Team UK vs Team Rest of the World ECS Season 7 Finals Map 2: Mirage

yeah it's not this is gonna be on the rise I'm afraid guy I tried apparently what this wasn't allowed we couldn't change the map it was too much of a serious game so we have to stick with this one hopefully it delivers this is quite star the approach again for a contact B play my goodness yeah with surreal beating out it's like team now that take it in seriously they're running strats your set pieces coming in here oboe is ready with the knife underneath that jumping down right next to it's not gonna make it work it sees Cheney with two good kills but fallen he just wants more he just wants the best for of all time way across the best of two doesn't he I think he does he's doing a great job so far but it's man advantage right now he does even more damage towards death palms down all the back is aware right looking of course he likes his logo he does like alert but 1v3 he winds e's very patient he does arrive any situations as his first contact is gonna be with surreal here let's see how it goes oh he's got the deal I believe as well surreal not really the idea weapon for this but he's buying time he's just talking himself in and it will be death that's a great start for the UK right that's what they need is everyone by the roof box it's very good we have seen this before it didn't go too well last time on cobble with the four spy again coming in sponge again fancying the scout it's it's bold is he go with that Henry you do live with the man so I see sponge I live with sponge and he's a strange man but a nice one you know like he likes to keep to himself and the doors always locks and I just let him get on with whatever he's doing inside there you know like each their own but every like there's a lot of strange noises coming from in there I just kind of do my own thing like squeaking you know like kind of I don't know yeah all right well maybe report some of that in the future be have you lived with any interesting men in your life Anders I'm still hoping to I uh I've shared a shed many many a hotel rooms oh here we go oh oh oh baby oh baby oh god that was I was fine with that he had gone better he could've had the double knife Kyo didn't quite timely correctly I think it's gonna cost him around I think that's where I coach Bardolph obviously bought off page of this team yeah he kills thanks for working with him and they are exactly no chance of sponges then no chance I've shared many hotel rooms with semla back in the day oh I bet you guys what do you what do you do that's one of the magic moments obviously summer the big spoon as well it's tall man I'm surprised and I shared intolerant once with Steele with Josh in a German hotel that had a transparent shower so okay so a bit of a show every morning then you could see it all early early days and e-sports were different in a bunch of different ways in fact yeah it has changed a lot for the better for sure there's been a few for men in the hotel in my eye at 6:00 in the hotel but before yeah if some of the UK lands back up it's pretty outrageous yeah I like it it's cool it's a real vibe smoo yeah he'll be taken down by the deagle this is going to be a long round on the legs of things the bomb does get planted a Thomas looking a very confident oh so it's falling he is feeling it today it's a shame he can't be on the grand final State today he looks like he's absolutely ready for it but he had three on to get right Shazam just go to recover ten but that's really just gone gone missing that has it well you have to remember Henry fallin saving much of his energy to win the major so Connor who do you think's in a win the major and this has got a might be all locked in already yeah you've got to do it early or it's no fun okay let's go probably the vitality to be honest at the moment I like bullseye I just like to die room I can okay cemented himself is at the moment the second best player in the world under simple Henry you'd be favoring Team UK I've heard for that one yeah I'm gonna be investing in this project and buying out some contracts and this five is actually the announcement right now house coming as well at the end of the gaming house of every G to be based within Malta and these by players will be playing in the next major so this is what it's all about it's kind of see how I feel about the team so far not so good can can i because they can't be called team UK I think that the kid thinking we called Henry's Jesus heavens geez yeah we could do that Oh God that works as well forward he is ready to take down another a Sivir the looks of things AWP enhance depth is low HP he's gonna drop the smoke to protect himself here fallen can just smell the flag on the other side he's chomping at the bit to get stuck in fallen gets his it's gonna be get right taking away the fourth and quite underwhelming attempted UK never really broke out of the apartments it bombed down and smooth will have to do something absolutely magical a chance of a kill here I'm not sure there is he blocked in I've seen better be Russia's for sure better execute it wasn't up there with the greatest but uh spear trying to stop out a little bit here potentially I feel like it's watching down it wasn't so much a be Russia sort of not like a P excursion he had of like a good like a be viewing party you know you sort of show up and so to see