in season one was a refined of art and junglers like Malphite and warwick who boasted both sustained and ganking potential dominated in season one gentleman I was really individually happy where the journalists were able to gain every Lane because trinkets were not there yet everyone just tried to outplay one another mechanically and was a pretty fun ride actually by the time season 2 came around several quality of life changes had made jungling more straightforward clearing camps was easier and more champions were viable than ever and it was in that era of creativity and discovery that one of the game's seminal junglers rose to prominence I will do describe myself as a player to someone as I was doing season two I would say that this guy just doesn't hold the rules he definitely wanted to jungler his own style and he didn't want to adapt to what everyone else was doing whenever he was trying something new out it would usually go well and like a lot of other players and teams would try the things out and they wouldn't have as great of a success as he did so I think that's like the main reason why he's considered really good Daniel diamondprox to the chef Nick Hoff was a pioneer in the jungle as part of the dominant moscowfive roster he terrorized the rest of the game's best junglers in 2012 every jungle was really bad I was just a little bit better or maybe but just better than all of them just because everyone was thinking about their side of the jungle like something like there is home which is secured by someone that no one is going to in fact Emma but it was not true home is gonna cover on this will they get first blood three minutes into the game here and exhaust onto em boy will he be able to get away there comes flat Amir coming in again and a nice job by diamond to pick that first one up on to Emma and that is something that m5 is known for the counter jungle early in the game diamonds he's gonna go any smites it straightaway onto us I will dominate first but we'll be coming down here you can see meanwhile that blue across the woods goes for master Chi a sleazy Weezy no all by himself while three members of Moscow five and SK is not making any moves to help their jungle and that's exactly what diamondprox was talking about I can count that jungle of my own I'd met him to help me diamondprox developed a reputation for picking unusual junglers that the rest of the world underrated he played Shyvana before she became recognized as the terror she was and was even able to make Evelyn work Pekka is probably dead from this one misses the charm flashed over the wall from diamond that's another one seven one six and of course he was a terror on more meta junglers – right sir Rob diamonds going there Joey does out does not have the escape illusion comes there taking quite a bit of damage the second bomb is on time approached a panic picking it back as well flow there is the Valkyrie away but they are gonna get in on two wards got some pepper could this be first well that comes elise in the cutes connection there is the first they have managed to dog once was locust in the ulti coming out from Karthus oh a good ol tea cake there that will take down half the damage locust will go down and that almost certainly will force out a free dragon diamondprox had better pathing and better mechanics than other junglers in season two and managed to push the game forward with his outstanding play but even as diamondprox pioneered his gank heavy creative style riot seemed unsure as to whether they wanted a jungler in every game gold value was not as high from clearing the jungle in those days and junglers often found themselves playing more as a second support than a core well farmed position junglers in season two often relied on gold generation items for income purchased lots of wards and tried to snowball their laners since camps were balanced around the idea that laners would often take them for backup CS this was by design League of Legends is at a fundamental level based on dota and in the early days Riot was comfortable emulating their predecessor and though jungling was viable in DOTA allstars it was not a permanent part of the game in the early days of league Riot wanted to be a choice not a necessity but by season 3 jungling became more than an afterthought it was a mixture of farming and ganking like he would only gank if you had a free kill or this could burn a flesh for free take a look in the middle though oh my gosh the damage I was there on Alex first what actually picked up by diamond to balance an increase to camp difficulty riot with the first jungle specific items in the game hunters machete and the corresponding spirit stone upgrades they changed leashing to work more like it does today and decided that going forward they would balance the game around a111 to lane setup but though junglers in season 3 were able to finish builds more often fewer champions were viable in the role powerful bursty mid laners like Zed and re dominated the mid lane in 2013 and sometimes ganking the game's most central Lane was a death sentence in season 3 if you would go mid lane as a jungler and you'll try to gank and mid lane with level 6 he just wants to jangles were like only tanks kinda so your role as that I can initiate and and like CC for the team and then your carries will carry the game junglers might have been more secure with their place in the game in 2013 but once again they took