The ALL GOLD 99 OVERALL Squad Team Builder! Madden 19 Ultimate Team

every year Ultimate Team is the same thing people spend thousands upon thousands upon thousands of trying to get the 99 overall team and EA has the same formula they slow roll the overalls to make you wait the entire year making you build your team making you power players you don't want to making you use players you don't want to all for one mission the gold 99 people spend six to seven to eight months they spin the entire Ultimate Team cycle trying to get this gold 99 and then there's me I'd switch a lot of cars are out and then I'm lazy that's why I'm all playing with a Selim again that's exactly what I'll do it in this video looking for fast and cheap Ultimate Team Coins if you guys are feeling froggy and you want to leave make sure to use coal Vic at check up for 15% off everybody welcome back to another video today as you can see by the title everybody in this lineup has a goal of 99 except for one person Conda but he's still looking all night and I yeah y'all can say something bout it in the comment section I'm gonna just fight you we're gonna run to Fame cuz I'm not here at all these BS comments I wanna hear but yeah I just waited to heart of cars per hour and I had a bunch of cars in my binder yeah I didn't want to power up a bunch of players and awesome he's in Texas County where he has half the players I have the other half of players so it's like yo like people build these super teams throughout the entire year youtubers is cool cuz you make videos but for you know people that don't be video streams he's just like build up an ion team just to have it wait and sit there when you're like not using it it's just like I mean you can just do what I do save all your coins buy coins and then just buy a team in there and play with it – sell it they sell the coins after simple so this the squad gold night now every single player the fucking fullback the full-back is even a gold laid out we got Melvin Gordon gold now you know I had to get movin aunt lady I'm bill Keyshawn Johnson I and I know BEC oh oh my god used to Ottaway up same thing would ta like no backup no nothin nobody is not an and overall gold cy holding as well just came out rob grub Jeremy Shockey back up tight at right tackle gold gold gold this is right here listen shut up there is no left cars in the game that I can get to a gold night now Britney roof is and I now below let me show you he is a gold man now before somebody comments look go 99 it just says the lifeguards I couldn't really use him see before y'all leave a BS comment I've answered your questions shut up somebody someone else to comment it was like nobody dad dad died Vic shut up and I say I do it too much but sometimes y'all I gotta shut up whoever you are I don't remember your name but you're a legend save legal defense go go go go like I should have a ninety nine overall team because everybody's like Oh 99 like simply everybody go tonight on so yeah also I'm going to start another little miniseries with the golden anions it's gonna be like a three or four or maybe five part series so just stay tuned for that and I'm gonna use some of these cars in that but this is the gold the gold 99 honestly I want to put the controller down and let everything else just do everything for me that's really what I want to do and also if you guys this other coins mission slide on my PM's or Instagram or Twitter this team costed a lot and I'm gonna need some more coins to build more team so sliding teams if you got coins on ps4 only ps4 to frog threes don't even matter all gold night and I watch you guys they got a blue that now Europe peasant you are a peasant blue ninety-nine disgusting my not speed 99 stashed man and everything baby what's going gold I've talked so much trash about the Guster close formation and I'm running you know hilarious changing Vince trying but I see you Melvin can't just stay in balance oh you look at me stay around I got a gold nineteen out office and wine and I got can in case they don't know how to block and we just wanted get that block T WA or you don't eat out of Bounce alright fake not an aggressive I don't think he needs to be he did you steal all was stupid circle Teddy no way you catching me run my score 100 points i'ma keeping a being which I'm my score on it boys nothing you do will work bro ain't gonna be got a scram the quarter right oh you've done done you've done good right nope dives don't work against a good team stop watch this is a sec boom back keep that right there we get back you're back you're back you're back okay we switch them up just like that right no each dropped it all right let me a pic make it easy on yourself buddy make it easier yourself we throw a deep oh hell no how about say yeah yeah let him know what's up night rain look at them powerful this is why you don't let me get a goal no you're not overall team cuz then it's like you just each as king me winning is inevitable I fake ain't out an aggressive bit and you only rush agreed this is beautiful wait for it squared catch that gonna feel oh they'll spin oh I'm not gonna say it play nope not even gonna say it cuz they don't matter ya know they don't matter either listen me stop why are you pushing me I'm too nice for that bra she weighs listen right there meeting a guy Rock I'm too nice I know who guard to in the plaits this is why you don't give me a gold 19 I should have ordered the Infinity Gauntlet off Amazon order they're perfect for this videos and every time I score I would have clicked the light fuck if any other youtuber sees this video do that please do that idea for me do that I did for me if you do like all gold 1919 or like all that I team get the Infinity cut off Amazon and every time you score turn a light on please do that do that for me cuz I forgot you had pistol full house with Big Ben I'm shook oh yeah I'm really sure alright where you got look you got lucky he got lucky everybody got lucky every now and then oh you know miss him somebody gonna get there this might be a oh is a pass he Susu Susu pass so then it got sad hurt he fell right from my trap I bowled back you back rock we shoot I said before I'll split