Team Ingebrigtsen – Season 3 Episode 1 (English subtitles) HD

And long jump now, Henrik Ingebrigtsen!
That’s what we need! Team Ingebrigtsen impresses
a whole world during the Doha World Cup. He will arrive on time! The father Gjert trains his children.
Targeted at the World Summit. We have three brothers from Sandnes
in a World Cup final! In the year leading up to the World Cup the family gives
Ingebrigtsen a unique insight – – in what lies behind the effort. It goes to hell! You run
faster than you recover. With Philip and Jacob
I do everything possible to keep track. Philip has full control … Filip is the disc!
He’s a damn fucking dick. -The more shit you have, the better the result.
-I’m following my big brothers. The world record holder becomes
passed by Jakob Ingebrigtsen! -Did you choose someone who’s gone for six months?
-No no. Good bye. Family life and boyfriends must always leave.
for the rigorous exercise regime. Look how nice she is. With three European champions in the siblings – – has little sister Ingrid
also decided to bet. Not sure Girl-Ingebrigtsen is jumping
as fast as the Gutte-Ingebrigtsen. And there are more runners on the way I’ll be better than my brothers.
At least Jacob. I have to hit his record. -Here.
-All the letters! “I was wondering if I could get
their autographs and a signed photo. ” After all, we must fix them.
They have to get the whole gang here. Every week there is a mail to Jacob. “Please
Send me your autograph. ” “I’m a big fan and want you
all the best in the future. ” Then you have to sign them. After Jacob won double gold in the European Championships,
there is a lot of focus on him. But I do not feel
that Jacob has become high on himself. I feel he is the same.
For him, there are only milestones along the way. After the European Championships, I just wanted to
to run more races. I do not feel I have achieved success.
At least not in relation to what I want to achieve. Get up to speed.
It’s going to be terribly late. -You are good as you are, Henrik.
– More pace and more power. After the European Championships in Berlin, I felt
that it didn’t take much – – because it had gone really well.
With a 4th place and a 2nd place. But it’s still a confirmation of – – that I have a lot left to give
at both 1500 and 5000 meters. Oh, that fell … Just what can happen.
The reigning champion is down! -Now that Filip!
-Filip! No! Despite Philip being a big favorite
At 1500 meters, the European Championship was a big downturn. It has to be sewn.
Oi, oi. It was so bad, yes. There were two things that were the problem. One was cut in the leg, which was
so deep that I had to go on antibiotics. In addition, I had two broken ribs,
which hurt me a lot. When you are a big favorite
and get such a blow in the face, – – you must have a good psyche to recover
through it in a sensible way. It’s been three weeks since the European Championship. Philip has one last chance for the season.
to show what he is good at. As third best runner
at the 2018 world rankings – He has qualified
to the Diamond League Final. Last week it has been pretty good. The defect in the two ribs is much better now. I’d say 9 out of 10, maybe. -What did you have now?
-1.30. I think it went fast. Filip has been tough after the European Championships. He has
reacted to the antibiotics he was given. I discussed with Philip
whether it was any intention to go down here. He was determined to come here
and perform at their best. He feels crazy talking.
He’s like a newly released calf. Be eligible for Diamond
The League Final hangs high. If I do so well
as I want today – – and preferably take the trophy,
it will mean extremely much. -What do you say?
– Go fast. I never go slow.
I go all I can. Normally, I would argue
very good in this company. If everything is normal. There I see the rest of the gang. There is a certain risk that several of these
is far over the top for years. Use your head. Right? A beer, Carlsberg. Filip feels good and believes
this goes all the way. But the fucking reaction to the medicine,
you do not notice it before it slams. So if he’s right
and the body is wrong, this will be fine. In the finals, they are performing with the best results.