a back seat to their carries so it may come as no surprise that one of the most famous controlling junglers of all time rose to prominence in season 3 Bay bangies jung woon is among the most decorated players in the history of League of Legends yet his legacy will always live in fakers shadow known alternatively as the jungle itself and God's right hand bengi was known from the beginning for his remarkable pathing vision control and Games's and he was the glue that held SKT together at Worlds in 2013 my eyes have been on bengi I really like the way he plays his jungle really vision centric really mobility based almost ii support on the map it's what basically snowballs SKT sleep whenever they get ahead they will not lose that lead ever again because bang is constantly warding constantly helping ganks getting where he has to be really quickly because of his mobility think bengi is actually the key here for SKT because especially compared to royal these guys play a much longer laning phase they will sit in lanes and try to outs kill you and banky will go make plays it was especially later in his career in 2015 and 2016 that he refined his vision control and pathing focused style during those years SKT tried to make a younger jungler blank work for them with a more aggressive style blanket cleanse this time gets off the ultimate but thinking of slowing down there's the arrow in Athena knows he has to go all-in but he can't really do much go to the first night but agility and blankets himself another kill but in the end in the highest pressure moments of SK T's back-to-back World Championships it was often bengi stable unflappable presence that allowed his team to excel it had to do something else but the relevance applying for you but he gets spoiled by banking fujihara Bank again anyway it's with Bruce goodbye look for the harass got hit a return and now the double bomb forces of black sub curl this ton of a baker not a matter if you already have the old the other side bangy again now the double kill the flash shield birthday the but look at the trade damn it just took him maybe he'll flash but that's gonna play and goodbye banky lands the javelin red buff over the jungler after all SKT fight their way back in elimination game Becky subs back and he saves SKT now we're going to Game five to control the bottom side of this map shockwaves gonna you know won't be up in time but they don't 2,700 bang and it's a-440 what the hell just happened baekje goes in he stops peanut from being able to secure the baron and it's all she wrote for this one scan Telecom t1 against the wall bang himself 300 against rocks Tigers in the series and SKT ticket to their third world final it's easy to overlook bengi but alongside faker he remains the only player to have ever secured three World Championships and it was his style of jungling that allowed the greatest player of all time to shine and in stark contrast to bangies slower controlling play 2013 saw another huge development in the jungle one that was about nothing but mechanics Choi in sec in silks legendary Lee sin kick changed everything for junglers definitely impactful for this game very very low gets too full of Indians for their records through the residence coming out with joy to chase that diamond the board in kickback buy-in second piece in is so hopefully the end you can see that your immunity was not right for it they covered it up so well the start of this fight was just so key when insect comes in behind delegate Hughes in wards back kicks in that is so hard to execute even though Europe tried to come when it made really everyone sit on the rumble ultimate they'd already lost through ad carry and they burned all their CC release account initiation so the rest of Korea just chased out you know more with jungle players have to play as a second support now a jungler with enough skill could carry a game the insect kick looks commonplace in modern league but at the time it revolutionized the jungle and pushed the boundaries of what was expected of the position topside looks great wow it went so far to get the insect on the mystic buddy shield no but they're able to white him the log goes down to the back vidcon he's gonna try to assassinate it but that is way too deep stage that is they keep him up to he goes death there were several tweaks to the jungle heading into 2014 including a new camp the white changes to smite and the personal ward cap but all together these changes added up to a meta that finally allowed junglers to be the carry light assassins like rengar and kha'zix flourished in 2014 and the world's greatest junglers learned to sharpen their office having vision control and ganking were still vital but this time they were doing it on aggressive champions that could build and snowball a lead just coming from clearlove everybody getting items that they want and don't necessarily need but they're doing the damage with you trying to start a fight by himself Goro again going into a 3d one situation the sprites are going to go right through and take down touch and they're in the face for the win he gets the triple kill he's going to go for the quadric crystal gets that there's Nicotra kill go for the new work can they go up to off the bat so he can join the room he wants to go [Applause] and well there's a reason 2014 means many older junglers favorite season stop more backs and they gonna get that as well insect is actually