Thanos: Team-Up Tales Episode 1 – MARVEL Strike Force

When I heard Thanos was joining our team I
was like, “Isn’t Thanos, I dunno… omnipotent!!?” Why would the holder of the ultimate power
in the universe even need teammates? Then it dawned on me. What he really needs, can’t be captured
in an Infinity Stone. Because what he really needs… is a friend. But becoming Thanos’ friend isn’t easy. And we’re SO different. He’s enormous. I’m average to slightly above-average in
height. He’s a Titanian Eternal. I’m from Toledo. He’s purple. I’m not. So one day, I said, “Listen, I know you’ve
made some mistakes. Perhaps you’ve wiped out the occasional
species and destroyed a solar system or two. But I still want to be your friend.” Then he turned around, looked me straight
in the eye, and said, “Hi.” It was such a small word, yet it meant so
much.” The more I think about it though, I’m pretty
sure he said “Die.” Yeah, that probably makes more sense. He definitely said die. Still though. THANOS!