The Hidden League of Legends Game Mode

all right here's what's gonna happen all right okay we're gonna cue up s4 and we're gonna find the one person that's in here we're just gonna follow the king yeah okay we're gonna do the king what's the what do you have to do just follow them around and that's it yes he can he must guide us are you okay all right here we go King sire we have to be dudes to go fast well it's like jungle look like the worst possible like Rolly could have picked oh he's playing jungle kog'maw Oh Oh buddy wait no he's not he's not jungling anymore wait did we do we must do everything that he does he's the king we once if you like the king must be video Carol thing he'll you fool wait no art by heels in the wrong spot Matt your heels in the wrong spot you really think it man yes it's okay we're talking about it I have my Thresh master who gives a shit whatever sire follow the king I got boots I know we do not take his farm no no of course not he's the king my leash your orders say the King has spoken report it's a co-op game I don't understand we protect away from the king they don't the bunch people at one wait look at all the boxes starting item [Laughter] destroy the enemy structures claim the holy land for the king destroy them kill this man give it the king hey I tell you when to attack King yes good king good job King you will bring us plenty food for the winter I am The King when I'm not the King I follow the king wait did he FK and did you leave the king the Kings they have K what do we do make a shrine for him but the King dies but we do sir okay I'll see if you are turret my king you have to lead us to the turn no my king were you doing the King is crafty is indeed my king show us how you fare in combat with the beasts of the woods my king everybody on we gotta go their level 6 and level 2 I don't even have my ability I'll flip him to you my king axel what craftsmanship wood style what are you were you going no boob love for you no no no whoever thought that splitting experience five ways wouldn't be very efficient oh the King attack him the king good job King oh it was my king my king where are you going I want is this guy actually mad at us like I don't know why isn't it just farming oh my king returns home again the king is clever you know not no ways okay and let us go Lee I need to complete my recall before I can go back to the king okay completing the tears back a king okay all right King lead us thus in the circular motions my king the bud Lane what is he doing if the King does not know it's the way my king let us get the blue buff for your pleasure where'd you go oh my kid has strong aspiration what are these idiot butts do [Laughter] the King has had shown up in the most dire circumstances like how p.m. the rises you really said GG before they woman oh no not now the question is what if he types FS then we must abide by the king might not survive this guy die for the King I die for the king what happened I die for the king ah wait the King time to die for the king minions everyone to me attack me mean you know if we die for the king than the kingdom through know any bow bow but can you bow to the king oh you want to see bell I'll show you bell huh behold my king and behold my initiative I will surely get a promotion off of this promotion in the kingly rankings kill the wizard monarchy's bullshit what the fuck you didn't do it anything I think we're still getting reported after this way do we have to report each other there's a king of doing it for the king we can't I still can't believe this but said GG oh the king you dare oh god oh jesus oh Jesus genius the king is a tactical genius I'm gonna stun him for your king your crimes against Skyrim ah the king like some young I see okay Darrell yeah it's okay man video 5 this is gonna get fucking executed again [Laughter] always dies here sorry I'm sorry the King belongs in the top you fool walk right through the free me give a fuck my king we must take a detour he's going is going look at him go here he is and he's gonna stop it's like there's a good specific line in the code where it's like if the King kill self slash renekton oh the king the King wishes for a baron use the wards to protect the king come on food tell you to order do now what are you really your disobey the king I'm helping the kingdom freeze it he's made his decision to the enemy base we go oh no I can't be inhibitor the king this kingdom will go to Rubio the King nasal voice Oh King what a wise King there's Renekton you wish to fight the king there and there he goes my foods here I'm killing these a king the king did not wait for an action to kill himself one more time when you're good as one go keep doing a buffalo wings why dost thou betray the king betrayer no there's and her nekton killed himself I just want to see Renekton spawn and just look see him walk straight past everything four three two one here he comes here he comes coming out of the gate a pentacle for the King we must assist go-go-go-go it Oh what are you doing go no my king not you or the King all right I'll take that report squeeze whoa if you want more stuff you can follow me on Twitter Instagram and twitch press we've got news alerts in the store along with a golden crown a hoodie so go grab the merch in the store to help support the channel by clicking on the link in the description