really good and perhaps no jungler better embodied and dominated this meta than Samsung White's joy dandy in queue along with the rest of Samsung white at Worlds 2014 dandy was the linchpin in a strategy that revolved around and fading for vision alongside his support Monta they kept on that's the flash for the idol Duran we were saying that had to happen but it's an all in you have to get out spirit with the nice jump to the back he could have that reset to get out for the man it's quite low Dandy's trying to get the fight on as vision in the brush now into the base Dante goes down boxes gonna pick up doubles their wings right off the inhibitor turret gonna go down 26 and a half minutes in that's why Dandy's rengar is so legendary samsung white would often light up the Mac and snowball leads into early victories set some white leaving just two men left alive will focus in on the Nexus and after less than 23 minutes here opening up the victory against AHQ dandy and mata pushed the jungle support synergy to a whole new level and though he never again saw the success he enjoyed in 2014 during that year of assassinations and fast paced play few Shawn quite as bright effort gets caught by Emperor on the outside they do take out Mata very early everyone extremely grouped up right now looper getting in there with the AoE it's getting scary and dandy coming in there's a kill for looper dandy comes in to try to get the reset another kill for infants well there's dandy with another he's got the double and shy will just make sure he doesn't take too much damage here in the top lane so swim there's a cocoon Omata hits him with the death sentence it pulls him right out of that safeguard it's dodging those Spears Samson chasing they could turn onto Barrett right now they're not doing it though dandy jason says execute our bad life by the end of 2014 junglers were accustomed to the constant changes to their position but that offseason saw perhaps the biggest shift of any year riot didn't just change items they didn't just adjust certain camps they threw out the entire map 2015 summoners rift redesigned pushed league's visual design into the modern era but the gameplay changes that accompany the redesign hit the jungle the hardest red and blue buff remained largely unchanged and there were still wolves on the map but every other camp was completely changed for starters wraiths became Raptors the white became Grom and the golems became the crog's which in late 2016 were changed into the Russian nesting doll clear time eviscerating nightmare that they are today oh no the crux now died on Jarvan to the crog's in the 2017 Kasparov and I still private message in one M Street streaming that's a real care the crowds this is why and that was just the camp's in the river things weren't done changing ride added the peaceful rift Scuttler a crab that roamed the river to provide gold and vision to whoever killed it they changed dragon from an objective that gave the team flat gold to a new stacking buff they changed Baron buff from a stat buff to a buff to nearby minions I just really liked the way Baron and dragon have been changed to the way that dragon buffs work right now they put a time around the game fifth dragon buff is really important I like what Baron brings in terms of staging so now when I'm not I cannot be useless as a support in mid game I can just walk to that Lane buff those creeps and become my own split pusher basically the jungle as we knew it was turned upside down and by the end of 2015 riot added the rift Herald crumbs dies here oh my god oh my god a new neutral objective that provided a buff to whoever claimed it the rift Herald was envisioned as a way to combat the balance of early objectives towards the bottom of the map and would go through several reworks over the years because that is a rift herald in the middle of fanatics face at 20 minutes Khan can cut through these towers in an instant fnatic are out of options they got one last chance one opportunity to try to see the fight but there is nothing in their wheelhouse there is nothing in the toolkit all they see as fascist in front of them this game is the story of Khan farming it up and Brigida but all told the rift Herald or Shelly as she's been affectionately nicknamed changed the way every team thinks about objectives whoever doesn't control that is actually giving up on something if you stay safe and farm under Tower that's an objective you've just lost mangle this one is give burly dudes who win top a thing that lets them show cool I win this is what you better stop me from getting in 2015 and 16 a new wave of junglers made their names on the new map new junglers like Han peanut Wang ho peanut first made a name for himself ranking up on the Korean solo queue ladder but he got his first shot at greatness when he joined the rocks Tigers in 2016 peanut was a charismatic aggressive young player whose big personality fit in well with the over-the-top Tigers but more importantly his aggressive jungle style was exactly the shot in the arm the Tigers needed this group of players that have either retired or been rejected by big sponsor no big team house it's not necessary because they are going to lck summer and they are going to get a spotted world to get married as brunch Tigers taken gg it's about time peanut took 2014's blueprint for carry junglers and combined it with his brashness to become an absolute terror peanut