The Season: Spirit Squads – Tryouts

(upbeat music) – With the school year approaching, the Ole Miss Spirit Squads held tryouts across campus from each other. With a record turnout, keeping logistics straight
was the first priority. – Give numbers to the girls. Make sure guys are getting letters. They’ll need this to
actually take their picture. Let’s do it right the first time, versus trying to rush through, because we cannot backtrack. – Hello everyone! We’re gonna go ahead and
get started with check in. You’ll check in at the front, and then you’ll go ahead
and get your picture taken and all those kinds of things. – You’re 66, you can take
some of these safety pins and if you go to the grey door
they’ll take your picture. – Okay, thank you. – You’re welcome. – Hi, Jordan Le Kamp, with a K. – You can put your stuff anywhere along the walls right here. Pictures are taken
inside of the open room. (rock guitar music) – You have to make sure that the pin goes all the way through
the top and back down. Otherwise it’ll just rip the paper. – The trick is it makes you
take a lot of blood work. – The key is always team work. – Is team work. – Until you stick yourself. – My hands are a little shaky. – I might have stuck myself. – Should be fun. I’m kind of nervous too. There’s always a little
bit of nervousness there. But, it’s a fun process. – Today is Saturday, first day of tryouts. I’m a little bit nervous. But I think everybody
here’s gonna do really good. – We’re excited. – It’s our third year. – Our fourth year. Fourth year for tryouts and so it’s fun. We started out here
freshman year in the Tad Pad and we’re ending in the Tad Pad. So it’s pretty cool. – Freshman year you have no clue, well you know what’s kinda happening but you’re not used to it so now I’m like, I have experience so it’s a little bit easier but it never stops getting nerve-wracking. – You gotta get your
little heart right here. (laughter) I gotta get down. (laughter) But your hanging it on your team. (guitar music) – We’re taking some pics getting ready for tryouts. We just checked in. Feeling a little nervous but that’s okay. I’m ready. – I’m ready. – What? (camera snaps) – Good luck. – 1, 2, 3, awesome. (camera snaps) – Welcome to tryouts for 2016-2017. – So we are glad that you are here. We are excited about the weekend and selecting our 2016-2017
Ole Miss Rebelettes. – You are the best and you are here. Okay? Don’t take, we’re not
taking that away from you. But we only have so
many spots on our team. – We know that y’all have been working really really hard
preparing for this weekend and that’s a good thing because it takes a lot of
hard work and dedication to be a Rebelette. – You are the best but
we’re looking for something that’s just a hair above the best. Alright you guys, let’s get started. – Hi, I’m Hope Mayo. I’m gonna be a sophomore. – I’m gonna be freshman here at Ole Miss. – I’ll be a senior next year. – I am from Sugar Land, Texas. – Boulder, Colorado – Atlanta, Georgia. – I was born and raised in Mississippi. – I’m currently majoring in accounting. – Hospitality management. – Molecular biology. – I followed my mom and
dad’s footsteps coming to Ole Miss. – I’ve been going to the Grove since I was a little toddler. – A weird fact about me
is I can sing and talk with my mouth closed. – All my friends from home in Kansas City call me Hope the Hugger because I love to give people hugs. (mumbled singing) (laughter) – So what I want you to
do now is just kind of spread out. Find a space where you can dance. We’ll mix and mingle throughout. You are gonna step on your right foot and whip one, two, throw
three, circle, four. So you’re just kicking
out your right foot. The head goes to the right. Yes, and then just crosses
and then it just opens. Yes, so one more time. Let’s go from the top. One, two flamingo cross, three, four, five and six parterre, seven, and eight. Think about lines. Lines with your arms. Especially on this kick our
arms are just really sloppy. So, again reach through your fingertips. Don’t be shy. Okay, ready? Here we go from the top. Slowly, five, six, seven, eight. Walk one, two, three, four, five and kick. Seven and leap. One drag two, three, four, five rock step flick is next. One, two, three, four,
five up six and padebure. Good, do we have any questions? If you want to run real
quick you have like two minutes to grab some
water, fan your face. – Although learning
