back with all time to you guys on how it works and also shot a few guys to let me use your accounts to your teams because building these teams myself that shit would have been annoying but it would have been terrible having a powerup cards powering down power of a power arm down at Kim's like God mad made it terrible for all time teams is you're like it's cool if you want to make one team but if you want to make a bunch of them don't even do it like just pick one and just stick with it if you got a charges team you win it what's good everybody welcome back to another Vic video today we have another all-time team yes by the time you guys see this video I don't know if they're gonna release some more of these cards as far as like for the Seahawks team but it for this video if they released more and like better Seahawks at this point of time this is the best you'll see like I'm sorry that I'm planning ahead trying to get you guys videos but I can't help it if it goes up two or three weeks later after I record I can't help it I'm sorry what am i apologizing the gun this is my video drop like drop drop like what this is describe the all-time Seattle Seahawks team led by Russell Wilson 50 out of 50 Seahawks Kim Russell Wilson Marshall it's I know he has a better car but as you can see you got this booster night announcer it's pretty much design an overall Marshall is Chris Carson see their precise okay duck bones just one car I guarantee you where he climb he's gonna have a new car and somebody the common who didn't have the best Doug Baldwin you circus sucker back in there but we got go to take to a 90 AD can't Metcalfe I like this car and we got I like it back here – we got a good we got a good solid five receivers offensive line rustlers has never had a good off mr. Lonza I mean I'm used to this tight end Jimmy Graham defense this is where the studs will be okay they write old Thomas that in a stud but I mean cooled kam chancellor straight flowers Ziggy Sheldon Randall frame this is a good team how can we forget about you Keane hey my god mcdougal that's my man's mcdougal I'm gonna make sure when I do NFL player videos like I do a video with NFL player mcdougal is one of the first we got do it that's my guy but other than that let's go yeah we got three tight ends on the field don't ask me why oh I see you a wait what hey bro that was so lucky I don't listen I'm not gonna complain I'm gonna shake what they gave me let me check he's not an aggressive I haven't got it about with the aggressive thing it's oh my goodness please thank you thank you I see me ground I'm not gonna say it I might just win first and I'm a talk I'm running the same as I played if he he not even yo Fridays to sack up every time I start moving applause boom boom boom oh you're gonna you're gonna right here thank you shout it to the defense aka me forgetting to pick this might be exciting this might be a pick oh my god this I could have right there I'm gonna take it I'm gonna be quiet and just take this might be stupid but hey this dude's cupcakes I'm doing any and everything I need to score oh that's me that's me that's a Teddy Wow on the one look at where the ball is we better get a safety dude we better get the same come on come on throw it or no nothing oh we got it back can stay on stay up what's worse than the cupcake he might be a sugar cookie I'm gonna be honest I'm a hike this is his runner Russell he didn't put up a spy nd yeah I'm going yeah okay babe ever even put a big in it miss no way you should have got that bag uh-huh oh I miss I miss I miss get that suck shit okay alright okay who is that yo look at that little dude come on bruh why is he so look okay he just had the little version of the Jimmy crusted his name all the way left we busted ass Auto and let me return this bars plate Jerry do not get caught you get caught by Franco Harris where you gonna get you get caught by Franco Harris you gonna give you got caught my Frank you son all right let me show you how what CEO should've did in the bowl I guess the Pacers boom BAM Teddy you always see my handily responsible for Malcolm Butler's career how's the food oh okay man you look at the first down now you moving a ball okay it's gonna be a counter hey oh my god hey Co fastest dude over left whoa yo you did that a cup he just lost me I see I was gonna be since we can't let naked nasty we get Wow I'm bout to start just blitzing everybody and you're not gonna had a time to throw the ball or you could just run oh thank you Frank Clark try it again try to give you that got time doing it you never have time doing that no more bruh all right this got touch that written all over if I got oh yeah I got my have plenty of Sun look at never mind I'm not gonna time but that's the dot oh my compass okay he's only Russian three um key go left thank you I don't know what you trying to be cool don't get big oh you kidding I can be K he too big to turn corners I'll take that though all right I got to do some aggressive but okay my bad you have a check for the memes and the lols is you know oh my he not an aggressive but Khalil Mackey's cat oh he's not human person three like yeah all right yeah oh you open it please don't miss this please yo same exact play this time catch the cat to me never mind hey you don't judge me I'm doing this because I'm a footing for going up for the field so I got to go for you throw the Russian three all right we got to get this and go up with your boat to get it dog don't ever tell me not to go for it again just trust me right just trust me you know this is a crazy looking play but I'm here for it though I want to just try something to see it oh my goodness do pass rush was crazy spin and that's another first Hey look at the boat yo they robbed me this definition work it's a draw play bro it should work hey thanks