Team Thor Part 2 ft Darryl (Doctor Strange Extra)

The hallways were dripping
with blood and gore. And then I removed
the villain’s head from his body. His guts flew everywhere. (CACKLES) And, of course, I ate his eyeball. So he can never find his way back
to the halls of Valhalla. (LAUGHING) I guess I’m just taking a break. This is very different, but, you know,
life is about new experiences. And this certainly is one of them. Anyway, I ended up here in Australia and moved in with Daryl. Hello.THOR”. We split the rent, of course.
Divide the duties.
Clean. Daryl cleans the toilet, mainly. ‘Cause you do most of the damage
in there. (CHUCKLES)I’m a prince from another worldand I’m used to giant,
shiny, golden castles. So this is kind of ridiculous -in a lot of ways, but…
-(DARYL SIGHS) You know, I’m managing. Thor’s great.
He’s kind. He’s very strong. He has a particular point of view. But there’s another side, which
I understand, it can be frustrating. Connect four. (SIGHS DEEPLY) He’s massively out of touch. Just things like this.
He destroyed Connect Four and this has been in the family
for quite a while, and I can’t tell him that sort of stuff. I just sit here cleaning it up.He just doesn’t seem to have
a concept of time.
I said, “Bills are due fortnightly.” And he really deals with things
in centuries, I guess? ‘Cause he’s often said,
“I’llget to it next century.” I can’t, uh, pay rent with these things. One’s a pumpkin,
and these are Asgardian coins. They’re not worth anything. In Asgard, those coins, these coins, are worth
gazillion human dollars, okay? There’s a gazillion, you’re rich.
There’s a gazillion. Gazillion, gazillion, gazillion. – No one will exchange these.
– Go to the market. – Set up a store, right?
– Yeah, yeah. Asgardianware. Previously owned by Thor. I’m a celebrity.
That will sell like hot cakes. You might need to think about
(STUTTERS) getting a job. -(LAUGHS) Get a job? You serious?
– Yeah. I have a job.
Do you know what my job is? I save the planet. Maybe you should get a job. Hmm? – I have a job.
– Really? (BLABBERING) Hitting the machine,
with the words that come out of it. “Ooh, this is knowledge.
Knowledge is power.” No, it’s not. Knowledge is not power.
That’s power. The brain is a muscle. And that’s a muscle.
And that’s a muscle. And they’re all muscles.
This is all muscle. So I am covered in brains,
and I have more brains than you. So do you think
maybe we could just think about… I think we need a servant. – I don’t think we can get a servant.
– We should get a servant. – I don’t think we can get a servant.
– Yay! It’s settled. We’re getting a servant. That came out of a conversation about
me saying, “Could you pay some rent?” And then his next thought is,
“I’llget a servant.” I don’t see how those two things
are connected. THOR: So, Shane, it’s nothing
too hard, really. The usual stuff. Polishing this guy here. Cleaning my armor
after adventures and battles. There’ll be blood and sweat
and grime on them. Sharpening my swords,
writing of my legendary tales. But really, Shane, the main thing
you’ll be doing as my servant is to get a job and to pay my rent. And you’ll be paid in Asgardian gold.
How does that sound? Excellent. Oh, you’re hired. Now bring me some more mead. DARYL:He’s essentially
an illegal alien.
I’m dreading the knock on the door and his reaction to
“Where’s your passport?” We were all the best of friends. And then they had a disagreement,
stopped talking, and there was a fight. But not one of them bothered to call me. And that’s just one thing
that you’ll have to learn about life. That friendship is not forever. That nothing lasts. Nothing.THOR”. Earth is a place
that I’ve come to love.
And I feel it’s a second home. And I’m very protective of the humans because they’re so helpless
and ridiculous. (INHALES SHARPLY) Let’s go to bed. – It’s just me and Daryl now.
– DARYL: Yeah. And we don’t need anybody else. Just“ Just best friends forever. – We’ll have to get you an outfit.
Maybe a cape or something. Yeah, whatever. What about this?
Do you wanna try to hold that? (LAUGHS) – As if.