Testifying about Jesus on LiveTV & They’ll Cut you Off – Honoring God through Sports –

[Music] name No [Music] so my teammates putting different eye blacks under their eyes and they’re putting like their mom’s name or their area code under their eyes and so I started to think you know how I wonder if I could put something atomized that maybe could encourage someone or inspire someone so I said well god bless I don’t know and I was like well Philippians 4:13 I could do that you know I can do all things through Christ drinkin’s me I was like out of you that would be good for a football player so I put it in my eyes and that’s probably a lot of you know Gator fans are very passionate so four or five six weeks later they’re selling it at the Gator bookstore at the Florida library you have thousands of fans showing up to games where in Philippians 4:13 into their eyes and I honestly believe half of them don’t even know what it means I had one guy his name was Phil come up to me and say hey did you wear that under your eyes for me like no it’s a Bible verse Jesus is better than anything that would give Roby you fit better than the Superbowl better than the NFL career and so any help coach supposed to say that that anything is better than the Super Bowl don’t Jesus first Corinthians 10:31 whether you eat or drink whatever you do whether you eat or drink or play sports or watch sports how do you do that to the glory of God particularly in a culture that idolizes sports and so many ways you pray and you cover yourself before the game I pray at least four or five times five step on the floor that’s awesome just just basically just keeping me strong you know cuz there’s so many so many things being thrown at me she on the court off the court you know sometimes what I do fall but I always have to remember when I stand I gave myself to the Lord wanted to be a Christian 2004 when I got married you know I kind of went away front win it win the University of Georgia 2004 I got married two months later me and my wife grew up in the church got baptized together and then and then I kind of went away from the game but then it grew more into it my mom my caddie yelled at me a little bit and so I’ve been stronger I’ve been getting stronger than my faith and reading the Bible more and more and I gotta thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ [Applause] this day means so much more than them putting on the street jacket in many ways all right so a technical glitch there from Augusta National but we will bring you much more I was getting ready to run out of the tunnel I really felt like God was putting on my heart to change the verse I think really right now and but I realized that if we one would be playing a national championship on one of the biggest stages that I might ever get and so that would be the right opportunity to change the verse I kept bringing it to my heart in my head John 3:16 because it’s the essence of our Christianity it’s the essence of our hope for God so loved the world he gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life it’s what gives us hope as Christians so I decided to go that and what goes into a streak to get you to the level you’ve been at on the baseline – that guy right okay thank you you’re not nothing to do with it makkya bike as Jesus Jesus always been there never leave you never forsake you [Applause] it’s simple you know Jesus saved us and Jesus is the only answer in his name to be like that perform and compete and usually gifts he’s given us in the right way there are priorities in life when I was here faith is first and foremost I do a little sign on the court every time I make a shot and make a good pass and I pound my chest and point to the sky that symbolizes I have a heart for God something that my mom and I came up with in college and I do it every time I step on the floor as a reminder of who I’m playing for and people should know who I represent and why I am Who I am and that’s because of my Lord and Savior so I can’t say that enough I went back to the dressing room and as I was walking back and filed to cool off started thinking cares about a stinking boxing match when I got money I got cars I said I could read I could retire and die die couldn’t fight it it just started to dominate my conversation I realized I was about to die in a dirty old dress room with all those homes I had right within my thoughts I heard the I heard a voice I said do you believe in God why are you scared to die and give money to charity and for cancer and the voice answered me right back I don’t want your money I want you and I remember tears coming down because I knew that was in my leg gave out of me and I said you just witness a miracle and you won’t believe it when it rushed me to intensive care I lost a boxing match but I was where I wanted to be in life and I’ve been telling that story since how you feelin your arm good leg Goods ready for the game I said yeah I’m good yeah Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ strings to me I love it well I’m gonna change that verse tomorrow night what what are you talking about you can’t change that first that first got us here big Guinness here so after a couple minutes of explaining it to him he totally was supportive and I understood him honestly after that I didn’t even really think about it I just went out there and