have you ever seen an attack so sweaty on the first day of beefer bernard VAR d SE maximun yes today what you’re gonna witness is one of the most disgusting / Paulo teams and the game has been hour not even 24 hours if any of you have a squad builder that you like me to build you know what to do leave a comment in the comments below right now whoever leaves the best comment today and gives me a good spot builder to build I’ll give you $100,000 the team colors on playstation or xbox you name it so get coming right now and while you’re there leave a like as well if you like me this hopping goal we have Jordan Pickford aka butterfingers some people once said that he stuck his fingers up lavash when he was younger and the smell of never went away either way I’m going to say is one of the best keepers best affordable cheap keepers in the Premier League you can pick him up I finished filming him you could probably pick him up for about 2k and let’s be honest he’s gonna do the job we then got everybody ah he’s big he’s not actually that big but easy he’s quite big but what he got on his side is the fact he’s black and we all know black defenders especially bald black defenders are usually overpowered they have been for the last 6 years but just like all the defenders is also a map I love this guy he’s cheap he’s got good peace just every year he just seems to be this defendant was about 5000 coins and is in every single foot champs team known to man for the first six weeks so you gotta get in you have the game pad name yes he’s gonna another black defender trust me you know me if I wore the no power defense I’m not being a racist I’m not being i’m not discriminating on anything it just eh seem to do this thing will they make black defenders a lot of black players quite overpowered so my defense they it’s flat-out black eighty one pace on Joe Gomez and at this point my mouth yes he’s gonna be one of the most disgusting defenders this year I think is pretty obvious with seventeen are defending and anyone if he just gets one one inform it’s getting over for everyone because this defendants going to go through the roof and it’s gonna be scary this line is tall is fat every credible he’s big he’s back and he’s gonna absolutely chew anyone two pizzas so I would even bother even bother trying to come anywhere near him there’s just no point oh boy we’ve dead got Valerie I mean the guys can do one thing of one thing only and that is run run yes run this guy can sprint up and down the pitch I picked them up for nine point nine Kay listen to me right now I’m an impatient young lad who wants to get stuff done you don’t have to pay 9 K for him you don’t even have a tank a for him I try pain you’ll probably find this guy in like a week or so about 2k honestly don’t be like me he was the only one on the market I was desperate to buy him I wanted to get this video today in fact I really wanted to play with his team this was watching so I have to pay stupid prices be patient and you’ll get this guy I promise you for about probably like at literally about 2k 3k because all he can do is run but that’s gonna be good enough for this team over to the other side we have got oh good damn Angelino the bald-headed assassin every year we have a bald-headed assassin I think this year it’s gonna be this dude he’s got high attacking with medium defensive which means medium defensive Alps it means at least he’s gonna get back a little bit because you got some of these left and right back to you just think about the pitch and they played left wing I don’t even know why they left back alright back when they blatantly never going to get back in position this guy is for a left back I can see this five menus and a lot of teams like this that’s a good he’s got skill moves which is I mean amazing how these cheapest chips 5k like I said once again you’ll probably if you’re not is impatient to be getting for cheaper than that but now we’re on to the big boys yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah this is where this video gets a little bit serious cuz we’ve got hanging guy and Dom Berlin now there’s certain about this guy that makes me realize that makes me know he’s gonna be the next back he’ll go the fake room till it the next Fubini oh he looks vicious he looks scary and he looks like yen gonna take no-nonsense once again ei overpowering black players look at the stats on him okay it’s like they have a tick list black overpowered mixed race hmm yep overpowered like stupid like what’s there any need to even give him 4 stars skill moves that’s just taking the pits now man honestly guys take that is just really pissing me off man oh really is it anything anybody can do and next wing we have his brother I mean they look pretty much the same they have pretty much the same so that’s an e 8 once again pretty much overpower its die cutting now you can see where I mean somehow right Sissoko is 81 rate so they give a net you’re right there at the end why then did you go and give him 89 physical 80 pace 79 dribblin 71 defending and somebody actually is 85 red card they’re disguised in an 81 rated cards and this guy is not going to start running up and down the pitch because his work rates are insane you’re gonna have to pay twenty K for him at the moment probably could be so good but oh my goodness gracious me you’ve got yourself an absolute monster there and this midfield so bad all my powers and to sum up the midfield got a dude called Christian Eriksen now I know you’re gonna be moment in you’re all getting a screen gum this isn’t affordable come how are we gonna get this God no one can afford Chris Herrington understandable but if you watch what video yesterday oh yeah oh yeah you would have seen a pack theme so I’m obviously going to use him watch one you can go ahead and use any one you can put absolutely any weak move right there if you want to any good feel that you want I’m going to use Erickson because I packed in but could we just sit back and take a little look at what Christy Ericsson is gonna bring to the table fine start weak foot foolish staff skills 90 packs in 84 dribbling oh goodness gracious me this guy is absolutely taking a piss