what's going on or a bit yeah sort of like if a real estate agent is showing often property they so like well here's the blue pond all fallens there that everyone's dead yeah smooth running he's actually saving the weapon in the trauma me I don't know how do you feel about that I don't feel good about it I want to see people put it off the line I want to simply go for the won't be fires who want to really deliver here it's gonna make his way a good 15 seconds but I guess they'll be able to discuss their options here a nice shot that's more like your fall against the taste of his own medicine bro one of those orbs away and now there's trying to fend them off the best we can buck we'll live to fight another day they kill him now he gets no money to the next round he's aware of it there it is first round four team rest of the world will be fallin finding a lot of kills there is no problem for him look at it go one by one flashbangs this don't seem to be an issue for him and do your icon it wasn't the best there wasn't really enough pressure and it's fallen just hitting every single shot no problem but there is a decent by the UK smoo you're back on the orbit I'm excited for this one yeah how much Henry scale from one to ten eleven well that's very nice well now we're all the way up there at the meter there's a real chance here for a tie Henry oh that would be good now that's what everyone wants really isn't there you get a tie it's a closes is all out really satisfying pay off take a draw well surely they'll win some points for the next row match with the next season and then we'll have added winner at some point yeah it actually will get away like about three years or so but we'll see what can be done for for Thomas slowing it right out we're going for an a split agency – towards that connector that's gonna be smoother and death well three and one that's gonna would say they'll make their way through trying to sniff out this evening sponge you're just looking so good right now that gonna be strong affordable up here Cheney will answer back but it looks like the pen set is coming in from all sides of the maps for ya chance to get a couple of kills here he'll have to swear oh he don't hit forward that's not bad well he was aware of that that's another question oh that's great Wow nice stuff and smoo your hair putting himself at the shop-window corner yeah thirty seconds left as well he's putting himself in a good place to win this round for short some great shots there yeah showing what he can do sharing all the people out there that maybe it takes like twenty one seconds to run from like that side to the other side so you're gonna have like nine when he gets there it's really exactly where's about 31 seconds boys heyguys one bus is one get right one of the masses are clutch up against the UK heroes booyah both will be planted and this is where the game could change you'll get itself toward 2p apartments flashback available they get right is playing this perfectly he's already snuck across from the kitchen he's got this smoked 8g flashbang and of course a defuse kit smooth yet needs to win this for his team will be a financial disaster if he keeps it up both ticking away at some pace now but get right has snuck in right behind him smoo he has no idea he'll jump up will he see the power I think he has it's gonna be get right now all for diffuse in the smoke is it gonna be enough always missed the first short have to be the knife now it's not gonna happen it's gonna be camera in the phone that's puia he kept it up and you hate to see that guys I was looking so good can't believe it's not butter fuel that wins that one that's the best I can't believe is not butter people that's what we've got you Henry that's all I thought that's a good one we keep it out a t-shirt quick before let's get on sale all upfront let's go let's do it now sell a lot of round number six oh goodness actually gonna go for an execute here as well very fun yeah selling seeds before the smokes come down you like to see that sponge court underwear I know Bo gets taken down as well actually a pretty nice executor Henry this is actually looking like quite a competitive round we will see the first two kills make it three now for Team UK as they make light work of the 18th we'll be dropping ever again strong consolation for a birds all he finds it's gonna be a nice wave from TV UK that's more like it let's give him the support guys yeah you could feel it clapping styling you slowly there started to believe a little bit Henry I think that they're getting warmed up to the to the home team here taking on the entire rest of the world exactly certainly would be embarrassing if the rest of the world could lose to to these five players wouldn't it a lot on the line diplomacy ties maybe embassies closing yeah this could have some serious repercussions it will be surreal and Thomas just barreling towards that a bomb say offense is taking everyone down with at the wrecking crew that's a quick one that was that's what you want to see from the eCos head over and done with yeah five nine a stack towards a and a five-man rush and there you go we're will be team UK over very clean round and they're loving it having look at bottom left say they are themselves I will bring this up bottom left unit that you enjoy these cameras movement more than the forehead first-person cameras