didn't just kill you in 2016 he made you feel it the reengage that gorilla means nothing because suddenly peanut is here on the Olaf a flash force and out of my love but he is still chasing on the Deaf who's nearly out of HP the chase on ray first blood – for PETA it might be a third and the reengage for koro1 can he do much of anything also worth noting is sort of sort of par for the course is self did he cried a little for here's the jump in a few more attacks will do it and that's first that was beautiful now he has to get really scared and he also has to tell to to worry out a little bit oh there is rush there it is it's peanut a lot of damage don't forget and HP on bengi to repel the chase come for attack the flash and though he's since matured as a player peanut will always be known for his crazy invades his total fearlessness on carrots and for the reckless abandon that gave us some of the greatest league series of all time the other big change that came with 2015's map redesign was a rework for jungle items now hunter's machete would transform into one of four items giving a range of bonuses skirmishers Sabre gave smite a buff to Dueling stalkers blade gave smite a slow ranger's trailblazer gave smite and AoE on jungle monsters and poachers knife gave you bonuses for killing camps in the enemy jungle those upgrades have gone through some iterations like the coming and going of trackers knife the jungle warding item but riot seemed generally happy with that structure however the enchantments to jungle items have consistently wreaked havoc on the game's balance cinderhulk fundamentally warped the nature of tanks in spring 2015 briefly turning sejuani into an unkillable raid boss and totally changing the jungle meta to focus on tanks hello hidden right just glory doesn't really says Wadi ultimate if TSM can make it through this they got it but Clarke died is locking them down garrison on the outside he gets walked in with the position reverser how is TSM still alive in this one they are doing everything they can but cloud 9 close the door on that fight runeglaive was such a disaster in 2015 that mid laners took smite just to prioritize it over all other items before it was hotfix away from yours it just cost himself the life while growth goes out boomerang goes across trueshot barrage for the finish so many things that can come across to kill you ninja and devours various versions have existed for years in a constant state of either completely changing the game or being totally unpickable Riot has to walk a fine line with these enchantments fundamentally their goal is to allow every class of jungler a way to clear their camps camps that have been steadily buffed since the games early days and now are basically unkillable early without jungle items but making them too powerful can lead laners to take smite in order to infuse effects designed to kill jungle creeps with quite a bit more HP than champions quadric help just like that the Orianna getting secured it up yes he can power of evil rune glaive Orianna getting a pentakill in the first game added unity console of midway through 2016 riot took a new approach to dragons adding elemental dragons to the rift that each provide a different bonus you should see teams contesting these much more because these dragons are all more powerful than the dragons you saw last year and contrary to popular belief every single dragon is actually very strong and I actually think they're very close in power they're just strong in different parts of the game they also added the elder dragon which took the game ending place of the old fifth dragon and at the end of 2016 riot decided to make another big change introducing plants to the summoners rift the blast cone Squires bloom and honey fruit were another attempt by riot to implement some controlled orangey to the game and they changed map options for all roles but perhaps most strongly affected junglers they're slowed for like 35% when you take those when you eat those so ill there will be fights around the river all the time so I don't believe my honey for you as well I really just think the blast code is kind of strange and not necessarily what I expected when I think of I'm gonna be the jungler and as a juggler my role in this game is to use the blast cone to elevate me to new heights over the wall to steal his dragon oh this seems really really 2017 s jungle meta focused on tanky initiators but this time it wasn't a young gun who dominated the Year rather it saw the resurgence of one of the game's most veteran players ambition wasn't always a jungler he switched the position for mid in one of the most successful role swaps ever and after years of struggling to put his mark on the professional scene ambition triumphed in 2017 she's come out let's go for another tower dive boys she ain't got the backup of Fundy failure Knowles if it's not good enough and busy gets one back at w/e they bit enough older they can shoot the world's met a favored tanky initiators right in ambitions wheelhouse Oh body slam was out of control but delivered underneath the tart ambition more than happy to go against this and after searching for a big win for years he's Shawn on the game's biggest stage let's get those up the silicone out first right away but tonight's forward gets away from akka get through netted crowd gets up that killed the mid-late 5 to 0 in the game it's not too much so the Hulkster down