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Welcome! This is your service movie. Today I will explain the service It is one of the most
important tennis strokes. It starts up the game and therefore you
need to master this You can split up the
service in sections>throw the ball up>swing>impact point. This can be trained! A weak service will put the pressure on you. A strong service allows you to dictate the game right from the start. In fact if you want to
master tennis you should train yourself on the service a lot as it is crucial for the game. You see that you will have to practice many times throwing and hitting
lost of balls Throwing the ball up is the most important part
of the service where you need
to pay attention to stretching yourself
out very well. You can in fact see that during ‘stretch and hit’ I am elevated above the ground See that I follow the ball after the impact moment following its path all the way The stretch-and-hit moment is in fact (in time) the longest part of the serv. You see that after hitting the ball I dribble forward following the track of the ball onwards towards the net So if you hit a nice good service you can in fact go forward immediately. It is in fact done a lot on… hard-surface courts where directly after the hit and proceeding forward you can finish the play with a nice (stop)volley. [music] About the grip; try to hold the racket at its very end. This allows you to use your wrist-action maximally during the hit. Lock your thumb so that the racket does not fly out of your hands. Make enough space between your long finger and index finger, your index finger steers the ball. Try and hold your racket a bit loosely don’t squeeze your racket. The service the grip the ‘continental’ grip holding the racket at its very end forms the basis of the service. Check the positioning of the feet The left foot should point towards to the right net-post. The right foot should be aligned to the baseline. [music] Starting position for your racket is relatively high. Hold the ball against the racket and strings. Hold the ball at your fingertips. Swing from the hip to the neck. So the swing starts the upward position going all the way to the neck. An important factor in the service is the high elbow positioning. Don’t position your elbow too low as you will not be able to hit with force. So together downwards pointing your racket at the level of your shoulders. From that position you proceed. Drop your racket downwards and hit from the neck position. Relax and hit through. You should not stop your movement. It should be one smooth continuous movement. [music] What is the most common mistake made during a serve? It’s how the ball is thrown in the air. and not pointing towards and following the ball after the hit. Also, not holding the ball at your fingertips and throwing the ball in the air in a rotating manner. These are the most common mistakes made. Is there a difference between the first and second serve? Yes a clear difference, the fist service is more powerful often hit a bit more ‘flat’ played with a lot less effect. The second serve is hit a lot more relaxed and calm often ‘safely’ hit. The more you advanced you get the better the effect will come into the service. You will then hit with more speed but still maintaining effect. Hold the ball a bit loosely hold the bal at your fingertips So don’t cover the ball with your fingers because it will not release easily. Your arm is stretched you move from below to high up releasing the ball somewhat at the level of your waist. Just practice throwing the ball in the air a few times throw the ball a bit to the right-hand position and try to keep and point your fingers towards the direction of the ball after releasing it, don’t forget holding the ball with your fingertips holding it a bit loosely. So in fact the ball is thrown slightly in front of you so you can fall into the ball during the hit. Here you see the start of the swing, the arms high up together at the ball, from here you start the serve pointing your fingers to the ball after releasing it form your hand, you can clearly see the racket ending up in the neck position, stretch out very well hit the ball at its highest point, using your wrist effect and swing through being ready to leave immediately. subtitles by ‘Shupak Business Support’ www.shupak.nl Copyright 2010 – www.peterwinnubst.n