All through the season The first prize is $ 50,000. Philip Ingebrigtsen back.
after rib injury – and problems with the body
reacted to antibiotics. There is a huge momentum here,
to under 3.30. Philip’s got a great position. Patience now, Filip Ingebrigtsen. Let’s see how good the body is
answer as they increase. So goes Manangoi and Cheruiyot Then Filip Ingebrigtsen falls back a little
can’t handle it. It’s still Cheruiyot and Manangoi
the best in the world. Manangoi is picked up by Souleiman
But Cheruiyot goes in at 3.30.26 Philip Ingebrigtsen will probably be # 7 here,
at a high of about 3.34. The fucking antibiotics. He was missing 200 yards. They are not out of the system on him,
the stuff of hell. So annoying! That’s what I was afraid of,
that he should feel better than he is. Then you become # 7 and get $ 1,000.
Damn exciting. What noise like that, Tone,
when talking on the phone? Had I known they were giving antibiotics
when they were sewing, I could stop it. I said that on Saturday at training.
Something’s wrong here. He should not measure 12. It’s pissed.
I get so annoyed at us. It is nothing
the doctor can do something about it. We have to know
that it goes to hell. Had things been
as they should be … Fuck, so! Not good enough, but fine.
Better than European Championships. Should have had another week. Why didn’t you protest
on the antibiotic? I did it.
I had no choice. You and I did it?
I told him: Philip does not tolerate antibiotics. I did it before I took it.
But he gave me no choice. It was so much crap,
and the wound was so deep. Damn fucking. Yeah, fucking annoying. Nothing else. – But health is more important than jumping.
– Not in the European Championships. If I had got blood poisoning, it is
worse than making it bad in the European Championships. Then you could just go home.
You know how to react. – You have to try anyway.
-Try what? Fighting against your body? It is an excessive risk compared to
what you put in from work. I am jogging. The 2018 season is over
for Team Ingebrigtsen, – And they spend two quiet weeks. In the house in Sandnes
a big upheaval happens. Philip has decided to move to Oslo
together with his girlfriend Astrid I feel it has been
an ambush attack. Filip can train over there, in Oslo. No, it’s completely different
climatic conditions there. He loses the opportunity
to train with the siblings. I know my kids well
and know when things are not right. I see it in training and when I do
look them in the face, if something is wrong. When I don’t see them in my face every day,
it is difficult to see if something is wrong. My biggest concern is
to make training programs – – not in style
what they can provide there and then. I haven’t thought about that. I have
always thought: He can train there … Exercise is much more than the physical. Exercise is the life you live and things
you choose to do or not to do. I don’t think Filip waited
that dad should agree, – – but come up with a powerful reaction.
And he was right in that. When Filip moves to Oslo, he will be enough
very conscious of his refusal – – all my negative claims
related that he lives in Oslo, not here. He doesn’t want me to say:
What did I say? But I’d rather he was here. In addition to becoming an Oslo citizen
Philip finally has time to get married He and his girlfriend Astrid
has been engaged for two years. -Are you ready?
– I’m pretty ready for the church. But I have to read through
the speech a bit, I think. Hi! Now I’m going to get married in an hour,
it says on Facebook: “Astrid + Filip”. Now I was nervous. -Now you got a little nervous?
-Yes. I’ve been with Astrid
for just over six and a half years. We have a lot of the same values. She makes me happy
to get up every day. Then, Philip, you can for the very first time
allowed to kiss your wife. Astrid is a lovely counterweight to that
I come from and what I do. There are a lot of people and a lot of control. One two Three! It has that calmness and stability
has a lot to say. So … I have to take care of her. When will you be gone? In one hour? I’m going out for you a little bit.
And jogging outside. – Six miles?
-Not so far. -Ten?
– Maybe two. Living here makes a big difference – – and in a pedestal apartment
with mom and dad. It is a great freedom
Living for themselves and having their own home. The resistance Gjert had
towards me moving there all the time. But as long as I have results,
he is mostly silent. Nice for our day. Not like in Sandnes,
where there is only rain and wind all the time. After all, everything new and change is a risk. But I might get some more ownership
to what I do. It’s a little more on me. It’s a lovely feeling,
but also a little scary. I have to be sharp all the time. I can’t slip away from anything.