tried to win the championship game we were blessed to win and two days later I was that ballyhoo restaurant in Gainesville Florida with me my mom my dad my aunt and coach Meyer and fries some of you have been to Valley who is not just sitting there eating a gripper and coach Meyer gets a coffee and he’s like uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh I buy it I say who is that he said that was Steve McClendon here’s our PR guy in Florida so what do you have to say he said did you know that during that game 94 million people googled John 3:16 and honestly my first thought was how the heck do 94 million people not know John 3:16 you can win and still be a Christian I’m sorry what was that in fact you can win a lot and still be a Christian in a positive light you can win all the time and still shine for Jesus so just like to thank Lord Jesus because without him I wouldn’t have this town to play tennis I just want to get them all 1 LCA Luigi mr. booth you know welcome wake up zombies your nose you’re aware of the growing interest in your backpack can you give fans at all she wants to promote me or humble me that his that is in his hands you know I don’t think God cares about a certain game or race or performance but he doesn’t care about the condition of our heart God has a purpose he bring me back into his kingdom to to use me to glorify his name – let them be the people know that there is God who can raise the people from nothing into something here – take a guess as to what they will actually weigh when they get into the ring tomorrow I was painfully honest about how has life changed four years ago I want to have friends around me in drinking and half girls are beside me in course gambling but then he says he heard the voice of God in a dream I hate to do that anymore and my heart is 1 2 – read the Bible when to obey God and that’s that’s my heart that’s how God changed my life the winner of the FIFA vote player 2007 Kaka a strong [Music] I’m not too sure about that his pecker seen on Fletcher we’ve seen a fake second he’s still going tonight is really special night for me because when I was young I dream it became just a professional player for some ball and play one game for the national team just it but the Bible says God has got mark then we can think then we can want and this is what happened we in my life thank you because God says he’s placed eternity in our hearts law all of us know whether we’re a profess to be atheists of whether we’re Christian told us no inside that there is a God there is something we’re had we’re here for a reason and the only way your vertical relationship can be made right just through the blood of his son by turning and repenting of your sins by putting your faith and trust in Jesus Christ and what he did on the cross sin that’s in us makes us do those things and the only the only salvation for this sin is the gospel the only way to really cure that was on the inside is understanding that Jesus Christ died for our sins and so to me on a micro level it’s understood it just like that hey friend one then Watson shows a hostile doesn’t give up on the play and he hit you Jesus Christ the apologies illness in Germany tonight [Applause] determining the why instead to employee great job anybody miracle it’s going but my lord might save you my rock might salvation give me the glory tonight and the mighty name of Jesus I thank you they comes to a stage in life where you’ve done basically if you will have been professional boxers as I’ve been 20 and I’ve been in the media since I’ve been 20 I’ve been a national star since I’ve been 20 or older or me fives them in live on TV so I’ve got a lot of media coverage and attention over the past six years so you can imagine the kind of stuff that I’ve got up to within that six years so basically been there done everything there is to do basically and it’s time for a change you know I’ve found God I’ve asked God to come into my life and change the way because I don’t like the person I am I like it when I’m doing it but after it’s done I feel guilty and regretted right so that old man has come have you do anything you can tell us about about love I’ve got lots to tell you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved is that your reaction to what people who want you off this party shortly believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you’ll be saved and what about you’ve been stripped of your belt that’s you must be very unhappy with that would to watch the reaction to that Jesus loves me and he loves you too and he loves you too he loves these people in here and he loves everybody in the world final message to those people who who have criticized you in risa there’s been a lot of criticism from people in signing petitions to the Scottish national people to all sorts of people yes just give us just give us your take on it do you stand by your comment believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved the only way is through Jesus into heaven that’s all I can say the eh-2-zed the Alpha the Omega Jesus is the way the key and the only way into heaven the evangelical is is the most outspoken it’s the most ticked to quote Mike silver in his view the most over-the-top which is the very definition of being an evangelical Christian and I have absolutely as a Christian myself no problem with that [Music]