Team Killing: Learning to Live with Betrayal in Gaming and Esports

when you play games online that require teamwork not everyone you encounter will be on the same page you've got your slimy cheaters okay I hate this game the brainless feeders and perhaps the most despicable of them all the double-crossing team killers team killing can be found in everything from first-person shooters to real-time strategy games to battle Royales to even MOBAs like league of legends I'm gonna kill my teammate but where did this taboo practice come from and why is it ingrained in some of eSports biggest games the fuck are you doing team killing is rooted in friendly fire a military term that's been around since World War one but was first introduced as a video game mechanic in the mid 1980s one of the earliest titles to incorporate it was Konami's jailbreak a 1986 police brutality simulator loosely based on John Carpenter's Escape from New York what made jailbreak unique was that as players made their way through the game it became increasingly important for them to exercise trigger discipline because if you accidentally kill the civilian all the sick guns you turned would be taken away fuck off a lot guns the ultimate test of the players moral code came at the end of the game though when they were forced to decide the fate of the kidnapped prison warden you could save his life with carefully aimed shots dude that huh or shoot indiscriminately and make that donut bomb explode second wording in time friendly fire against NPCs became a staple of arcade games but it developed into a problem with the rise of cooperative beat-em-ups in the late 80s and 90s for games like Double Dragon Golden Axe Battletoads and Streets of Rage among many others the inclusion of friendly fire not only up their difficulty but also created tensions outside of the game as well fuck is your problem but if accidentally blasting helpless NPCs or starting fights with your couch comrades wasn't enough the emergence of online gaming in the late 90s threw open the floodgates for aspiring pranksters [Laughter] goofing around like this inevitably led to griefing which included everything from general harassment to exploit abuse and of course betraying your teammates for the sake of your own reuse Minh and although we've seen team killing mechanics used this tension devices and more recent squad based multiplayer games it was really counter-strike that first adopted friendly fire as a core part of its experience in 1999 with the absence of mid round respawns and the potential to harm your allies players couldn't just blindly shoot at anything that moved on screen instead they had to rely on strategy communication and more importantly self control we lack discipline however despite their countless hours spent in game even some of counterstrikes best players have occasionally fallen prey to our natural instinct to shoot first and ask questions later I see those pistols in the apartment oh my what is what is going on right there Dennis gets the better of in their twisted support well there's really hard spots where your two against five what the hell do you do they have no idea where is second player looking to play make a championship play here pop it they don't know where he is yet oh he's killed his teammate mister real but it's no good for bet he's got to attack where's the communication they're talking by pigeon mail with significant cash prizes and trophies on the line most team killing incidents at the pro level can be written off as purely unintentional shooting your teammate isn't part of the plan but in the rank obsessed matchmaking cesspools that you and I are drowning in it can be a little more devious now sporadically damaging a teammate or even killing them can be accidental it might be the product of bad aim poor timing or just general miscommunication and as long as the offense isn't repeated and some semblance of apology is offered the act can and should be forgiven what's reprehensible though is when it's premeditated and done for sport oh wait hold on a second oh you're on my list I gotta do this dude sorry you're on my list oh my god now as funny as these clips are from the outside when you're the one being betrayed and your team's chances of victory are being sabotaged it's no laughing matter to discourage us from exacting vigilante justice on their servers developers have come up with various solutions like reporting systems vote to kick options or extended timeout penalties but sometimes that's just simply not enough in Rainbow six siege team killing became such a rampant problem that earlier this year Ubisoft introduced a clever deterrent for would-be betrayers so you'll get a warning for dealing damage to a friendly teammate and then once you get sanction any damage you do will be reversed unto you yeah and there you can see clearly there's a indicator that you know you're now in the reverse friendly fire danger zone s and then your next kill will kill yourself that'll last for the entirety of the match and it was important to make sure that the lethality of friendly fire it was still there but we're making sure that it doesn't affect other people's games despite the best efforts of experimental initiatives like this some of the responsibility for cleaning up our games still lies on us teen killers feed on how we react to their annoying behavior and by blowing up or retaliating we're only helping them get their rocks off holy is it on one hand completely removing friendly fire from these games would be an easy fix to the team killing problem but on the other it would be at the expense of there's skill ceilings and the potential unforeseen drama that the mechanic is able to produce NARR PK he minute just to get on the flank so they even this up a lot sooner than it should have potentially happened bomb doesn't even get planted so this looks very good for Titans suddenly our potato that's the wrong player he kills his teammate and snacks capitalizes that to disaster this is your teeth one of his better buffs oh my goodness Choksey does get zip NYX but NBK decides his life is it worth sticking around he'd rather watch from the sidelines no question I'm sure it's gonna be hard thing that could happen five mortals at the end of the day team killing is arguably the most heinous act players can commit against each other in game and while it started as a funny way to mess with your friends and became a difficulty raising elements or it's also mutated into a reaction seeking toxic epidemic that's capable of harming otherwise healthy communities so in short don't be a prick play nicely with others and communicate to your best ability use the reporting tools we have at our disposal and please just please don't be that jackass who ruins matches for the sake of a cheap laugh two L's lay too not just move to the right of it you're blocking my view so perfect a 1986 police brutality simulator loosely based on chart yarn carpenter the fuck to battle Royales to even MOBAs like league of legends dry in between there don't mistake okay the ultimate test of a prisoner ultra test of a prison drop the soap that's the ultimate