It stands and falls on my choices. Since Philip moved out, it has been
a vacant room with Tone and Gjert. The tradition of faith does not take long before
A new son finds his place in the basement When you get old enough at home
with us, it’s almost a routine – – that they are moving down in one of the apartments
with his girlfriend – – and become cohabitants for a period of time,
before moving on in life. Here is the entrance. There is exit. Here lives my mom and they.
Bathroom. Big and nice. The bedroom. And Elisabeth. And food.
So this is “the crib”. Now I’ve finally become real
cohabitant with Elisabeth. Very fun, something she and I both
likes it very well. Not on the rice! So, yeah. Thank you.
And then I want to have the punch. Ketchup too? You have to mix it?
So it becomes a soup. That we moved in together was mixed
opinions on. Mom and dad … But we would move in together. -What is the best thing about living here?
-The best thing about staying here is … That couch. And that we can live together. No fuss, could eat what we want … Something Gjert. Yes, that’s fine. Now you start again,
take away the food before I’m done. I need training. Team Ingebrigtsen is now entering
in a very exciting time. The big goal of the season is the Doha World Cup Who has the lab?
Did you find the lactometer? Hello, hello! Are we ready?
It’s starting to get closer. Now, Gjert got some little attention. 67, Jacob! As Team Ingebrigtsen is ahead
Both World Cups and Olympics for the next two years, – – is Gert’s training program.
more long-term than usual. Most of what we do,
is about a two-year perspective. The 2020 Olympics are on a horizon now. Do you have one or two left?
Two more. It is extremely exciting.
First Olympics for Jacob. A revenge sucker Filip after
a negligible outcome of the previous Olympics. And revenge for Henrik. So it becomes …
The 2020 Olympics is the carrot coming. In a month, Henrik will.
be a father for the second time. He must again unite.
maternity time with elite commitment. -Error!
– No, that’s right. It’s wrong.
This one first. Get the one you want, Olivia. Hope it gets as fun with another one,
not just howls and screams. After all, Olivia was very decent
To have to do. If it becomes a screaming kid,
it will be his Liva. Then I take Olivia. – What’s the book?
– Should Mom read? Mom and dad.
Who’s Mommy? -Ma …
-What does Mom have in her stomach? What does she have in her stomach? Baby. As my arrangement is now,
there is little risk of – – that another child should go beyond the commitment. There is a greater risk
that it goes beyond Liva. It may sound a little brutal. But we talked about it before we had kids.
I have to make difficult priorities – – which may not work
fair to her. But if I can jump fast, – I have to bet a hundred percent.
Otherwise, there is no point. The slightly quieter period is using Gjert
to new challenges and tasks. In addition to having a full-time job
and a coaching role for the kids. – today he’ll make his debut as a writer. I came up with the good idea
To publish a book. There has been more work
than I had imagined. -Hallo? I>
– Up and jumping? Yes. You, then? We sit and pose in line. But I have to
Don’t make me up before I’m on the radio. I plowed through the book on the plane
to refresh the memory. -So you’re happy?
– I’m happy with the book, yes. I see my own voice. Here you have
a simple and easy to read book, not complicated. Not a lot of tables and baskets,
training literature on piss and nonsense. It’s about some things,
family things, feelings, how and what. It is really a love book. -KjÃ|rlighetsbok? I>
-Yes, I would say that. What direction?
A hairless city to drive in. -Thanks for last.
-Welcome. Sorry I was a little late today.
As far as I can tell. The most common view is
that I’m chasing my kids – – around the forest
on bicycles, skis, or in sneakers. It must be a signal we sent, – – which causes people to misunderstand.
That you are slightly in excess engaged. William, are you going to find clothes yourself?
After all, you should go to kindergarten. – Yes, I know.
-You know that. Gjert is driving too hard. You get to work when you are free.
You think that’s the way it should be. Now you have to go and eat with
Ingrid. She is a tired girl today. Now Jacob is attending school.
