The LeBron James PROBLEM (Ft. A Lot of NBA Teams)

LeBron's great he's in the go conversation he's been the greatest player in the NBA for some time now and I'm not taking anything away from that but there's just something about LeBron that is a problem he holds his teams back weighs up dudes to debts ballers players it's you boy MJ LeBron James makes bad players good and great players good it's a concept that I have a hard time seeing myself but after years of seeing LeBron with different teams and different teammates and seeing all the results that's what I concluded it's a problem only LeBron can have let me explain but first we are less than 500 subs away from 100k Wow and for all those people I'm about to trigger hit that like button and all honesty watch the video and let me know what you think so we can start a discussion and let's get into it what do these four teams have in common all four when's the finals and all four have LeBron I actually find that quite impressive but also concerning what does that say about LeBron seems that these teams are essentially the same well I think it's important to break down that statement let's take that oh six oh seven Cavs first this team made the finals that's somebody stop right there yes they would lose the Spurs and yes LeBron was a baby LeBron so this loss gets ran up but I don't want to focus on that every player on this scene is a role player it's amazing that LeBron Ethan got them there so you would think LeBron would be invincible with a better team right right not exactly so looking at usage rate LeBron has always been fairly consistent but how he's been on very different teams Kobe's was behind those dark Lakers years with Smosh are we're not going to talk about that but it dropped off when Kobe got some help as he moved the ball around more the interesting thing is that LeBrons usage rate never drop even when he was on superstar teams it just never dropped and for those stats people out there his usage rate only has a variance of 1.8 which is crazy since he has essentially been on three completely different teams Kobe for reference has a variance of seven playoff LeBron is a same situation LeBron just doesn't move the ball around to get players in rhythm he makes these incredible passes he gets all those assists but they aren't doing anything to make these players better stop stop stop showing that no saini all these arguments about LeBron getting everyone involved doesn't make sense role players benefit from this because they get good looks and they can size by their roles that's why players like Shane Battier look better because they can make those pop threes and defend to actually get everyone involved you have to give the ball around move off ball let everyone sort of get a feel and ease into the offense passing to open players is great but if you're just holding on to the ball and then making the play that isn't gang others involved that's why when you look at the heat look at what Wade and Bosh were reduced to this was the first big three with these caliber stars coming together in their prime sorry Boston and at the time we all thought that the three would have to sacrifice their numbers but LeBrons usage actually increased what why did Bosh have to sacrifice his usage rate people forget that Bosh was a 24 and cent guy an MVP candidate but hey Mario Chalmers kind of got better sure his three-point percentage 100d do the Miami Heat were as good as LeBron made them to be and only as good as LeBron made him to be a team should be greater than the sum of its parts but with LeBron the team is only as good as LeBron when you bring three stars of this caliber and only get as far as LeBron did himself that's concerning yes Miami did win championships but there's no way and you can say that this team fulfilled their potential this really got me thinking what's the difference between this team and the 16-17 Cavs Kyrie Irving LeBron actually let Kyrie take more shots in him but that was the only difference and now this team was just run by two people that made place kinda like how the Rockets are right now LeBron still didn't really get the ball moving and once again role players got open shots but couldn't get into a rhythm on a side note I like watching the Rockets play I just don't know if heavy I sorrow and relying on two players to generate all the offense that moving the ball around is the way to win hey hey threes are nice so what does that mean for bad teams with LeBron these teams gate huge boost boost and no other player could do by themselves these are teams that are as good as LeBron makes him to be which is pretty impressive and even if you were to add the sum of all the players on these teams they wouldn't be much greater than LeBron so to see LeBron be able to bring these teams to the finals was amazing that's why I say that this problem is unique to LeBron and LeBron only we all thought that three offensive superstars had to sacrifice stats when coming together but then we saw the Warriors who integrate Kevin Durant into a free-flowing offense in fact the Warriors were worse when KD tried to do too much hero ball instead of a flow with the offense that team still has three players that averaged 20 or more points a game and has Dre doing the dirty work but of course the Warriors are an outlier so let's look at an era team that's sure players numbers might drop but you can see everyone gang involved and becoming more efficient I think Kyrie is under aid in this aspect but he is very well aware of when he needs to get everyone involved and when he needs a flat-out take over there was so many games last season when Kyrie with dish the ball to his teammates now for an assist but to get the offense flowing and then there were other times where he felt the hot hand or but like he needs to carry his team and he did that Celtics OKC game last year was a great example in which Kyrie took it upon himself to lead the team in the last five minutes players like Michael Jordan Kobe did move the ball around no matter how much people think they ball hog they benefit from the triangle and we're always aware of getting your teammates and rhythm and taking over when they need beat LeBron kind of do that he's always been more aware of what people think of him when triple-doubles surging popular with Westbrook LeBron immediately got more triple-doubles was it anything stopping him before from being triple-doubles no but now with them popular it just looked better stat line it didn't necessarily lead to more wins stats don't always tell the whole story and that's why it's trying not to use them heavy you can tell when there's a guy like Westbrook who is going for the assist and the guy like curry who's missing the offense it's two completely different things now these LeBron teams in the past two years ran into the Warriors we came to rant but that doesn't make what I'm saying less true winning makes everything look better and losing doesn't I get that but potential is something that is not dependent on that and how you play can determine if you reach that potential I do think that coaching does have some effect on this and LeBrons never had a great coach but he's had some damn good coaches like Spoelstra it balls on LeBron as a leader to fill in the holes his coach leaves I'm not saying that everyone with LeBron has to play their best but that's what everyone makes it out to be LeBron is praised for that but it's like the Westbrook problem stats don't need jack actual play those I feel like if LeBron wanted to he could go out and average 30 points a game he doesn't always need to pass for the assist sometimes a team needs you to be the scorer but LeBron tries to satisfy all rules the crazy thing is that he's so talented that it can work to a certain extent no matter what I'm saying in this video I still respect LeBron and understand that he's in a predicament that only he could be in the Lakers are gonna have a great season with LeBron because LeBron is that special of a player I just hope that LeBron can make it seem better than the sum of its parts but what do you think this LeBron had this problem how far can the Lakers go I want to hear what you all have to say about this topic so comment down below and heck even reach on Twitter and Instagram we are literally less than 500 subs away from hundred K it's crazy to see that also drop a like if you actually like the video and if you're LeBron fan cuz why not they used to game shall other day goes to Ethan Bennett and to all dinner became squash out goes some many animations thanks for the all day support make sure that the bail for all the notifications and if you're not sub hit that subscribe button John the all-day community for my fire content all day support it's your boy MJ we out