atoms on no no no no no no no no frenzy woo that's ramsey don't do that he'll not sure the karate all right let me see is he gonna bliss me again cuz if he's in man coverage I'll go back to the man karma dude was working a lot of cross the rasam man he dropped I'm trying to choose oh they'll deal I can't even cheese in peace because I don't how to catch bro alright this is perfect oh no you can't drop this this is we buy yourself thank you same exact play I'm doing the same place I am officially a mad at nerd for this video crossing routes glitchy plays blitzes men on overall team forced us to be in a mad nur fake he didn't fall for it oh you could he can add a sect everyone just kept she does you don't all right Melvin all the need to office salon all I need to preciate it unit is to stop playing I think he just stopped playing come over I give me keeping it tidy watch out you better teddy alright you hate it ain't nice Brian Duffy this is what it is I'm gonna do a droplet ran the ball three times okay that might not have been it just run the ball again dive if you pass the ball you're done bro Oh whose guard him I gotta make sure you throw the bottle because Williams dad met no no no no Sanders that's both in the way chronic is faster than oh no nice you make a sport football yeah give it back to me a gave back to me they notice that that wasn't right bliss me yes yes yes yes yes love I love you Striders networks ey t like it god oh no oh no buddy karna tobacco bet bet bet already across tripping tripping now dog I've never seen an animation but thank you give it back just you should add at the first thing sake yay jump yeah sorry you just let me get this touchdown of going about my day thank you you did exactly that appreciate you oh look at you after you go 99 that's cute we got some cute little uniforms on the purple the whitest nice bowl mix I like that sweet you almost know dad you up there give me them Melvin thank you any set up all right let me check aggressive he's nine I like that cool you put up a spy that's a bit love to feel all one up to fill our one square own Dale thank you sir all right I'm gonna start running the same play cuz I might be getting mad even though I don't kind of care cuz that's the point of the video I'm running the same place never mind we got a green box to the right Gold man down linemen oh this is easy just an easy one this is easy fake he's not an aggressive I'm a block sings I'm a black six and I'm a hope down Sarco keep going keep going keep going cross the route Doug tidy it's so easy to cheese I should do this more baby passing the ball haha oh come on come on come on so I always Inc lucky like that and he didn't get touched no he's not an aggressive but he just is getting crazy that's dude check down right there I could throw the Melvin but this is safe this is safe I'm literally running one play like this this is peak Madden nerdism this is what I'm gonna I'm gonna peek Madden nerdism this is like you just write one play easy thing he got a bliss more people or he got a drop more people neither one I don't never mind he could just bank on the past all right why is Lawrence Taylor so fuckin good against me all right guard Lawrence Taylor bet ya they locked up a chassis didn't that Dugas freak thing nah he's not an aggressive it's no need to be when Lawrence Taylor L doing the crazy shit like he does so trash let me get the six let me get the sixth oh no I should explain because now he's gonna get some crazy-ass pass rush oh no you didn't I see you Circle okay that's a hell of a throw Kail alright boom BAM right there down the middle that's a hell of a throw in that cage alright how much other on the bot it's just gonna spread his deal on spreads a deal I'm okay now you make me look stupid why are you that sprayable on Brooke wow you made me look stupid damn running the ball is helic truck it there's fuck you up Melvin get up get up run it back you not gonna just leave the field with him hating you like that nah not today not my running back okay I got some taking my three did nevermind well I wasn't ready I wasn't ready but my team is hey oh don't throw that don't throw that all right boom BAM yeah sack all right I want to see something I came out here in goal-line offense to see if I can run the ball against his news team I just want to see if I can run the ball let me see oh okay we got we got a few no we did I think they got a yard um all right third Thursday he wasn't ready all right three straight runs let's do that never mind fucking lost he's literally ruins every game my plate if you don't get time okay boom bail give me that that was such a bad throw it was perfect for me is this what you guys wanted you guys want to see pure domination I'm really guys like it when I went sour but this is beyond Chara where's this even far from me oh it's probably not and brought to feet the catch so far in this video do not make a run the same play like entertaining or interesting because I did I said just be running one plate into our again total ball away can't God uh this could go sour no it's not because you don't know what to do you don't know what to do he's so lost he's so lost no no guess you did it one time and I cooked you damn it he's not doing it no mortal you're down 12 running a body and go help Doug he's doing it again okay look we could have all these you can have a four or five yards keep doing it yeah keep trying eventually you'll get it eventually you'll get it eventually you'll get it how much time does he have no that ain't it no Ramsey yeah it 99 everywhere – like yeah all night I know protein I have folks I don't think I control or be much of an can't more than I just wasn't that game I don't think it gets any better I'm not a lot of men team but I mean I don't want to make the video like 15 17 18 minutes longer straight your man gameplay but that's the video folks hopefully other day if either make sure to drop a like a subscribe if you're new blackness and plays Nick until next time and you guys will see this team again would you guys like to see me troll with this team again let me know I might keep it if not then I'll just sell it let me know but super thick