It goes fast, you see. Gjert has a huge responsibility – – like we in the family
may not think so much about it. A little the same as I do at home. Everyone sees that it slides fine, but man
Don’t think about how it’s done. Hadn’t done,
it would break like a deck. Mom, the one you just took,
that sweater is too small. -You mean that legogen?
-Yes, that’s who I mean. Parents should be parents, not coaches.
An extremely difficult combination. I’m looking forward to it,
where we can only be parents and children. They seem to believe that I am
the best trainer they can have. But had you asked if I’m the best
Dad, I don’t think the answer is the same. Get up, Ingrid. Straight up!
Stand a bit like that, fit on the butt, right. Not lady movements. Ingrid is now 12 years old.
as old as Jacob … – when he seriously made the choice to bet. She trains seven days a week and follows
the same training program as the brothers. It is not normal to have three pieces
in the family who are European champions. To me it feels like they are three
normal brothers, but they are not. Now I still train every day. Sometimes I think: Today I just wanted to
released training and done something completely different. But I know it’s important to exercise
as much as possible when I’m small. You should try to develop heart
and lungs as much as possible. Of course, I want to show people
that i can do something even if i am a girl. Looking far ahead at an age
of 12-13 years is difficult. I think the most important thing is
To convince her – – that what she puts into work,
is like putting money in the bank. Interest comes on that money.
Not today and not tomorrow. But there will be a return before or
later, if you are willing to stand in it. -Alma has a colorful jersey …
– Listen now, Henrik! No communication back and forth
when you are training. Don’t talk about anything but exercise.
Now we have to be focused on what we do. -I just finished 20 reps …
-Not talk about life like that. Don’t talk about what we should have
for dinner when we’re training. What should we have for dinner? Pizza? Can you take the box a little further away? Take it! Are you going to jog,
then either there or on that side. It’s approaching the last of the year
competition, European Championships in terrain, – where both Henry,
Philip and Jacob will attend For us it has become
a milestone for autumn’s job. A lot of work has been done
before the European Championships in terrain. So you can see where the condition is.
There are long distances: 6, 8 and 10 km. Last year I became No. 11. It was the best
Norwegian location ever. So maybe top 5.
Then I’m a little cocky. But that is clearly a goal
To be top 5. In Oslo, Philip is also doing his last.
preparing for the European Championships in cross-country. You’ve been running a bit of hiking before,
or not so much? -No good experience with that.
-It has not gone so well? One time I ended up in a hospital
because of some heart issues. I was so tired
that they thought I had a heart defect. I think it can be good. Hope to be
near Henry, maybe. Nobody expects you to do very well,
since you’re not used to running it. If you have the day,
you can do pretty well. But don’t you have the day,
it is far to the end. How good must I do it for it to not
have been unsuccessful to move to Oslo? According to Gjert, like?
What do you think he expects? Do I top 20,
I haven’t gotten any worse anyway. No, then you are on the same level, maybe. I think you have to be top 10
to make him happy. No Norwegians have come
in the top 10 in history. In that case, everyone must move to Oslo. Astrid is among Norway’s
fastest short-distance runners – – and give to her husband.
good matching in training. Astrid has been a top athlete
for many years and exercising a little with me. Having someone who does the same is great
different from having to do everything alone. Okay. It’s time -To … the race?
-Now it’s a race. Do not pat yourself on the thighs.
It’s not that serious. Whoever loses has to make dinner. Without Astrid I would have had enough
struggled to motivate me – – to live this life
as extreme as I do now. It was the same.
Then the next thing applies. -Who was it?
-I felt like I was losing. -Ah! Shit!
-Do you get a little annoyed for real? No, you’re good at it.
Shall we try next? Chefs at training when she is with. And she gives me good matching.
A bit annoying. – You get washed if you take it down.
-So you’ve done it before? But I think I have you
on this one, that is. That was me! That was me! Yes! – Or was it the same?
-We were very smooth, then. But do I have to …?
May I say what to do now? No, I’m asking what happened. But the intro, then?
