today Steve team they put up three points three measly points in the Super Bowl three when I tell you I was so disappointed and disgusted they deserve to lose I'm not even mad to pages one they had one of the greatest offenses the entire year then all of a sudden you also put up three points in 60 minutes one field goal not even like I think they crossed midfield once and they got a feel for that one time Derrick off was throwing the ball like oh Rico back in 82 I used to be able to throw a pigskin quarter mile he was missing guys throw up picks man I was disgusted Todd Gurley what happened fan what happened bro the office of LA was terrible defense was good defense was amazing they look up 13 points but the office 3 looking for fast and cheap Ultimate Team Coins if you guys are feeling froggy and you want to leave make sure to use cold Vick a check up for 15% off what's good everybody welcome back and especially here as fans and sit down and let's talk about it how was y'all dealing with this pain during the game I was probably gonna hit Oh efficiently we will score you know eventually we will score it visually we will score well eventually it was never and then y'all gotta fill go left any misty and then Jared Goff tear cop who was you thinking Jarek always playing like Gino Smith I swear do could hit a throw he couldn't make a pass he could do nothing and the one side Brenda cooks was wide open in the middle he threw it Lee the last pick at the end of the game he's like oh well but welcome back to the all-time teams I've done a lot of teams by now if you have one that's already built up is maxed out it's the highest overall hit me up on Adams Instagram or Twitter it's the same thing as my YouTube and I listen if I've already done it and if I have it then I'll probably use your team and for the people that have let me use that team so far up tonight I appreciate you because this will not be a serious without you guys but I guess if you ever save just hear me I'll hop on your account play with it remove your account for my Xbox ps4 act like it never happened get a video out of it thank you but so far we are moving along with these theme tunes and if you notice I'm wearing the same thing in a theme TV videos it's because I'm recording a bunch of min a day because these aren't I don't have to like prepare for these videos and it's just like a theme team just played a game it's real simple real easy and the people of these teams love these videos because it's all of their favorite players so start out with the Rams team you know one job Jericho was one touchdown just one and you let us down you let us down too girly CJ Anderson he was kind of good but girly but other than that Rams receivers Brandon cooks Cooper Cup I think this is like the 2019 Iran's for most part oh yeah this is just 20 19 rims under my ass Jericho it looked like it because otter players on Rams uniforms but yes nine nine Jared Cook pitching us low I hate it I don't know how to fix it is it even fixable Eric Weddle just got to the Rams the mark is join us still there August 3 so yeah this is definitely at all time all Rammstein Kevin green legend John Johnson his team is God yeah just eat up hey I can't lose with this team I got damn there for 9 on over all corners I got Aaron Donald sued cursed log and Deacon on the line ain't no way lose I guarantee I'm gonna get more 230 points in this video if I don't get more 2 3 points in this video I will give away an entire Rams team with job brother lose the way the Chargers did or lose the way to say it to the Rams like a cheetah by the refs or we just got blown I would rather just get cheated by the refs even though it's more heartbreaking unless we know that I should've won I was there we should have advanced but you know the way it was set up we did Randy Cuyler shazier look at my three no look about 300 defense yeah look at this dude doing everything in his power to blitz me man Oh can't we just be friends you know was such a bad read that was the worst leave us cage that it's about players making plays all right honestly he gonna meet him it bliss me the whole game so I'm out the it cooks deep cook should not be able to see ya all right bet bet cooks you better you better beat him oh oh any ghosts a oh I thought I had speed I thought cooks are cooking now I'm able to see you back buddy so yeah you doing all the articles on here in the book I probably could have just ran the ball too but that's boring you're gonna run it again or are you actually a basketball well he's actually passing the ball bet that's a bet no it's not cuz he's so open where was yo Peters you wouldn't even near him this I'm Arab eyes listen bet groweth I thought I are you gonna sack daughter you can say all right boom that on the hell nobody here with it nah scam is gonna be it just a bunch of quick passes oh yeah this is perfect come on this deepest I'm a cookie yup uh-huh this is the perfect Wildcat defense keep doing that keep doing what you're doing fake no you're not an aggressive but Eli listen three really I've liked everybody cuz nobody was listening a lot of people he only bleeds three people Cooper come don't get big hit okay thank you I thought it was sitting the house all right nice and the house oh I shouldn't ask for I shouldn't ask for it right there bbb-baby oh no this is yeah give me oh wait