Team Spotlight: TrueOrigin

TrueOrigin What we’re trying to do is
provide the provenance of everything so items going to consumers but also information
that’s coming from consumers back to those businesses The last few weeks have been
a bit hectic and a bit crazy We got incubated by our university We found a lot of students a lot of people who are really excited
about what we’re trying to do Right now at the amazing EOS Hackathon we want to take our company
from an early startup to something that can
really change the world and be a very investable company With TrueOrigins’
product authentication network we sync all of our information
in our databases to the EOS tester It feels really good because before, we were just students like, we have some ideas about
how to change the world I guess it sort of like, validates, like anything can happen if you put your time in it
and you think it through and you actually have a good idea and you know, you believe in yourself you can take yourself anywhere So it just feels amazing to be here, really We enable businesses to provide
high levels of quality assurance and empower their customers
to keep purchasing with confidence I think that the value that I can gain from this type of convention
and everything I can learn will just be a win, in and of itself