The Rules of Bo Taoshi – Weirdest Sport EVER!

then tries to explain the rules of Buttowski the object of the game is to lower the pole of the opposing team before they can lower yours Berto she is goddess Japanese it's going to be weird a game of Japanese origin and the phrase fatale she literally means pole fights but AO she is played between two teams of a hundred fifty players of each way a hundred and fifty yeah I read that right teams consist of 75 attackers wearing a bright color and 75 defenders wearing white to start the game the defenders of each team will set up their poles in their respective circles the poles are 4 meters high and they must set them up in the middle of a circle that is 27 meters in diameter defenders will then assume a preset formation to try and defend the pole this includes crouching at the pole forming walls and having someone guard the top of the pole once both teams defenders are in place the attackers of both teams are unleashed you are allowed to tackle wrestled climb over defenders and four walls so that your teammates can use you as a springboard in order to try and reach the top of the portal and down the defenders will do virtually anything to stop this and this results in a game that is well it kind of looks like this the pole is officially clusters down when it reaches 30 degrees from horizontal the team that pulls the pole down before their opponents wins that's basically it but there's a few other things that you'll need to know before watching for town she for example fouls players are only allowed to make contact with players within the 27 minutes a circle and officially they cannot punch or kick their opponents breaking these rules will result in a foul if a team accrues three fouls Betty loses the game automatically are you sure Saru the sorrow is the player perched atop of his team's Pole sorrow is Japanese for monkey and it's the monkeys job to issue instructions to his team defend the top of the pole from attackers and counteract the lien of the pole by pulling in the opposite direction as an attacker you want to remove the sorrow as quickly as possible as this makes pulling down the pole a lot easier well in theory so what did you do today men well I got kicked in the face by a monkey great I think this game is awesome I want to play well via car this sport is only played by the National Defense Academy of Japan and is a military training exercise between his four battalions battalion want battalion to battalion three and the rather predictably named Knowle Football Club whom I suspect would actually be quite good at this I suppose you could play this if you've got 299 other friends that aren't doing anything one afternoon and y'all don't mind being kicked in the face your prize for winning this tournament is this rather fetching 2×4 plank of wood hacksaw jim duggan will be proud if you liked this video please be sure to like share and subscribe it takes me ages to make one of these things and good karma is very much appreciated be sure to follow me on Twitter and share this video on reddit but in the meantime enjoy getting kicked in the face you