we normally seen I think this is better I think you're right because the the way you tweeted about it yesterday was the fact you can see the reaction of the guys not playing and that she means more to them I think they can actually move their body they show their emotions the guy playing he has to be ice cold and there's focus on the actual play itself so yeah sure he might he might smile that's about as good as it's gonna get but the other guys can scream and stand up so I agree with you this should be the best way to do exactly look that's going to 4-bit straight up like where no smokes down does if they go Thomas looks very but bitch it with the ak-47 same story for surreal we didn't see much from him on cobblestone but this seems to be more of it stopping he's going absolutely every frag available get right gets the taste towards the kitchen position and oboe we know he's decent we know he's got talent that he's got four players to find on the other side here bombs down he has no cure and he's still gonna give it a go not too small yeah covering it well what I'm really excited about Henry what's really got me all fired up now oh yeah it's the fact that now that team you here winning this much in the first half already off to a great start I mean for those halftime interviews we're gonna have some fire answers like me I couldn't there were a little bit you know dissuaded yeah but now I think they're gonna be on light but it's gonna be all confidence yeah guys when we do the interview halftime like make them feel good about themselves obviously a little bit shy the answer they get laugh at their jokes cue the big round of applause every single one of them it's an intimidating stage to be on we want to make sure they feel like they're our home and you guys are supporting them Team UK here remember they really are fighting for our rights here that everyone there's not a single but Pro out there that believes in the UK they always telling jokes about as they're always making little little comments Anders and I know you're one of them so I think you don't pretend you're on our side I know your update it's um it's sort of a you know it's the stick instead of the carrot Henry I've I've been secretly a supporter all the time I've wanted it to I say I see I figure if I if there's enough embarrassment enough shame on the side eventually someone will try and fight back although it's been almost a day but any day now one of these day any day it'll turn off it'll turn around what will make it happen I absolutely agree we'll see remember guys let's make sure you K feel the love before we get into over for now and it's going to be an eco play hippler ctz I've actually got it down to a three versus three with a bob wanted to wield and Shazam else named locking horns and it's gonna be the CTS now with the advantage but not for long mr. Butterfield will be taking down sponge I really don't understand if my last name was Butterfield that would also be my in-game name sure disappointed you think killed by butter foam yeah that would definitely definitely worry me almost he's got some gray in he really does it's kind of disturbing to consider his age isn't it you know this is pretty scary but yeah is a very bright future ahead of him for sure his mum was here as well too so yeah you look super confident as well for I'm not sure if he touched it aid like local lands before but I feel pretty sure this is the first land it's uh it's it's quite a it should be quite a scary thing I was definitely quiet onliner in my time I didn't perform well on land so to see him doing that glad you have it up yeah I mean I thought I was the best online I think the land absolutely okay so here we go toxic online a table yeah it's a great all-around it's good for yeah I shall have to go like I really respect the jokes aside 15 years old performing the way he did on the big stage you gotta love that so wait is that when Henry took you under his wing yes essentially I got him with the wrong crowd at the beginning yeah we we say is it a nice thing which is rough people got it but I just he turned 18 and that's what we kind of said look you know what kid you're all right we'll look after you and here he is today that's inspirational yeah like we're taking care of him making sure he's gonna get right he's got the position he needs to get that next kill surreal he'll be going down it could be up to death now to try and answer things back five versus twos Thomas and smoo you look like there are a lot of trouble mr. Butterfield himself will have to step up here before load display too quick and you're just joining us this is the best of two so I'm not sure how that would work if UK to win this map but that's a win right for us I guess so yeah wins the last map like you you know essentially I suppose I'll take that I guess what ad with the rounds over the act they've got the most rounds right that will be yeah that could be one tiebreaker yeah if you come up with a budget if you want I think most knife kills yeah that would be a good one I'm trying to think what else could be most fist bumps most fist bumps yeah we can go back and count them most replace those three queries you definitely win unders you'd be number one in contention about I do like a round differential yeah so that's we're gonna combine all the rounds together fifteen seven under personal yeah so there