the jazz routine seemed to come natural to the Rebelette hopefuls ironing out the problems with their hair was a whole other issue. – I’m braiding my hair
but it’s not working well. But other than that it’s great. – Can somebody tell me, I don’t know. – Mine won’t stay up. Did you not see it? – This is what happens
and I’ll start all over. – It’s a process. You have to have light 25 bobby pins and hairspray. I use about a half thing
of hairspray every time I put my hair up. – I brought a blow dryer to dry my face. – On the other side of
campus the cheerleading tryout was heating up. Contrary to their dancing counterparts, cheerleaders were expected
to come into tryouts knowing the material and having
their skills ready to shine. (intense orchestral music) – Alright, we’re gonna
go ahead and get started. First number’s gonna come on out. Guys have letters on their arm. Girls have numbers on their thigh. 109 and he’s H. There you go. (intense music) – Come on y’all. Nice. Good job guys. – This is a vet group. (cheers) Beautiful. Good save. – So you have 163, 194. This is a relook at 90. – Really, still? – You don’t know yet. – 174, 201. One extra girl and two extra guys. Okay, we are still not done. Y’all are making it very difficult. Very difficult, but kudos to
you for doing that for us. – Alright, so ladies
here’s what we’re gonna do. So you have nine laps. Each time that you go
around your partner’s gonna sit there to the side. Your running first there right
by our normal little corner. (upbeat music) 58, 59, one minute (cheers and claps) (upbeat music) – 110 is gonna be a definite yes. And 115 is a definite yes. – And number five. – Yes. – Yes. – A lot of these girls and
guys just take it for granted all year long that you’re
on the team and then a month before tryout it’s like uh
oh let’s try to get better. – When she made the team
last year she walked up to me when I “congratulations”
and I said “if you don’t spend next year this
is gonna be a problem” and she said, “Okay.” – Really cute. – Yeah, she is really cute. – I’m fine with keeping
her to the second round if y’all are good with that. This is Ole Miss. It’s about everything. – I just really wish she
would have done something more with her fight song
as in like smile or just a little bit more. Cause then I would have
said a yes or through. – Right. – I put literally no smile three times. – 178. – Okay. – 51. – These two either one – Either one you’re good with. – She’s a non-tumbler. – She’s a non-tumbler? – Well, she doesn’t tuck, new to tuck. – She doesn’t have skills tumbling wise. – That’s easy. – I like her. – Can we pick alternates for all-girl and callbacks for all-girl. Technically, all of these
could be on mat together. – Stunt wise, I think she
is a much better stunter than she is. – And then our next
one would take us to 60 total for tomorrow. – After the first round
of cuts there would be another full day of
auditions and deliberations for both squads. By the end of the last
round both groups would have their final count and
their team selected for the 2016-2017 season. (cheerful music) – So, we selected our team last night. It’s been posted online so it’s the first time that we are meeting the new squad. They are excited to see each other. They get their official first
Ole Miss Rebelette t-shirt for 2016-2017 season. There’s lots of hugs
and smiles and pictures and whatnot. Parents are gonna be here
to share the first moments. We’ll meet about it and
talk about expectations for the year, their role now
that they’ve been selected as a Rebelette what that
means and what that entails for the next year. – After a long weekend it’s
so nice just to wake up and know that we’re just
about to be new teammates and have a good meeting
and kind of get the feel for the year and it’s
something that we’re always really excited about. – I don’t know, I mean,
it’s kind of sad, honestly thinking it’s our year at
last and it really feels like yesterday we were freshmen. – It’s weird. – Oh, I can’t tell you. It’s so exciting because
yesterday was a really intense audition. Friday night and Saturday are intense. – This is wonderful. This is payoff of four years. We just feel so excited for
them because it’s senior year. – It’s senior year and
they worked very hard. – The dynamics are
already strong within the group that’s been selected. So we’re excited to start
the year and get everything rolling and continue to
make history and build upon the foundation that we’ve set so far. (energetic music)