Team Darryl : Grandmaster moves to Earth (Post Thor Ragnarok)

So my last housemate
left all of a sudden, but, fortunately, through my work,
a position came up in Los Angeles, so I needed to find a new housemate. Hello. The Grandmaster was the only one
who answered my Craigslist ad. LAUGHING Imagine that. I was the only one. Well, lucky me. DARRYL: At first, I thought he was just
another Hollywood-type person, then I realized he was more than likely
from another planet. I like learning about your culture. Now, what do you call this? -Toast.
-Yes. I come from Sakaar.
It’s a haven for lost things. That sounds kind of poetic, but
it’s really kind of a catch-all place. And now, without boring you
with the details, I had formerly,
and for rather a long period of time, an assistant/bodyguard named Topaz. And now, you know,
I’m looking for a new assistant, and you know who seems
to fit the bill just perfectly? Believe it or not, it’s Darryl. DARRYL: He’s starting to make me
dress up in Topaz’s armor. He ’3 getting me to do
a lot of things for him. Do the dishes, drive him around,
and also do his laundry. He says he’s over one million years old,
which I find hard to believe because he acts quite young,
almost immature. He is a really nice guy. It’s the first thing
I noticed about him. He ’3 very charming and persuasive, but sometimes,
he completely loses his temper. Damn it. God damn it! I don’t do this for everybody, but I’m going to share with you
some of the drawings that I’ve made here in Darryl’s house. They’re all of Darryl. Now watch this. So here’s the first one. I gave him an extra-long tie.
Tickle, tickle, tickle. This is Darryl on a horse.
Oh, he’s so happy. And the horse has my face.
Did you notice? That’s also Darryl as a crying cyclops. Oh, my golly! Well, look at this. Here is Darryl asleep right there, and, of course, he’s dreaming about me. My eye fell upon him,
and then I kind of knew it right away. He’s kind of like my muse. He just interests me strangely. What am Iworking on
at the moment? Well, um… You know, I’m fixing to move in
on this new planet. Now, I’ve kind of taken a liking to it. So I’m gonna rule Earth. DARRYL: Lately, he’s started
talking about taking over Earth. I’m not sure how he would go about
starting to take over Earth, but we made a video. Peoples of Planet Earth,
my name is Grandmaster, and I’m about to become your ruler. Those who resist me, let me say,
will become melted. This is my melting stick. Yeah, if people displease me,
I can melt them. How many views have we got now? -One.
-One? That’s not bad. That’s just us
because we’re watching it. Maybe you need to refresh the window. -Okay.
-Okay. -And how many views do we have now?
-Now we’ve got two. Ah! Good, good. Two, so we’re…
Now we’re in business. That second one is us, too.
We’ve seen it twice. We might need to make another video
advertising the original video. You know anybody who can play music,
some of your work friends? From the top, ready? Three, four. MUSIC PLAYING Nope,nope,nope. CHUCKLES Wow, David,
why are you playing a zimbeldorp when we’re obviously doing a zets? Why are you doing that? I don’t know what that is. SIGHS All right, from the top. One, two. One, two, three… I don’t wanna go to sleep
without clearing up a few things, okay? I wanna apologize for melting David. We might wanna call his parents
and just let them know. I guess I should be the one to call. But can we practice
what we’re gonna say… -Practice calling Mrs. Richardson?
-Yeah, yeah. Okay. Ring, ring, ring. -He||o?
-He||o. Who’s this? This is Mrs. Richardson. Oh, Mrs. Richardson… I’m not sure
that’s the best way to start. Well, let’s see what happens. You try to channel her…
Mrs. Richardson. PURRING How are you, Mrs. Richardson?
You can call me Grandmaster. Mrs. Richardson, what are you wearing? I’m just wearing a nightgown. Oh, you’ve got to be kidding!
What color? -Uh, blue.
-Oh! That’s my favorite color. Mrs. Richardson, David’s melted. MIMICS WEAPON HUMMING So you may be wondering
what will become of Darryl when I take over this planet. Well, he’s going to, uh, rule beside me. Well, he’s gonna stand beside me
when I rule. I’m gonna be ruling,
but he’s gonna be standing beside me. DARRYL: I don ’t like saying this, but you look at him,
and he stares right back at you, and I can’t tell if he wants tojust hang out or melt me. I love you, Darryl. Do you have anything to say to that? I love you, too. I didn’t force him to say that. That warms me terrifically. Thank you. I think… I never thought I’d say this, but I’m really beginning
to miss my old housemate.