Must be: “Hi, now it’s vlog.” Elisabeth and Jacob have a project:
to start their own video blog. Now they will make their first
elements of the European Championship in cross-country skiing. Now we will travel to the Netherlands. And I’m going to
run two days in Tilburg. The most important thing is with. Almost minus-
degrees, but the overall suit is most important. -What shoes should I wear?
-I’m the one who has to jump. Not so important what to wear.
Mom, stress? – It’s not going well.
-Did you steal Liva’s camera? – Must hurry and pack.
-It’s you waiting for us. The taxi. -Update?
-I hate running. I, too. It is nice. -However, you have to try to go a little slower.
-Saktere? Stay tuned for your watch. – It’s not fun to do everything so quickly.
-We must do it when we have the opportunity. Are there three we need? One for each running boy. Poor Jesus. -Why is he so sore on his knees?
– He should have crossed up there first. Jacob!
Now it’s getting dark. We’ll check the trail. For the first time
I see it outside of film. Here I will win tomorrow. No, you’re not going anywhere! – No one was impressed by it.
-You have to get some speed. And then it’s straight down
in the pond. Elisabeth! During the European Championships in cross-country, the elite gather
of long-distance runners in Europe If you walk on the right side of the tree,
it’s a really … tight corner. Henry’s 11th place last year was– – the best Norwegian location
through the ages at senior level. I said I was faster than Henrik. In the junior class, Jacob has taken gold
two years in a row and is the sun’s favorite. It looks like a cool run, a little difficult
with swings and ground and a bit of that. – But I think I can win.
– So good. I’m not very good
on long terrain runs – – but I’m trying to improve
where I have the greatest potential. I aim to reach the top 10. After the gold medal two years in a row?
Must say it was defensive. There is a press conference.
Everyone wants to talk to the boys. Everyone wants to know what they think and believe,
and “what are you feeling now”? No one asks what the mother feels and thinks.
No. That’s it. It’s swings, bullets,
up and down, back and forth. I like that. Then you get to break up
rhythm a little. It suits me fine. -Tittei!
Do you have to say this to Dad? -She has a Saturday gag.
-I haven’t bought Saturday good. -Can he get one of you?
-Yes, I want it. – Everyone says my stomach has sunk.
– Not everyone has a clue. You have to run fast tomorrow,
So you can do it I think I had managed to run
away from home before the baby arrives. I don’t think so
Olivia, should we cheer for Dad? Heia dad! You’re kidding like that. You must get ready for bed.
At least get her ready for bed. Can you say good night to Dad?
-Night, Dad! Now it’s finally competition day.
It’s half past nine. I’ve been eating some breakfast. Elisabeth has been there
since I got up. Are you tired? -Jakob!
-We are going to jump now, Elisabeth! Get up! -How do you feel?
-I know me well. You’ve come to the track
and is ready to go, ready for action? I’m excited. Jacob is first in the junior class
and will run 6.3 miles. You have to try to get there
through those harassment stuff. And do you see that there is room to leave
When there is a round left, so does it. -Juckle soft on the starting line.
-Jacob Ingebrigtsen! If you hit the start line, you are a number. It’s a battle for the positions. He didn’t come out very well. Spain runs away, a few meters away
to Bibic and Jakob Ingebrigtsen. It’s just getting stuck in those backs. Now the Spaniard springs from them. Tougher and tougher in the front. The question is
if Jacob is just lying here. It was a huge leap back then! Yeah, sealing the hat now, at least, Jacob. He’s not ridiculous.
Inebriated in some way. Now it was Jacob. No …
He and the Spaniard. A speed search here. Have you sat down?
starting the decisive move? It’s been a few seconds hatch. Going towards goals now. Come on, Jacob!
There he comes! Oh my God! Come on, Jacob! The Eternal Junior is running
still like an adult. Congratulations on the European Gold! Look here, yes It didn’t cost him a lot of calories. -Are you so happy? Were you so happy?
– No, I was not happy! With three straight junior gold
in the European Championships in cross country – – Jacob writes again.
into the history books. In addition, there will be team gold for Norway. Laggull! He has to get dressed.
