The Athletic’s Jayson Stark on Bumgarner & Bauer Trade Possibilities | The Rich Eisen Show | 7/24/19

let's talk about the here and now this is weird the trade deadline let's not let's let's not ignore this has been weird but it's just been weird on the fact that you had Kimbrel signed late it was weird that Keuchel sign late that we're seeing weird things about the market and free agency we hadn't seen before this is now the first deadline where there is no waiver period behind it is what is can we draw through line between everything I've just said Jason yeah well I'm I think a lot of it yeah and this has really been an odd deadline people thought that the impact of only having one deadline and no August trades would be that everything would start sooner but instead almost nothing of consequence has happened yet and you've got a you've got a really strange structure in most of these divisions where but divisional leaders have really big leads and there are very few teams that can look at the Division standings other than the nlnl central and think yeah we're going to catch that team but then you have this whole group of teams that's two three games out of the wild-card team and a half out of the wild card and I think it's creating a weird kind of gridlock in that those teams have a really hard time selling when there are two games out of contention alright alright of a playoff spot but it's hard to buy when you know your reward for even sneaking in is you've got to win that wild card game and then you got to try to figure out some way to beat the Dodgers or Yankees good luck and so those teams don't want to buy they're afraid to sell there everybody's just in a holding pattern waiting for some clarity or trying to figure out some way they're going to explain it to their fan base when they finally do what they do well I mean the the Giants are a perfect example right I mean the Giants were dead and lost bro May and June waters and now they're on fire they're above water there there are two games above 500 you can make the case that they're the best team in baseball in the month of July Madison Bumgarner's not going anywhere with Bochy walking eventually to the place where you just got enshrined right I mean that's there's no chance of him being traded to the next week would you categorize that Jason I wouldn't say no chance but you know there were 11 games under 500 entering July and now there are two games over that is just crazy if that happened and you know I think in any normal circumstance they'd hold they'd go for it you know but just take a step back now rich why did they hire fall hands IET you know that was a team that did everything internally there was just a picture of stability they didn't hire forehand to keep the band together that was not the plan I'm sure that this incredible tension within that organization trying to figure out what to do I wouldn't say never on Matt Baume it's hard but I wouldn't say never I would say that if they trade him it has to be the kind of deal where forehand can look into the cameras and say how could I not do this so then which is the team that offers them the godfather offer or should let's put it that way which team do you think needs to make the Godfather offer from Madison Bumgarner oh the top of the list is the brains I you know I think the Braves need a guy that that fits that profile he'd be really comfortable there I think they'd have a chance to sign them and make it worth their while if they trade for him but that's the most logical fit for me but you know he's reminded us now during this run who he still is he might not be a guy who marched out of the pen in Kansas City in 2014 in Game seven but this guy's an animal said he competes and the better your team is the better he is and the bigger the game is the bigger the moment is for him he he loves this you put him on a good team I think a lot of teams could dream on that and where it would go but it it's gonna have to be a big deal big okay and and Namie another big-name guy that you think could go let's say the Yankees or the Red Sox or a you know anybody else at the top of the food chain even the Cubs somebody that Mike Washington making a move here to try and do yeah yeah I still think the guy to watch is Trevor Bauer I mean the Indians are there they're having exactly the same debate that the Giants are all of a sudden they're 16 games over all of a sudden there's three games out the division all of a sudden if the wild-card game were today they would host it and it's really difficult for a team like that to sell and yet I was in Cleveland for the all-star game and I mean I get the feeling they know this team as well as its played lately is not as good as their other teams they're they're not a win the World Series team and that is currently constituted if they could make a deal that's the equivalent of what raised it last year with Chris Archer unconvinced they would do that I mean a team like the Astros can they absorb him into their Clubhouse off all the drama that's going on between him and that team I don't know but I'd watch them they're looking for shopping for that that kind of guy I wouldn't shock me if the Padres came out of the pack I don't think we live in an age now where the trade deadline is all about buyers and sellers the way it once was I think it's a shopping opportunity that's how most teams now viewed your modern front offices and so the Indians are smart and creative there are a lot of teams out there that could that could buy Trevor Bauer knowing you have next year – he's a fascinating piece of this puzzle for more of the Rich Eisen show tune – audience Channel 239 on DirecTV for free on VR live or download the Rich Eisen show app