every time I get on somebody's account it just rubs it in my face that I'm not max level of mud I mean I'm not like a mud or anything but I think I look good bro I will never achieve max level but so today Steve team it's a little it's a little bittersweet mainly because the guys didn't know the charges their first Super Bowl was against Niners I don't want to talk about the score if you know you know we got it was destruction but I didn't know what a quarterback was I think they had Jerry Rice I don't even know man it was wrong it was terrible that was the last time we're in a Super Bowl until this next coming up here looking for fast and cheap Ultimate Team Coins if you guys are feeling froggy and you want to leave make sure to use cool Vick at check up for 15% off what's good everybody welcome back to another video I think I don't know I was saying that fast I was like but we are back with another all-time team video and I want to say thank you to everybody that's let me borrow the team by the time you guys see this video I would pretty much recorded a lot or mostly all of the all-time team so if I didn't issue up I'm sorry I can't up every single person because some of you guys have the same things as other people so like I can't use both of them but for the people that are letting me use your account and let me use your players I appreciate you I thank you but what that least said today we have the all-time Niners this team is a 97 over old so with that big set at this point in time this is the best Niners team now when I record this and when they drop more Nana's cards I don't know what can happen in between I'm making the video fast it may come out three weeks from now so don't say nothing about it in the comment section I'm trying to record a bunch of nothing Fargo on vacations to shut up but for the squad we got Steve Young character kit which I forgot to ever called what to the Niners and Matt Brito okay we get all my Yodas this receiver cord oh oh my god look at this oh boy we got 399 receivers to go George could at least probably get a newer car by the time I release this video but right now is 98 pretty much the 99 Vernon Davis is a man on a roadside Inn and Elaine ninety-eight offensive line is you know it's manageable beef Oh Mike everybody on these deepest of 99 other than legs Verret Salomon Thomas Oh Mike this is gonna be fun not a golden but still a night night oh my god let's get another dove with the all-time team to sound the Niners okay that's a solid team John I say this all the time but I love playing with all the time T's oh you guys are coming specifically because I don't know a playbook I just run random place and I find that more fun than like running a actual all right you know what he caught me like him but like I was saying before I was rudely interrupted by the set I like learning outcomes because the flavors are different the players are different the players are different it's just everything man come on you gotta play some like this we can't go just kidding Fred oh you left me you left Josh kettle oh this is honey look at that block it Oh Mike where are you running where I thought it had cookie tidy almost it up I almost I would like this close to messing that up and he got my homes okay this is personal okay but uh as long as opposed to get some sacks and just don't tweet will be good greatest is a cupcake as soon as a cupcake yeah I bet all about the sad just better who was that lineman yeah you're like a 4/5 it's still a Teddy but this news a cupcake all right boom I leave my file yeah oh no no no no no don't don't eat okay okay he asked somebody open he didn't throw it – he's gonna pistol are you serious rah what okay yo come yeah I just recommend and I still oh okay we stopped three sauces why do you go for I don't know all right ease not blissing so I got plenty of time go up the field square go I'm gonna just run I forgot I got Steve Young I got Steve Young hit with that 0:08 yo chill I wanted to be like this he let me get that off I don't know where are you okay it's for progression if he's gonna just bless him like this i'ma just go okay he's that blissing like that no more oh I'm going deep I'm going deep oh this might not have been it all right it wasn't it and get up everyone get up and run you know you want to get up and run get up and run he actually ran it no ya hear a sizzle Wow you know I'm playing around and I'm a mess around and loose all because I'm trying to be funny oh my goodness boom Matt play action we here with it look at everybody in the backfield that was beautiful how's the terrible jump I'm just running a deep place because this two can't stop me like if he wanted to he could stop me look at this easy easy Jerry oh I always thought right that I go yard Sam as I play he's trying to bliss me it's just not I cannot be madness to stop me he's running the simplest of plays and like let's see like every single time that works no I'm saying Bowser to spin I don't know what this play is but i'ma run it it looks crazy oh my god yo oh my god I want to run that play again though usually I take my points with this sound it's a little dick oh damn that was the worst throw ever it wasn't under pressure or nothing