The Hottest DUDES in League of Legends

welcome everybody to the hottest dudes and league of legends tier list today we tackle the age-old question who are the hottest champions and league of legends and who else could figure it out but the goons have been playing this God forsaken game for years on end Yakko Brittany west prime dark man and myself we've separated the champions into three different categories beach babes and monsters finding out who are the hottest among themselves and then taking all the champions that made it to the S tier and finally ranking them to see who are the hottest champions in League of Legends also I've censored out the curse words because I'm sick of getting ad restricted all the time now is if someone ft r immediately if you can't see their face I don't know what's under mordekaiser's what if you didn't take it metal do Mordecai's that one just huge rock card 16 to 70 year old teenager I just call me Kevin the brick Spacey shut up okay okay recording Ricky literally told you that setup for that let's start with the easy one wrong what do you say actually it's been started let's call me Kevin the brick space my god he doesn't he doesn't care about himself he puts himself before you brawn would never cheat on you you know that video of the Russian guy who has the minion sucking his tip you feel like that could be Brahm Oh God well he's really rushing I'm about s looking at a for now yeah we can move I think another high-ranking one is Jase I think he I think he's gonna be up at least beat here I don't I think he's below chrome yeah maybe like a B it's a B I don't know he's like he's at the Tony Stark of this game he's pretty much supposed to be the the good looking man that's like his stick yeah if I'm not attracted to the good Lord to see total kid to go like yeah he does all right brand where's bran going I would be very uncomfortable no this is the hot this is like there's some girl out there who really would enjoy a man who can either out standing up no no I feel like you could have like a long like 60 year relationship with can you imagine sitting in two rocking chairs next to each other you're like knitting Corky's like he's like reading a blank is worse than Corky I got heimerdinger I think LEDs a strong F whoa oh man oh I don't know man at least eat here at least give where are we gonna put Rumble is will that also be do not touch go to jail as wolves Teemo I don't know what ages rumble can we get it can we get a fact check just goes through tiny doesn't mean they're not illegal dude come on it just says he's a young inventor okay wherever deras is everyone i guarante goes like above darius like you can really see Daris is here like he's got the receding hairline I've got the widow's beat Garen you know he's all gay he's got like a cape up here oh can you imagine something buff like k-pop singers Darren has the haircut of a guy who's 27 dating like an 18 year old yeah Darren can also do a one-handed push-up like oh yeah he's lifting the world that means Darius can do the axe on his face which means he's done game is like out of this world it's a lot of people could balance things on her chins didn't the people MIT remake it it's like a hundred eighty pounds or something yeah but bricky how how heavy is the fing world Draven this is a hot contender here but I don't like Draven yeah I'd say I said be to you actually you know like really what their faces next to each other I don't even think I think draven's asexual yeah yeah is the goatee or not to go to the Foo Manchu I don't like it it reminds me of machete okay jokingly Munda would be a steer right that's hung serious I feel like he'd be like Lennie in Of Mice and Men and he just likes train yeah I would put mundo Babar but same tear though yeah how about like this I think that maybe this will be [Laughter] yeah okay Silas he's a next year I'd say he's right between like skinny buff and like Garen buff you know healings he might have a kinky side his name is the unshackle no no maybe he likes being shackled by his lover though you know what I'm saying like no one no one can hold me except you know I'm okay with putting a minute nest here Brom I'd say no I don't say better months yes that's my issue grouchy bastard I think Brom is too bulky and too much of a nice boy like you know like a little bit of danger in there he was imprisoned million years or whatever yeah let's get down there go ahead and grab our boy tarik it's the romanesque years but Eric's a nice guy too he's also not as bulky as Bernard no he's the redeemed boy this might be the very best a I would say best day I don't think this is true I don't think silence Silas is s if tarik is a maybe we need to put more of these characters on here and yeah yeah like Lisa and I feel like that Lee sin would be s tear I'm gonna be hey blind girls out there dude it's not that he's blind his hair it's like ponytail yeah yeah I don't like him okay okay I do like the idea of putting him anest here because he always wants like he's always like wanting to please you he's not a nice guy like you know he fucking insects people and he's like oh you have to kill right like you take it you take the shit i'ma go I'm gonna go do me dude and then also because he's blind like think about how romantic he is because he doesn't care about your looks you know I'm saying what about my boy Gragas there you go no he's a little more than dad buy he's Peter Griffin right I feel like you know he's not