and I’m a proud first owner but now but the moment you’ve all set there and probably waited for you want to see my attack you want to see what I’m bringing to the table today well let me just tell you we’ve got burnout he’s gonna be our first I’m a left forward he’s small he’s agile and he’s just a little basically he’s gonna get in between your legs he’s gonna piss you off he’s gonna scratch your bum he’s just really gonna irritate you probably smashed up a few pounds especially with my sports car skills also we put 87 pays 85 dribbling yeah he can shoot you haven’t got any likes to shoot Mogens upon he can run and you could dribble and he’s got decent skill moves with a decent Weaver he’s good enough for me wow this is where just got real st. maximum not gonna lie to you never ever in my life all I know is you come on to the scene this year on FIFA and the guy is an absolute tank five-star skills for that weak foot 93 pence another fun fact about Allen st. maximun is guess what lads you can buy him the guy is straight-up extinct trying to get this guy and I just could not gain he’s just he just he’s impossible he’s extinct how I managed to get him I’ve Satya spamming my buttons until eventually one popped up and I was lucky but oh my god if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one of these prayers take him at any cost possible because I’ve got a funny feeling this guy is gonna be the guy this year and invited me to sum up the team we’ve got Jenny Valerie yes I paid 20k for him because I wanted him I didn’t need to pay 20k well pretty much a big need to pay 20 K but I didn’t need him but I just thought you know well there’s something about Jamie baddie haircut that makes me go back every year especially the first couple days of FIFA he’s got a good shot he’s really fast and it just looks like you can do the job but if you don’t to use Jamie Vardy you can also go again man like Bucky got this guy Dan SPC cost me absolutely nothing basically great attacker some might say he’s got even better stats than body and you can get this far like I said pretty much for absolutely fuck-all all you’ve got to do is go and do the puck ESPC so take your choice take your pick that’s my team to start on FIFA 20 I mean the games not being on 24 hours and already I’m rocking whether the best BPL competitive sweaty overpower teams what do you think what you think I know that I’m gonna go into a game we’re gonna like haven’t even played this is gonna be my first game with this team but I just can’t see me losing this year I can’t see me actually losing a single game this year on people involved Malay whoa there he goes oh he’s gone he’s gone side how is the upside off you go Vice Jaime vines look at look at this guy yes wrap I’ll take the free kick cuz he’s all over him like second off oh you got red cards that easy what all he was last man though he was last man but oh my goodness the ref just set them off that is crazy oh come on passing is actually quite difficult considering this is like one of my first games on FIFA the passing is something that in weird there’s got to have to get used to breath what that bollocks through oh my god body wash strike why I strike that was that was a strike oh good oh good lord oh he’s just a bit of patience so you know I just lowly break this guy down I’ve got been guarding firing him and I have to just slowly break and now there’s gonna be a couple that’s gonna be coming now that’s one I don’t know how he’s taking me that long splitting up in that defense splitting open that defense try and stop me when I’m opening you up like a trouble glue does that even make sense I don’t know it okay there it is top corner top pins top pins you want to say something end on belay you tell him to his face because he will put it top pins now I’m just breaking him down now I’m sure this game of people I’m getting you to the mechanisms but trust me I’ve got players who can do that that’s the difference between me and this guy am playing I can do that I got end Dom better you can do that bro I am NOT lute on this going on no I want another that’s not enough for me I want another give me this ball you he’s just running down the wing what a scrub give me that Maxima he has got either loose wire my maximum maximum is it easiest be honest me he’s scary maybe you came on the bullet he just wants to do something every time but that does someone put that in the back of the neck if this guy’s holding on for dear lord he don’t even know what day the week it is he’s getting punched he’s getting a box to get up put are someone game off the ball please bro how is he still alive miss this is like literally a scene of bang row row like oh he’s got about 20 people in defense what is he doing so would someone get this guy out on it probably the white towel or something because this is just the matting this is it surely let’s finish him let’s finish him bro I picked the corner and blasted it as hard as I could and he’s kippa Stretch Armstrong saved it Wow bro that was I don’t even know what to call that I how would that 2 1 I have never pounded someone anally so bad brother you just hold it on us I might not buy the people I couldn’t even just go that chance then yeah so many of you looking for an incredibly balanced team defense attack midfield you can swap around any plays you want for under a hundred K this team will be foot champs certified that’ll be team that you can go in and you can compete with that is the team for you it’s just a standard backpacking Premier League team with certain players but not easy to find you need you need this guy did you know what I let me go and see if he still I look I still don’t think there’s any available a bit like he’s so rare but if you can manage to get hold of him lads please please the guy is a beast is there any available no still not available so yeah that’s that’s the tricky part but if you could manage to get your hands on that team under a hundred K you don’t need Erickson that honesty will do you a world of good didn’t smell that chance though this ain’t gonna be another year I’m gonna be chef e for is that cuz I always yeah I can’t cope with another year of being