the best OG Fortnite squad ever.. ( 4 Ghoul Troopers )

look at this default over here look at this default I'm back it's fucking all right guys let's go check him out I'm sweating I saw him before so you should be still at that mountain yeah he is he's shooting at the tree what are you doing oh my god fire me bitch he's building bo what are you building a five-star hotel with free Wi-Fi man what the hell is this where is he going don't you dare fall off the edge don't you dare fall off that edge before I need that kill don't you dare pull up the edge I'm gonna try and kill him now don't fall off the edge don't fall off the edge this is your warning No quickly oh my god it's too late oh I was asked are there of course this kid's gonna tell you our bandages well it's a good start good start hopefully pumped down here anyway is there honey well come on pump I mounted turret Wow come on dynamite as Cheston here wait is he in here I think he is no he's not he better not be hey good he's on the other side of crucial oh my god what I meant to do these be something good some people it's odd right now um well good start good start Ava the Donna might come down please oh my god the rebound a gooey faux fur he's gonna come down he's gonna come down is that gonna go no it's not he stopped there he jumped out yeah years years do you throw that he probably was no he's gonna come out I believe come on come out go get him get him get him please please please please oh my God thank God oh my god there's my scar that I wanted anyway thank you for that so I made me Tori real quick Jack the L here we go who are you here before you kill people oh my god serious how do you mean that oh my god go away whoa yo yo yo yo he's over there who we do the hell does he think he is oh my god we heal Rosie wait over there okay your head go away come on yeah crazy cat always another guy there he hits me oh my god bill I've no Matt come here oh he's so dead oh but I'm very big to get up here alright here we go here we go come here yes get this show let's get easily oh my all right got a plane let's go I did see a person up here though so let's go get him yeah there is areas there is oh we're gonna make a you'ii make a u-turn what are you doing he's gonna shoot me he didn't shoot me was it just ever get that off we kill em did so that let me go thanks al boy you boys ready getting a good game huh let's do this boys please come to me let's get let's get heels going come on oh you despaired this a lot hey this pushed us that we open the door and they're like oh shit I like the message got 949 you guys need some at max what it breaks we should claim a spot where yeah oh man up that little bump I won right it hey what's your weight loss with three yeah leave all fighting stuff bus I'm a hell of a plate behind us not one not one I'm gonna connect you nice hey once at Northwest I'm shooting right now and he's trying to gauge residents were there yep up there if you guys want watch pad please the salt pad yeah try and get on that little that little wood bit right here look at wood bit right here yeah there are all that water cutting away I'm getting the southeast where we just were before all right I know you guys come right here good hey I'm not gonna shoot and shooting us down yeah get down I have people behind point dynamite anyone have a PMO piety then behind getting troubling behind getting come from behind oh please any help it he's gonna frame book hey Tim I got it a walk our border border boys okay ready yeah oh yeah oh hello Lou they go hello Lou wait did we kill them before all right hello Lou this is gone that's some good loot over here hey where you go I'm coming to you guys can can you guys let me try and get lost coach like twitch kids now I have I got 200 Donnie's that'll jump I don't love them on you guys I'm hiding right now yeah bad go how'd you do it are you doing it I saw that those kids where is he yeah they bought yeah see em they're both upstairs okay everyone everyone stop we only came in way those like Slimer we're all three what a mess this is like we can't lose yeah I didn't not mean by that yeah I gotta make it for you no I I'll chop your medkit you need minis is please double pump at here come on yeah you killed MIT my friend and you're all right man playing here three people we go back to back to back right now haven't lost a game it's a goose I hear someone else zipline I'm gonna get off this side Oh mushrooms over here second they'll be over there yeah Sam we show all three of them I've read that now yeah we'll throw them over there I am I feel like I work boys like ogee boys