gonna be the best man because he's always drunk but in the sack he's gonna fuck but he's not an abusive alcoholic it doesn't seem right he's sloppy he's a sloppy boy so he's gonna be a pain in the ass to have around the house right he's fucking shit up he's gonna sit on the couch all day but then once you want a bone Veigar we know nothing about this boy I don't feel comfortable with these the oracles why you gonna do himer like that let's put vigor and do it okay Olaf that's a hard one I put gangplank at bewray I would put DKE have you seen his splash shirt the guy isn't like fit like he's chunk yeah but that's dad bod he has dad bod but he's probably abusive so maybe D he's got like a Boomer bod and probably a bastard I'd put graves at a C or B I put easily I put him I see if I'm being honest I me if you like the West and he's a smoker yeah I like smokers I can't I can't I give mine I'd say a cons off limits ease marry good virus looks good though like Varis was a man who like soldiers soul originally and now he's two gay dudes in his body so this is just a full JK rowling rewrite Teemo too high much lower bottom I feel like he's like a chihuahua you touch him any guy bites your foot is he like a Navy SEAL or like their version of a noob yeah he's crazy nothing wrong with that I mean you know god bless the troops and what names iliyan I feel like he's s tier if you're a granny like Joe a granny he's he's like the package you know too that like 0.1% percentile and he can slow down time for you during sex like you gotta admit man for being that old he's got some good hair I think zillions a see I think that he's a dt r or actually I'll say C just cuz being able to slow down coming what he get slow down get slow himself down so she goes longer and gets to actually he could date a girl who's like obsessed with like near-death experiences because if he fucks out time that's a dark that's so dark as yours the pretty boy his new voice is really annoying I'm allergic to keys like the guy who like walks up in front of a girl and slicks his hair and says hey baby I feel like that he's the dude in hero academia where like he shoots lasers from his belly I put him I put him at above darlie's alright Kassadin I don't I got yeah but I got nothing he's yeah it's like I'd say like D I go e because the mystery well it could it be higher because the mystery man come on man he's been in the void and back there's probably some fucked up shit going on there dude he can't breathe without the mast dude this guy's like Bane Vladimir that depends on on you that's a very particular like what Kings do you have kind of thing right I'd say I'd say err be yeah this dude's dark he's got a dark I do you know he still likes very suave he's sophisticated because puns yeah well this guy's like the dude that hangs on a hot topic in like like in the back corner all right because Kenan okay Kenan let's put them a deep all right I don't want too many work it's too I don't like you know you know I see I I'd put see yes I don't like see either but I put D I think he's equal people very upset that we're discriminating against yordles just because we run say we feel and say oh hey we got Heimerdinger in F this guy's got a fucking robot dude like the robot it's pretty up there next to Darius also in the Lord LeBlanc might be disguised as Jarvan so like I'd say be like midnight yeah apparently he works totally normal because it's how easy was guys himself or something yes Valentine's Day you show up on pal how would he present the hotel room as you walk in like bunch of dead bodies for you to booty he pumps four times I mean nothing okay rise sure let's do rise right I feel like that he would be too obsessive for his Scrolls like I like he puts his above you yeah where's jet where's kick students at Ninja Turtle ass he's only got three fingers dude do the welcome sign and just like touch what does that feel hit dude how many eyes this guy god she's so strong oh he's Jack though and I feel like he had to give him a D for being jag you know jack donates to the make-a-wish you good so we gave him a D I'm a solid C cuz I can't see his face dude be your egg is a baker I feel like that Pantheon is too basic dude like this rework yeah he has nothing going for him like he's got a six-pack oh wow almost everybody here has six packs I just feel like that Pantheon has no defining features you cook it for you he's gonna bake some shit for you you know what's a bakery I'm sure plenty of these men would be capable to bake but who would be good at it maybe barbecue not a bra would be good at baking Gragas barbecues yeah he drinks all barbecue and he has a kiss the cook apron on yeah I think he's big I still think I think he's being but I just like based on who else is in B I'd say we've got three B's here all right fine we're gonna need cracky yeah I'd say err ass cuz he's so fuckin dedicated to his love like like I like him he's like imma put him at ass without racist boys yeah silence ah I put him in e Percy's got him he's got an Iron Man thing on his tongue because I feel like he's better than like all these people down here he's a more toned avert when we put nada listen I think it's a garbage human-being heimerdinger gets top of F just because because good taxes do not touch spin-off series of his own you know actually wanna like the decent ones yeah he'd be about one he'd be like hilarious really Sinan s this is definitely behind the pretty boys I honestly think