you go so UK needs to keep it at least 16 766 they whip you know well there must be another tiebreaker if it's also sixteen seven right yeah I guess I know it's gonna happen it's why I thank you Kay win 67 I could just feel it already and they're well on their way but now team UK with the bomb down flank coming in there's another flank going on and B that's mr. Butterfield I can't believe that oh oh dear mr. Spock slightly curved the old Ozzy he's gonna be leaving his seat ease now and a thrill and so it doesn't look like it's enough I'm afraid death has got the locked in Shazam those so aware his teammate and was actually dead but that doesn't stop that pull up nothing you can do you care running away this on a CT sided map boy said looking rather better squad yeah from only reset them there and this could be yeah they have a little bit that can probably force a bite together what you do see over on mp9 save the observers ground look very good jakey in the background no overview saw the smoke or the Molotov Jackie yes it's JP he's a lovely man he played with me at the beginning of the year you know yes yes the German painted me inseam UK himself he's a great you had many a matchmaking and faceook games with which a key as well he's a great guy yeah very nice good observer remarkably calm in the face of it yeah he played in the team room here to talk about we have the grand final he was very basic about this dress that's all a lot of people screaming out in him is there a lot of screaming a lot of a career not arguing you know this usual we'll leave that for another time as we see a bit of a mid take here from team okay what a field that didn't he they Molly window Shazam falls back and we are into a forum for this is looking pretty good for T me okay all right now you impress Henry I'm very impressed I can't believe the level of play they bringing to the table we're all and having over a spots and at this point they're heading towards a who's waiting for them it is the big man himself but this is one of the most difficult position the for table you got no utility surreal will be trying his hand towards me that's a bit of a fake we call that just showing a bit of presence there Butterfield now in towards the vent position he might better lock them if they go for the vent it's gonna be difficult school murder holes sometimes of a reason now lovely shot get right go stamina but fallen still in towards the palace this is where all could change as we get into his presence is gonna be shown and now he has a bit of an advantage here this kill might decide the routes punch doesn't fancy it makes his way back to his jungle they have no kids he knows it is wike sin to be very active at this point we can see the shadow dance punch oh we did not Julia takes him down and forward remember prime position to i-25 deny all of this what is he doing get to the Intel by jumping that was pretty smart to be honest I swear he was trying to just noscope him Joe did definitely get a shot as well but yeah that was actually pretty pretty good by Rory there and nine three it's Team UK it's definitely looking not too bad they seem to having a great time on there you could really tell the dev they're back enjoying the game it's all told clicking at the moment 9 to 3 the rest of the world kind of going to hell that'd be true we will see shotguns scouts aww piece of the tea site up against pistols might not be working out for them but it's gonna be smooth over he's been spotted already if he comes back out that could be all Shazam needs you certainly setting it up looking good right now a little bit of a ping there I'm gonna get it just yet smoo you know was he's been spotted try and see the get to flash himself into a better position he doesn't realize that he's already little located this is gonna be a bit of an issue isn't it which is Sam with the deagle def on the other side that's gonna open it up and they somehow fight their way out B now it's a 2-1 to they could definitely get this bomb plant oboe I think just spotting them out a little bit causing a bit of trouble here 50 seconds left and he's just supporting it out where that Eagle doesn't really want to commit maybe calling for him to help and oh but they shut it down they turn that around pretty well too before I definitely aren't gonna come to your butts here and doesn't want to see some replays of the Falls enormous surely but that was that great two before and here we go here it is the replay all that shot is just disgusting is he cheating that's what we need to know it does not stop here nice shot there as well well it will be rest of the world at least pulling some kills back in their favor it's gonna be ten three overall go back to the flash attack one looks and things double flash from the a wrap from def they'll jump out at the palace to what smoke called CT usually we'll see who works out for them shady to provide covering fire from the Arab Nick at the flashy so who should be affected by the too badly ripple spray down smooth like butter field he'll get three of them and Shazam will get the fourth kill it's gotta be she's had to close things out as well that was just beautiful really well done wasn't it enjoy I enjoyed the casting that I was good at yeah I like that I'm taking notes just that all cutting through them like a knife through butter field apply that to so much because