Can anyone tell him to come in? -Fantastic!
– Three in it! He’s going in! Don’t worry about him.
Just take it easy. How will
the whirlpool hold for 10 km? It gets drunk. Henrik and Philip will run 10.3 kilometers
a distance Philip has little experience with. Filip has participated once. And then he got
heartburn, or heart problems. So it was a very scary thing. As a 1500 meter runner you have big
respect for over 10 km in the terrain. I’ve always been technical and fast,
but fell through at longer distances. Compared to 1500 meters it is
almost another sport. There I pose as underdog. There is more to try
Keeping up with Henrik. On your marks! No super start of our boys. There are experienced runners we talk about. Is Henrik in Group Two? Henrik struggles a bit, it looked like. Now Philip is in front of Henrik. -Henry down at 25.
– Can she train for the medal … – is about to leave the platform. Philip is in contact with a tet group.
I think he runs smoothly and well Come on, Philip! Heia Filip!
Heia Filip! Go go! Something’s going on.
The e-z car has seen a significant speed increase Now, hang on, Filip,
because there are more people here now. There is Philip, in control again. He is in fourth position. Behind Kimeli
and the two from Turkey, the car and Kaya One more round!
Come on, Philip! Now you have to take it! Philip is there. In principle
three times Kenya against Sandnes here now. Into the finals Filip! Filip! Filip! Filip! Come on! It’s just Kimeli
who almost has contact here. He has bitten his teeth
together and join. Then there might be two more.
in the battle for the gold. Into the final. Now you have to give us the answer to
if you’re the best at the rally. Philip against Kimeli, who has
the best ending? Don’t you just take it, Philip?
You’ve looked like a billion and had full control.
You probably have in the end, too. Filip Ingebrigtsen er
European champion of the terrain! Finally, Filip! Finally! Henrik in to an 18th place. Henrik said that before he ran,
that it did not work. But Filip would take it …
– He deserved it. But that’s just about a 1500 runner
To take home the European gold in a 10 km. I had that goal
not to be so far behind Henrik. I quickly realized that goal, I managed,
so then I had to come up with a new goal. Congratulations on gold! Is it possible?
What is it that I was born with? Two European winners left. My God, so! There must be something right we do, Gjert. -Have done.
-Have done a lot right. Fantastic. May I be allowed to
Give my boy a hug? Fantastic! – It was impressive.
-When did you think I could do it? Last round? I was hoping you could take him to the spur.
But it was … It was fun. – Fun to surprise.
-You were a little surprised yourself too. Hard to say how much
it meant winning the European Championship in the field. All autumn I was
very revenge-sucking. For the 2018 season … It was so much crap.
It could have gone so much better. Good, Filip! Finally, give me five! It was really cool to have it. Filip Ingebrigtsen! Sent a small scare
about what’s to come in 2019. -Do you wear makeup?
-No. -What’s going on now, Liva?
-Now I’m in the air. Something strange happens to the stomach.
There can be rides, nothing. Air. I’m tipping air. – How’s it going, Liva?
-I’m fine. -How are you, Liva?
-Very nice. -And the baby?
-Very good. Do you want nitrous oxide,
just for the kick of it? I think I’m doing well.
Look how nice she is. Can we see the jumping foot? There it is. Big big toe.
She has got it from you, I think. – Do I have a big big toe?
-Yes, see! -You’re not pregnant anymore, just ordinary.
-I just gave birth to your baby. Olivia, where’s the baby? There. -He is mine.
-Is that your baby? I’d like to thank … beep … Gjert is nominated for
The coach of the year at the sports gala. We are no longer a cross country nation,
but a sports nation. -You can’t say cross country.
-Of course! -You say cross-country skiing is crap.
-Not that cross-country skiing is crap! – We’re not a cross country nation anymore.
-I know. But you can’t say that! During the indoor European Championships in Glasgow
gets Philip a dramatic start. -Philip is a disc.
-Again? We’ve been through this. Yes, but he’s a damn fucking dick.