for taking me in so that's a tidy I'm gonna be honest that's my plan with all these all-time team just make everybody rage quit oh my goodness that was a good reroute bro cannot can i top dinner time yo i'm my Blitzen like I might use ur blitz ah fake no we doing that come back come back I'm back I'm back oh my god hail No thank you sir get up get up get just get up my god act like an old man get up will you press it that might not be it bro that might not y'all going deep I'll care about your defense I'll care about none else I'm going deep you press it you disrespect them who wanted to hear us three I'm blocked hey or seven no you're not scoring no more against me bro you can have that oh never mind not that not all that this is what I meant by going strive hard yeah Omid please baby oh no no no no no no he's celebrating he's really sucking how am i only up to against this dude are you bliss oh you all up yo come on what's up look at how many people I'm blocking correct boom and just okay all right now y'all holding up y'all holding up a little bit better please PLEASE Weasley please thank you I don't know how I caught that thank you that's a weird-ass Rock – he's not pressing on more why are you pressing though he's only rehearse he's only rushing three look at the passion I don't know what I could do I am trying everything I might need to do a fake hiker some to see if he's unaggressive but I've done it every time and he hasn't been unaggressive give me them ankles right give me the asset easy first give me the ankles all right hopefully yes he did exactly I need him – oh my god I'm not going to get this okay Metcalf your big slow head let's do call timeout like I'm not going for like what are you doing right there check down think yeah Metcalf look at this play this play looks dumb I like dumb plays though cuz they might work sometimes this as long as people block they work a little bit oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah get down get down don't ha that was a stupid play everybody went deep all right either this place go give me a Teddy or I'm out the cos I'm out Riverfest they're gonna see tow draw boom come on come on Marcia let's get him our shine how do I get in the back foot for a second somehow he gains a yard that's this game is no racing all right I don't know what this play is but it looks like it might work so I'm alright never mind oh my god Oh Rhys do not give this up that but yes my problem is he's took as a field goal you know what I could have been doing this entire game using running backs like Marshawn Lynch I could have just ran the ball against this dude's pasture oh my god oh my god Martha you right now back oh is this man coverage I'm a thought to Marshawn it is it Marcia let's go let's go I leap I can't be mad that's Marsha he's too slow the whole team is blocking and I'm come back come back lift oh my god bro I'm still almost running in my life all right Jerry please beat him cuz he's bliss and he's blissing he's listening nevermind I got it oh wait I'm gonna take my 30 this time I know I could've talked about it I'm gonna take about 30 all right I'm over here no no we're yo fuck this team might be dumped where is he going it's the gun split closed yes I love I love seeing this I just left I just left that smarty throw it took man I hate this dude all right he's gonna thought to the running back cuz he's opening or not or not oh my god bro bro bro flowers how is he getting so much time listen this is where we stand up of course he grinds the ball now he's gonna truck me I already knew it my team was unaggressive I need someone to go my way oh yeah oh yeah boom yo we right there baby okay go for it now like you got some balls or some nope clamped up clamps I'll get that no no no thank you stop T shouldn't got that far but it is what it is we clamped up now he's just gonna bless him you do he just blessing me dude check down give me them give me no Jerry Thank You Jerry run that again I should get it first double slash you got a guard one oh we went all right there I think yeah get that get that two feet DK you suck I don't have this smartest super but I'm going for it it is what it is Oh check that give me them that's the first that's the first don't fumble we good we are good and I'm telling Archie o'clock cause this game shouldn t be disclosed all right fake I mean he is on aggressive he's all our blissing Brad just gotta figure out who's opening check that nope yo my two number ones I'm gonna need y'all to get cooking and do something with your life because uh-oh you got it you got em DK thank you sir ain't got no gloves on he's still kind of wet you better get caught study walk it sunny appreciate I should sell it but like he dude we're gonna celebrate now all right boom we got him locked him up Oh Thomas what are you a cop I am going to lose this game I'm just saying I'm out there chips to be lay back on everybody he sucks appreciate that would get that block we take yeah we take this for six baby you're not don't catch me don't catch me bitch oh they got your AC oh we still score it all you matter let's try this running thing on the goal line again see baby Wow Wow I coulda just did that the first time now your desperation mo he got he got a chuck it in he oh wait a minute he's gonna get this he's gonna get this he's gonna get peace bruh bruh stop stop okay all about to say Sherman what was that at the other time when I was trying to get a pig hi boys this video is over I was 60 I don't even know how that game was closed else playing around eating or fighting back it is what it is whatever we got to dump it end of the day hopefully I'll enjoy creating freedom make sure to drop a like and subscribe if you're new whether this is waves Nick I'm so the next boss I've seen more just in general to the next video