The ‘Learning History that is not yet History’ team – 2019 Global Pluralism Award winner

The existing history
textbooks being used in this region are basically
a ticking time bomb. You can see
history all around here. I think we live in a deeply divided and segregated society. The shadow of the conflicts in the 1990s that took place in some of the countries of the former Yugoslavia continues to play an important role. It is a dark shadow that remains over this region. Although we don’t have any more formal combat conflict, we have, still, this mental issue and need to reaffirm our identity. The war finished 25 years ago, and the bad memories are still present. Also, they are present
in newspapers, in media, we have a lot of fake
news, like everywhere. Only few historiography
books you can find that are not written
down in a non-biased way. Learning History that is not yet History is a project that could help new generations to open their eyes, and to warn them about not being easily seduced by propaganda,
by media, by manipulation. It’s a transnational,
it’s a cross-border collaborative project. The mission of LHH is to show that multi-perspective approach to teaching of the
recent wars is possible. What is important is that
we are working as a team. And that can only lead to the conclusion that war is the last
solution for any problem.