you just show lock him up we get them yeah we got it we got it we got it oh my god the camera when I catch the pic I'm just on my controller down that's the only i'ma gonna pick six this dude is bliss and happy like man coverage blitz in the heavy tape I never – Teddy I was able to get up on the slant that is daddy ready monster stuff I was late for this the whole time I knew eventually once I smart again he'll quit okay let's go I saw three not better than my through though he met bliss he's midnight on the safety midlas whatever month yeah you don't midlist normal like like yeah like wrong people I'm running get that block hey alright now this some he might be mid listen just because of fourth down this is not smart but when do I ever do some other things ever oh yeah yeah I thought I had them I think I Lamar Jackson oh my god this is I'm so annoying dude the market ah I hate playing some are Jackson dude thank you for running the ball run the ball some more especially with March that unless you're not fast alright I gotta watch the running back and then other than that we good don't sit aside ethos is that it thank you stupid go yes yes yes why don't you black oh where do I better get got run quad oh my god dude wait wait a Richard Sherman go if anything a blocker running back it's so annoying because I don't know if he's mid listen or he's not medicine best bet I only got like four or five yards alright this may or may not work cuz just do as pastor she's getting crate oh my god let me take my three yeah hey how did he block that go ahead and do the toss play do toss play I did a stretch even more dweeb like look at you I'm still confused to hide block my field goal he think he like a jump animation or nothing my dude just kicked the ball slow alright I made a sack from somebody or a pressure or something from somebody guys that's bro man yo dudes get so lucky with these never mind never mind never mind let me block his logo let me block his for a goal y-yo sees kicker kick the ball off fast why didn't I do dude it octa-pie octa-pie yeah I'll check down to the running back baby uh-oh Derek Derek yes sir you see he not meant listen or on aggressive yeah and I mean listen he like eat fake mid listen bro oh my god go up to fill up the trip square I see I just get down get down get a cat a cat a cat down thank you if y'all gonna block like that every time I love you Heike Kittel or moss is gonna get open like a thousand never mind no matzah thrown it back to make it me miss ya oh I'll cook try to tune I'm stupid I think this is a midlet I think this one is amid blitz no it's right there right there right there though though though I don't know if he's member sorne I saw him blocking all right he didn't damn I sound like catch him like Oh circle right there he was just sitting away for the ball Jerry daddy is this gonna be verticals it is it's verticals again and Oh Mike why do I keep letting that cook me I had no more of that right you're not getting open with this vertical again yeah I wish you would know Dr that's that make us leave baby okay no no no no they tried to give me a safety I'ma be honest T oh you might be open bruh this might be going to you okay never mind I'm running for my life block him where y'all cooked y'all don't know how to block I wish you would admit yeah you know better than mid bliss me yeah look at how long we got in the pocket – I'm running no no no let's get it now y'all block yeah y'all go they all right chill out that dude Hawking me down and he's like taking his shoes and when he's mid listen and like 90% of time he's not mid listen and right here that is tight-ass died don't do it to him Steve Heike gary mckinnon i be open on his swing road cuz i think he's gonna midlet no he's not I'm out though I'm going I'm going get down oh my goodness okay he just moved Shawn said I'm I just wanna barbara run that ball yeah yeah run that peel that is oh I thought that was a teddy box is green there should be a teddy please oh my god we get stuck on the back I wasted time for no reason all right I'm going for because it's a cupcake bra imma get it anyways oh yeah so he recommend what uh do we toss listen all right this to bra one thing I will say he's consistent consistently cheeks but he's consistent over its particles his verticals his medicals and these he's gonna leave him alone he's got so much of his yards from his one plate and I keep forgetting it even though he only runs like two plays if you wonder what he did all he dosed with the play and he got set appreciate it alright boom he can you can get all that you can get out underneath who worried about the long stove yeah that's 14 to 7 why you pause what why never mind I had voice that's gonna be in for the Niners team I try to make it there I don't stay on everybody's account for too long I'd be record for a good amount of time I got two games in it and I feel like about playing third one it's gonna be like a 45-minute game and I don't want this video to be like 17 minutes 17 minutes of pure mad gameplay ain't nobody got time for this so that mean you said the four times team team to race quiz two dogs hopefully enjoy if you did make sure to drop like ass garbage the new but to steal a Vic