you think if we do it enough we could make to change his name and pension I think before we could it's nice it's really great it's a new chant for it though that's the thing right okay yeah has a ring to it don't you hate to be straining that second player through first like it makes it no problem and then you just fall right through the cracks you think it's cleared baby Oh again they turned it around here three on three sponge though it's pretty much all done for him in my opinion on this round okay although overs now it's now up Toboso as he comes out window okay sponge let's get on sponge here we go let's see money to know sponge cam he's looking very good at this point there is counter grenades he didn't want it to land near the opposition it's just a distraction at this state it's century topic dancers got no choice he can't swing out of this yet you take the spigot a bit sponge can't find the aim and there it is rest of the world will be left with just four rounds in total it's gonna be eleven four in favor of TV UK look at this split the difference here if they win the pistol if they can win their 16th four guys they win the series that's just such a strong point yeah that would be a real upset we may have to start imposing tariffs still like a lot of blood off open quite a good sign but everybody add this signs other any creepy bear stuff going on Creek creamy bear can we get a creepy bear side mate for the final please I need to make sure that supper get on at your best artists get your parents that has been our ends now with the has been a brand that's been attempted for a while alright I've got a special treat for you guys getting your photos on right now I know you're up to we've got a very special interview with Team UK guys make some noise make the peel our home let's go over to pile on the stage no doubt Henry a very special interview in coming with Shanee what's going on on Mirage everything's good everything's going good for us surreal what can you tell me about this matchup so far well it's just on a normal map so it's easy for the team UK yes come on all right smooth what about you I mean is a normal map so it's pretty easy they're not so good on the normal maps you know their fundamentals are a bit off they have pretty bad setups and now we should be very easy pistol serious this time I was before I said they won't get any rounds but this time they won't get any rounds then 16 4 and I must go drink some beers anyone drink some beers in the crowd right now having fun Thomas how is it going into Mirage after coming off that devastating loss on Kabul yeah it's pretty nice I didn't I liked it yeah Henry G yeah it's pretty nice I like it final words with you I don't really rather not all right what he got for me smooth yeah he's got a head shots aplenty with the scout he'll be taking down OBO it's gonna be the back 10th version towards B I would be calling a safe at this point of the UK but surreal he doesn't mess around with that whatsoever simple proceed you hit the pause button already fighting much of apartment a couple of scout kills but that's probably where it ends the batter will be put back into the field for one more time we're doing it a little compilation then he's 18 and 5 swinger it's not about fallen levels far from it in fact but it's working something that they're headed in the right direction what was the score was it 16 7 that they needed again yeah 67 was the score rest of the world in the first Henry I don't want to upset you but I don't think that's gonna be working out for us we could just call the gg that shut the server down and say that's it thanks for playing everyone no longer possible for you to whisk it off just pull the card down get off the butterfield get off that strat was disgusting says death roll from smoo yeah so are they running strats apparently well I don't know you're the analyst Henry you to you you you help us out they are dropping everything here we got to see smokes at the very stars smoothie is gonna be struggling with the first we are gonna see molotovs exchange over making his way up towards our connector mac-10 long known for its range but luckily no armor has surreal so he does get the first oh my goodness Shay need you got anything left maybe gets another one of those we're onto a winner here towards the apartments they're not gonna happen but it does just smoothie up churning the button on the other side that will see whether that scale has anything left inside and now bombs be planted yes Maria goddess – oh you guys last time we were here the major right you were nailing those smooth your charm this is week where this flu your chance now where where are they it even worked coming heat madness could you take us away could you leave the bid swear please come on you got this man listen you could do it there are broad recordings of this Henry people are gonna people are gonna bring it this is creamy bath thank you so much that's the best side of the day you got a special prize from Anders himself he'll be coming down and delivering some sort of prize I believe I'm a Brazil butter I'll tell you but Anita's coming down all right we gotta have one good smooth edge on here before the end of this game I'm gonna try my best I'll lead over half – we'll see whoever if he gets a big moment if he gets like three kills in one round we'll do a proper smoother chant