Tennis World Tour – Career Mode Trailer

Today we’re going to be showing you Career mode in Tennis World Tour. This mode is unique – it’s comprehensive and just like what a real tennis pro experiences. Career mode is essential for learning all the game’s ins and outs and for developing your character. It works like this: once you’ve created your player, you start in 100th place in the men’s or women’s rankings. Your ultimate objective is to reach first place by winning more and more important tournaments. Just like a real professional, you have to manage your career and overall fitness by setting yourself a schedule. Months are divided into two periods of two weeks each. For each of these fortnights you have to choose several activities that you’re going to do. You can decide to play in a tournament or in exhibition matches, work on your weak points in training, or just rest to improve your fitness You have to be careful not to play too many matches: your fatigue builds up with each match, as well as from jet lag and because your player has to travel around the world. Accumulated fatigue decreases your performance and can even lead to injury. Remember to take it easy from time to time! Each time you win a match you go up the rankings and are rewarded with credits. You then get to decide where you want to invest the money: by buying new equipment, recruiting staff or paying tournament fees so you can play in the best tournaments. Equipment is a major contributor to the success of a professional tennis player. Over the course of your career, you will get new equipment through brand sponsorship contracts, by buying it with the money you earn or by winning prestigious tournaments. Even after you become World No. 1, the competition will be fierce. You will have to work to stay on top and accomplish specific objectives, like winning each Grand Slam or the Final Tournament. So your career’s going smoothly and your character is highly skilled? Then you’re ready to take on other players online using your avatar, with all his or her equipment and characteristics. Now you know everything you need to become World No.1 in Tennis World Tour.