Team Spotlight: Chestnut

Chestnut Chestnut, in a nutshell, is your suite that allows you
to access the EOS blockchain So we imagine it initially as
a way to manage your crypto-assets with similar security features
that you might be familiar with from your regular banking system It feels like I’m in an incubation program
that was supposed to be a year long and it’s just been crammed into a week It’s been an amazing experience, not only
to see other teams progress in parallel and kind of be like spurred on
by their energy and enthusiasm but to have the confidence
that we really are building something that’s gonna have a big impact and that
we’re gonna take to market, you know past hackathons as well You may have heard of a smart contract but Chestnut is the first smart account We got a lot of positive feedback after London how our project is really needed
and the industry reacted positively so we continued looking at that like,
“What are the pain points that need solutions?” and we looked at the business implications,
financial model and developing the actual product For Team Chestnut, this is absolutely the beginning of our journey We just did an official announcement today that we’re going to market on another sister chain so it’s really exciting to not only be competing here but to be taking the first step forward to making it as a real business Imagine a world where interacting with blockchain is as easy and intuitive as browsing the Internet perhaps so much so that users don’t even
know or care that it’s powered by blockchain The EOSIO platform has given us an opportunity to create account security like never been possible before I think a lot of us here are- share the
same ideology behind why we’re in blockchain and we see that bigger picture
not just the Grand Prize at the end of the road