Team America: World Police (4/10) Movie CLIP – Egyptian Rescue (2004) HD

( still playing jaunty music ) Gary? An infidel. Kill her. Gary? ( over intercom ):
<i>Sarah to team america four.</i> What you got, sarah? Gary isn't in the tavern.
I think he may be with– ( static crackles ) Say again, sarah.
You're breaking up. Joe, do you copy? I'll get him. Lisa? I lost her. It's all right. We'll kill these guys, Then we'll find out
what she wants. Right. Hey, guys, I think
we should pull over. Pull over?
Yes, of course. Pull over,
let them pass us, And when they turn around,
we charge them. I love your balls. Shit, they got by me. Uh, what are we doing? This jeep is filled
with explosives. We're going to take
their lives and our own. We're–?
We're gonna what? Hang on, joe. Die, infidels! ( <i>bold, noble theme playing</i> ) Surprise, cockfags! Terrorists:
Aaaaaaaaah! All right!
We fucking did it.