you should be like top s – I was screamin asked about like how was he perfectly average but Pantheon isn't Ian's got like a like a big boy thing going like if you if you like stayed out too late and you had to man you got drunk and you had to pick you up he'd give you something in lecture in the car about whoo you yeah you need to meditate more because your heads not on straight but he's also four people at once hey come on guys why would you need that and he does use the word alpha that's pretty big turn-off higher than Harris much friend Amir that's the problem people care about Pantheon he's a trend well that's what I'm saying I think in the mirror master year the same they're both fairly physically attractive but just no one fucking cares about them Karthus rat put him in the bastard tier high school musical offbeat puts ins blower got that brat bastard about mordekaiser where's this guy going he's got a personality at least above rice all right Pike Brooklyn there's good place like a bee yeah I mean he's a bit creepy he's a bit weird but he's also pretty cool like this guy like he's kind of disfigured you know like that's okay we liked him we liked him cause he's just so cool I can't hold fluid it just leaks out of him good so I finished experiment you you know I'd say just above during them dude Victor's the guy we're right before summer vacation he has where's my hug I would put them at sea but I seem to be out ruled here and actually probably would see to I can compromise okay how about a high C okay I love that drink dude this is cool dude these guys are like wow look piece of clown he's funny I don't care if he I could have a threesome with his clone his clone attorney denies he does the worm does the worm and he's an adult that plays with jack-in-the-boxes put him in the fucking after please that's not attractive if he's an F he's below Heimerdinger above shen this guy this guy's at least this guy's pretty yeah he's the guy who's never gonna tell you that he's there for you but then when you need him boom he's like Liam Neeson DTS Wayne a communist okay I don't think that he's better looking than than gangplank though but gangplank doesn't shower alright fine Zed I'd say I'd say be above Panthea I'd also put Pike about Pantheon I just don't care about pants I wish I could just delete Pantheon like clutters there yeah he's nice and simple like this Eve yeah and he's he's very like driven you know he has a goal and yes yes good put him a beat okay how about we do this do you like let's take out Pantheon from there I won't say ass I'd say like beer eh I feel like that this guy like failed the FAFSA something up and that's why he didn't get either low pay or high be Twisted Fate I like his accent he has a good for conduct farmer is a nest here Twisted Fate should be like AIDS here oh dear looks like he calls like he calls restaurants and says that I work in the industry yeah I feel like that he's a Yelp reviewer like hardcore yeah Xin chào I feel like you'd go to dinner with Xin Zhao and he wouldn't stop talking about himself but it'd be really boring and dry stories about his life in the cubicle no he talked about how he like went to Brazil to build kids houses specifically I didn't help them they helped me you should be right next to Tryndamere and yes Yasuo that's a steer we got to figure out if business is correct like let's do a final run-through of it first let's go through the doing that touches and make sure they belong okay we mean brand so we're gonna say he's just gonna hurt other people on the list they wouldn't set you on fire rumble Rumble it said Young's young vigor Z young boy sounds like he's fuckin ten I thought veigar was like a master mage it sounds 10 and if you're into that there's a problem do we really want all these people in s tier yeah I don't like Silas and s2 but three I am agreed I know yeah he gets pushed down and then like if you look closely like sighs kind of has like a like a KC nice taffy I actually might put TF in ARS greenlight TF is a good contender considering all the other folks there I feel like we're gonna get a lot of flack because of Draven being solo same he's attractive but look at that face you want that thing making eye contact with you restaurant and you'd like get the waitress to sit down next to him I started telling her story I bet Draven would be the dude that like orders for the drive is the kind of guy who everyone's ready to leave in he orders dessert I think we did it look at that bonus round where would shadow the hedgehog fall on this scale shadows s all right good point and I brought it up because I want to plug animals ladies and gentlemen the hardest dudes legends agree you disagree is pantheon a scum bastard that should be kicked down to deets here leave a comment below and let us know and make sure you hit the subscribe button to see the next episode where we rank the hottest bigs in League of Legends and if you want to support the channel even more I've opened up a patreon because these ad restrictions are really kicking my ass the link is in the description and that's all beasts out everybody squeeze you Matt just wanted to say well your videos just something really really good to possibly a couple years it's just really inspiring to see you go from like league into like such really really really great dynamic content it's just super awesome to see all the cool effort you're putting in your videos and yeah that's it have a really great time bye