room boy even he gonna throw the ball fast or you gonna cook me one of the two is definitely gonna half because I don't know if I'm ready or no boom you gonna throw it over here on our here where they might be here would ever come Sam said I'm cold alright sauce and when he hikes it I got a run back I got a dip back now detective you didn't that's pic get me little tips real baby we practice that all day let's get it oh my out she's young right I saw him I'm just out she's in him as long as they block we can weave money right there technically that's a foul Robert was very strong fake not an aggressive but I got him on Geelong he's rushing one dude and I still got a Teddy yeah I still gotta study Cooper oh dude is a cupcake you making all these throws now it's about seven months too late I don't think he's gonna block many people but I got a girl order pecker so like I got a fake like I'm Blissett and I gotta get back order pepper fast if not he might cook me bro late no I see spar them they're my startup bitch bet give me you just got an animation better than me I feel like there's no penalty for throwing streaks either it's an incomplete or they catch you he's gonna block everybody I'm faked listing like I always do boom back get back like that notice that we're with it oh I knocked it out with my knee I'm back here I'm back here nice sack huh we just double covered everybody thought you quit I literally did the same thing he was doing and he got mad at really if fun of the rams did that in a Super Bowl well I mean I held it at 30 points so it's kind of like yeah not really I knew game I think he got a raid this team first thing I got to see if he knows how to stop Wildcat and I don't think he told no no no no I don't think it does I don't think he does that's nice to know I can go to that whenever I need to look at a moving everybody right it's not gonna stop me though you could try it is not one spot neither block running back is the owner no he's not but he blitz it he's Blitzen Blitzen right there coach you do got the fast eater got the fastest player on the team up fourth down easy tidy hey I think you're running past sale bruh I think you ready pass sale no no he going t3 going deep he'll know I'm here with it he got so fast all right I forgot that Marv Jackson was that accurate stretch or dive or toss this is a run no it's one of the run please it's thousand percent yeah ahh and we downhill way john elway safety inside zone no boom give me always do that again tell me pick you almost did it last time for me a big breath you know you want to lay one two now let's check down I knew it I knew it immediately once he did that little zig row I knew it go get up close you look closer to oh yeah he fast to be passing I wasn't ready for it I was ready for it he's running if I scramble and if I fumble a needed fumble from a strip you know get out of here don't start this I'm an act like a deuce blessing but I'm not watches watch nope he's that he's playing coverage baby playing coverage baby hell naw you did dummy all right now get that block oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah you know you keep running yeah it was what a dummy he was ready with me like he was a lead blocker and then he's clipped off and was like whoa and the great words of dj khaled you congratulations you played yourself come on brah oh my controller done that's one all right boom oh and Damocles got stuck Oh II it comes over one hand your back up back up back up back up everybody's bad good brother back up don't let him get nothing branches bad good he can have all this underneath stuff back oh yeah okay that stop tackle good stuff good stuff it's either dumb or stupid but it's not both it's definitely not both get the second sack I was smart I love that play we just don't got to give up a TR just watch out for 18 yards just watch out for 18 yards hey old enough pick that Victor oh what a smart play swatter this week at the ball with that you using your noggin Marcus all right bone bat I think we're go oh my god let's just get out of here bro just get out of here good then he's not an aggressive oh I thought he was oh yeah girly that's how you that's how you fight can I make you can I make this Hey oh alright my job I gotta get tired oh but did y'all see I do don't know right if he was on the street he would have been gone oh I wasn't ready I wasn't ready but I said it up a look come up don't let him okay okay I'm cool with that I'm cool with that you got what 24 yards that's cool just get after him and we're gonna sack him out – don't worry buddy fight there you can have these do you can have these sorry sorry sorry Oh sheep my train saw you finally saw it a box is green – oh yeah that's big body there big body down right down the middle Jericho big body down just gonna fall back dive stop I am trolling this do so bad I ain't even gonna risk it I'm going to on a draw play if I get the yards I get it if I don't I don't I do and and the clock keep going you came out of field goal block is is GG bro it is a gg it is a gg it is what it is well two games to WC race because hopefully I'll enjoy the video if you did make sure to drop a like for more all time theme teams and if you did stop if you're new cuz I keep doing these I keep rolling them out you team if I haven't already done it it's coming soon but this