all right today Scott there is only one player that I think of whenever I think of this team Indianapolis Colts you know some people may think paid Manik retired cool Adam Vinatieri cool he's a legend you may even think Dallas Clark maybe even CY Holton it did how can I forget Andrew Luck you might think I'm Andrew Luck too but none of those players come to mind when I think that our coats I think you guys know I'm talking about he stole deepest of Rookie of the Year I've never ever ever getting over it he stole defensa kitty here and y'all know it y'all know he stole it I know he stole the Derwent you don't want deeper so kitty here but very slender is the next best like better linebacker in the league so I mean any came from HBCU so like I stand him for making it to the league out of an HBCU which is hard enough what's good everybody I'll come back to another all-time team today we have the Indianapolis Colts this is the team that my charges could beat all the time in the playoffs but we could never beat the Patriots I will never forget I had goosebumps watching Darren Sproles get the study but walk off overtopped Eddie it was beautiful I'm sorry Cole spends about Joe saying about me but I do apologize close but I didn't mean to bring that back up y'all want a Super Bowl so like combat I want to ship my charges we still chasing the shit but for the squad we got and through captain Angela we got Marlin Mac 97 overall 90 miles one of my favorite underrated running backs I think and I hope this it has a great year with Joe I think y'all might win like I think I said this I think I might win 13 games maybe 12 I think the floor for y'all is 10 wins I haven't looked on schedule but basically I Division y'all should win like five games out of that but I receive I got TOI Paris Campbell there just now drafted gap we got Devin Funchess he just signed a big deal there I don't know why they pay that much for him but they did we also have P at Russell I think he was a cold or he is a co I don't know Eric Ebron he had a great year near Dallas Clark Jack Doyle offensive line led by quitting Nelson Loki a Falk Islamic who went working a year he probably wanted defensively linebackers off forgot they got Justin Houston man they got an actual good to like kind of great passers and so on but they he's real fast in this game not that fast in real life this squad as good as hell bro like oh this this is gonna be fun hey didn't cheat my put Oh Thomas or lamb belly here Jonathan you were rolling also before I get this game I want to give a quick shout-out to you guys they helped me build these squads by the time you guys start seeing these all-time teams again I'm record pretty much all of the all-time teams to dance tomorrow so I'm gonna be done so if you guys have the teams that you like built in for me obviously I'm apologize that I didn't use it but I can't use everybody see if I was you I'd probably sell my team and wait for Ricky premier if there's no working premier sell your coins get ready for next year this game is pretty much over all right well I wasn't ready wait a minute Darius Linda why would you put all my killers pass rush oh I'm stuck on deal on this is not good he's gone never mind his pressure I'm not even on a crash ooh and look at the that was the worst part of all time what was that you just went for a doc I was a quick first game you know I just thought about last game I had the most ridiculous rush this game are we going struggle I could just tell we're gonna struggle wait a minute darris limiters fast oh wow don't behind them you better block somebody or we come damn it I don't think he's gonna see him okay that was work that he's not even gonna spin all right baby all right I got him figure it out now we hear he's gonna block him is done I didn't know it no he's not bad oh no no no no Oh Mike oh okay dude I can't do anything all right bet oh I'm stuck no no no no no no no no he runs that again I'm a lock him up I'm not even worried all right um I'm gonna start out I'm gonna run the ball I'm gonna gonna bottom all the Mac oh oh oh spin oh I spun it to the big hit on me one yard and somehow he messes up right there check down No Oh Pierre I saw yeah yeah I wanna come out here I was trying to like maneuver my way but he's just such a covey all right hopefully the gam dummy lagging like this out of time all right cheat right there back foot okay that was it that was it at that second block oh never mind I'm just doing the most widest place I can to make this game fun oh oh yes it's Eddie come on Marlon come on Marlon that's the easy one easy one all right we know what he's doing this to cross the road and then a drag routes it's the same stuff like it's the same stuff or can we get us thank you I had to click on but we got it I'm a clamp em now watch boom yeah yeah uh-huh now Blitzen get the pick it up art okay that's camp Stefan Stefan that's the quarter he just cared okay that's cam but still brother I so wag that he got dead though that's so way and get him cam cam note this ear this error what are you doing and I'm stuck on this – I didn't mean to do that I didn't mean to do that oh we got a sack though good shit all right we might cannot whoo oh no no no no no all right I think I got him I got him good no I don't because that dudes over there man I swear it coulombs you would think he was the grapes on the back of all time I Sears a planet Ricky man come on I got fuck I got blocks so bad he's gonna do the high point boom we here with it or no no no no no no no he's he'll thank you oh of course I guess that of course I catch that big bro what is that what is that he knocked out of my hand get that sack thank you all right we know he's missing him wait what am i talk we'll just leave him okay this dude's just got a cornerback blitz all right this may or may not work but I'm gonna just try it one time for the one time one time for the halyard it didn't work because something what are you doing sir that work don't nope awesome in the wrong way I'll take that too I didn't even check you see it's not unimpressive but it's deal honest damage tracking later oh yeah oh yeah oh my Andy and true almost caught of any doll because that's what that throw look like bro that makes no sense whatever dude that's crazy get them please okay we got a back we got a bed we got it back yeah that's ridiculous though what that box is green oh yeah oh yeah we're going we're gonna run this pill all the way to the right babe how to box Carina y'all still came block same exact play bro same exact play Oh see yeah see there y'all go – so touching this is the first time this is the first time right there right there with Rosie I had to wait for him yeah I just fucked alright this may or may not work but I'm like going all-out blitz and hopefully they can get their time they don't cross miles across the routes just Joey god this game is so stupid yeah I've been waiting for us on to beat this person so long and he's got the good our one yeah get down don't thank you thank you honestly I'm gonna just keep doing that bro I might just keep doing what I'm doing never mind whatever he's not worried you're good he's average at best and just crossed him out so just cross the road and I'm not gonna be to get there he's just crossing routes dude that's it and he's just catch that it's just he's trying to pass on a goal line get a life I forgot to go play like this where was you got it chief I forgot this June if people still care about Madden wins cause fans I'm sorry I had to deal with this I won the first one but it was like I didn't even play defense the second one the dude wasn't good he just got lucky all right Ben no more big blitz I like that I could just run the ball smooth never mind cuz I'll cast it up for for like 13 yards oh you press and see why you're going deep dy it would cook him and this is you boy yo I think I got a I think I think yes sir see why siding alright boys we gotta stop passing her homes in this weak-ass cheese off o counter oh my god I wasn't ready but we got it we stopped – will he pass it now yes write to me appreciate that one sheet you pressing again oh I just cooked you rough I just cooked you let me cook it you know and I should have been a tidy but I may be cheating sama go for it on fourth down right there that's the first that's the first thank you alright we uh we hate though he just don't give me the I mean ain't I fast enough you thought all right we got a score tiny – Oh square please block these are always open okay tayo I last game I couldn't even catch a normal pass but I can catch over the shoulder these okay all right listen here Magic Mike Oh pick six we put the game I'm not aggressively think I yes Valerie's using the six I will never get the camera right didn't even need to pick six all right coast fans I'm sorry I couldn't get you like a super entertaining game like I did with the Browns with other teams but I played who I play I played four games let's try to it is what it is both guys did agree to mention to drop a like and subscribe if you are new for the next all time soon if I haven't done your team yet I'm probably gonna do them sooner in the future so don't get mad I've never got around to yet but this is big