here comes to read and get once again for ambition wants to add the damage Gilbert from the rest of the beads FTTH if it's done the rule against it blow gets pushed back and gonna stay alive another reagent giant South and approve it and he blows up bang that's a lot preserve the Chasen is there and they're gonna get rid of the botlane entirely there's no caries left for SKT that changed to be had Samsung Galaxy now will control of the river that signals the end of the SKT dynasty there are no turrets it is 5 vs 3 hoody do you have what it takes to win the game on the nexus the upset is complete as the Celts come through the SKT dynasty [Applause] Samsung Galaxy their 2017 champions [Applause] in summer 2018 riot made another drastic change to the game one that changed bot lane pics it was intended to give teams the chance to play champions beyond marksmen in the position but the reverberations reached all the way to the jungle where a new style took off funneling funnel cops saw teams pair either a mid lane or jungle support with the hyper carry bags on the desk I need one I got a knock up – let's see the Baron doing all the work for him first picking up a killing spree on the mundo Baron still up for grabs double kill down goes amazing and Jacques are gonna get cleaned off the map that's a triple kill for Perks make that a Quadra and pick up the Baron to boot and push all the farm from both the Lane and the jungle onto one champion the win condition for it is basically it's it's a really it's obviously has to be a really broken combo between this kind of like support and jungle mid lane or whatever so you see a lot of like nunu Karthus which is kind of like cheese but the original was like tech Master Yi bizarre compositions like tarik Master Yi dominated the meta for a portion of the summer to me the only reason he'd first picked the new do is take the collar and we're gonna get it right away curtis holy crap there is no secret as to what's going on now and even as riot made the strategy less effective some teams like europe's g2 continued to employ it throughout the year but i also have a message for the Riot Games please just change the gold fueling strats i don't need to play bromb again i love the fact that sometimes you can go for the gold funeral link instead of normal jungle I think it's fun maybe my team is just not being nice and they are just douchebags and they're just putting me on braum every game maybe it's because of my team I don't know for better or for worse final compositions dramatically warped the way jungle was played for much of the year but by the end of the year funnel had fallen out of favor funnel getting nerfed basically if you're funneling and you have a hunter's item you're going to gain a lot less gold that you can still choose to funnel and halves my end not by machete which is probably gonna be the next step of that thing you just don't gain machete XP which will be a pretty substantial North Yorks begin but that just might be what happens either way a small morph to funneling funneling less common is I think happy for almost every new players League of Legends and at Worlds in a year that saw Korea struggle internationally junglers like Brock's ax and Ning stepped in to fill the void they're gonna try for another one this one body stem stops the queue here come bow in as well to be one Broxson may have been up more that he can shoot a health first wedding down League of Legends has almost always been a game defined by its five roles and over the years every position has seen its fair share of change but no position has demanded as much flexibility from its players as the jungle no role has required players to play every class of champion sometimes at the same time no role has required the same amount of map awareness or decision big dam is the type in for nocturnal where's the flash gonna be the chasing fifty/fifty made alive the jungle is leagues hardest role and the players who've mastered it have etched their names into the history of esports forever they've played a bit are kind of a bit weight it's one side you can be chilly top second that looks great wow it went so far to get the insect on the mystic bunny shield no but they're able to disappoint him the long goes down in the back and Connie's gonna try to assassinate it but that is way too deep stages ideas they keep him up so he goes death they've adapted he's gonna get caught by those cuddly teddy he's slow here comes peanut in underneath the turret doesn't matter if he's exhausted still comes up with a kill and they've conquered hello there is the Valkyrie away but they are gonna get in on two worlds got some pepper could this be first well that comes Elise in the cutes collection and there is the first word from these in blue shockwaves get all the damage they need trying to start a fight by himself Koro again going into a 3d one situation the sprites are gonna go right through and take down touch and they're in the base for the win he gets the triple kill he's gonna go for the quadric crystal gets out there's the goal to kill before held a newborn can they go up talked about though he's joining the room he was PETA has guardian angel maybe he plays frontline how much can they really get again it's got his Blake in his sights Baker's low how much more can they get this coming thanks for watching if you want more great content just like this be sure to hit the subscribe button