okay we're gonna blow the roof of this joy there's the first with you two more for this chart I'll start it off wait until wait until he gets the third and I'll start a chant okay I'll make sure it comes to life I'll carry it but he needs two more kills buzz this could be the second he's got it here we go get ready ladies and gentlemen get your vocal cords warmed up against fuya he might actually go to do it in the first round of this challenge [Applause] there you go very nice all right why did he give it to give it their all here we go what about making you on what have you ever thought about that what's a new one what could we do that there is one in the back that I've heard a few people do okay I'm not gonna carry out but I'll tell you how to do it cut the crowd towards that we don't so you go when I say smooth you say yeah okay hopefully the crowd yeah I'm not there to try it but if you want to give it a go okay I'll take I'll take the ante down if he gets two more kills and I'm not sure they all heard it but all right I feel like it's pretty self-explanatory but this is an eco now we're gonna see 36 scoreline remember UK they get this a 16-6 victory they actually win the entire thing so this is quite exciting here this is all on the line good sponge though one more kill Henry that's a double how has he done it is that it yeah all right let's see if he can close things out oh yeah all right you like that all right it's fallen you got anything left I don't think so Samui is coming for you and that's gonna be all right guys when I say swoop you say yeah you say yeah that's gonna be the new thing now forget about the other one that's the new smoothie channel I love that what they're gonna have to do I forgot about already 14 sink salute sir you can find it that enough there to rounds will do it the author Thomas it is a bit of a piece on maracas SC Delano smokes it's in a lot you guys are getting paid can you please pick your windows max please just all birds holy let's make sure that lands doubles snipers set up thomas with your sniper a weapon I don't think has really seen its full potential 2013 it was a big deal get ready to use it a lot I feel like it's got a place mu you can bring it back for a while right down the gauntlet now it's going to be round 15 on the board at no P one more 20 take the series that didn't think they could do it Chad birch was got other ideas with those walk Seminole stickers trying to live in the past it seems time soon remind himself for who he used to be and this is a sign of it oh that's your now he is on his feet he wants a couple more here that's a wonderful shop and it will be round 21 pressure applied back to UK if he gets this one round he at least ties up the series that's all rest of the world need here he's there gonna be the Fallen as well two of their greatest minds of counter-strike history being game leaders trying to outsmart the UK opposition here some great for head cams coming in as well as you can see oh yeah double for head doctor double just when you thought it couldn't get any better and Shanee does take down one so it is on for himself here he does he's not gonna rid of us about this guy top Nate surely Rory he hits it this time he doesn't miss it this time that small head has been removed fifteen six score line UK need one more they can do it if they win this round they win the series if ever you guys really get excited with a killer start telling Vuk I need to blow the roof off this joint okay tape on four three aw jeez and an auto sky with a lot of that god you're right poor spy place okay then guys this could be the finish we're all looking for if ever know the chance to close out a game this would be gonna be smoo you are looking for successful final rounds here there take the entire thing the trophy and the million dollar prize balls booyah that's the second it looks like it might be another it's getting scrappy though just now biting back if they win this round we'll tie WK have to close it now – buzzes – Oh Bo has to be site grenades available either side as old Shazam sports more dropping down but at least be aware of it has to nail this short no damage done ball rolling it's gonna be surreal keeping the dream alive they have to win this one nothing else will do 67 to beat and it's gonna be depth to go down surreal now we really need him to step up it rest of the world win this it's gonna happen we're gonna go 16 7 I can feel it already and I don't know what that means you'll literally be a draw but surreal still winter it's not gonna happen the nightmare and is about to go down we're gonna get the dead draw I can feel it already if you just flip a coin yeah rock paper scissors at the end I said this is gonna happen I warned everyone I think he's actually gonna have I think it was a draw Henry we play a third map yeah I guess so it happen to bring a wildcat maybe product yeah some of the really really good ones I do wish they would remake prodigy I would actually that would make them excited please don't what for all the wrong reasons people might be listing and as they might not be take it seriously these guys we might still be okay that are you okay I'll back it this up controlling it death let's go for the secondary this shot guns are doing all the world Shane's over another kill here as well he's pushed off wood short he's got the head shop and [Applause]