fifteen girls ten douchebags and one game tinder in real life buckle up cup so the ground rules are simple walk up say one sentence about yourself and the girl or guy across from you will swipe left or swipe right yeah hey what's up everybody mister boy Jake hall welcome back at the team tent Channel today we are playing tinder in real life we have a bunch of people here today including team 10 members and we're gonna see who swiped right and who swipes left on who people are gonna get their feelings hurt today that's gonna be hilarious I love when people get their feelings hurt and everyone laughs at it let's do it Cougars going first you have to swipe on all of us pay into part of the guys because her gender is bisexual all right okay so the guys are me Armani Brandon out there and round on round one let's get it high [Applause] yeah that's gonna have to be a no bro you see you know it threw me off I need a man that knows my you know take care of oneself well how does what I want to get John maybe if you didn't drink would have been different okay I know you do party a lot though all right stuff our money I paid for a tender premium IPA someone else's why pray all day for me and I just check the matches later and work it out from there but uh see do I stay late so I don't have to get laid I can't do the lip thing often 21 I have a girlfriend but I'm just looking for like another to join Sooners great guys you really find quality where my future man's gonna be okay and you're beautiful but I just the one-night-stand thing it's just not my thing you're all little girls so I just I'm straight I'm gonna have to pass swipe left just don't I haven't tried but like I feel like the boat I love the beanie keep going it I'm sorry what was your name there leaner I can't do the whole like mumbling thing you just I don't have to swipe that's fine a round to comment right up Jackie's gonna be the judge right now hi guys let's get some matches here we go I'm down for that I'm gonna haven't done it before but I have told boys that I have so oh right [Applause] guys see that's you look at Thursday's house you said right right right like had me you psycho I like that in a blue hair baby oh ho gosh I tried that before and we could look good together right yeah I think she's really trying to smash me I'm real thirsty right now I think hey hey my name is Austin while your eyes are incredible I have a great personality well you know just because you pop up with my feed that probably means that it's meant to be and this whole like Earth the energy thing we're pretty much in alignment so that's gonna have to be a swipe right I mean my dad walked in on me giving someone from tinder one so you know I feel like everyone's being too honest here this is getting ratchet maybe even like naked pretend like we're having a sleepover and see what happens yeah yeah yeah I haven't had like that face yet so let's go so I can have them right baby go that's right buddy you got this but it is my delivery that will go south car rapid I should go like going like play play play not to play though nice guys finish last how's it going I'm a straight-a student grew up in the suburbs with a nice and we gotta have three dogs at my house and an all-around loving guy I really tried that don't like me I told you nice guys finish live where your work be a dick I don't know man I don't know round three round three round three round three let's go melih Donna's up next round three we all have we all have that was that again we all have one match let's see let's you prevail in round three that's a Chico's I mean a little hairier that I would like but honestly Swiper not on you on him what stuff so I like to party and I got really sick dance moves like check this out that could be us that can be us okay okay can you talk about Armani don't break the sign don't break this I know Manny we can't work oh yeah I'm friends with Jake think he has the dog so if you don't be J dog you know like in the wise words of ariana grande thank you damn just a little bit and you don't smash tonight can i phone a friend like really quick mommy mom oh okay around four come on baby all right around four Mikkel is gonna be judging hello this one might get a little cocky so like should I be like no you should be honest for sure yeah you should honest I'm just checking the lighting on this camera really classic Dan that's crazy this lighting is good all right cool let's go I am Jake I'm in the twins [Applause] [Applause] what are these people thinking man there was something to Vegas of those sick events basically all you got to do was quite right to get on the guest list I mean I'm down to party I like to party [Applause] that's how i'm way too many times for guys charlie ask her like i don't like stinky boys get out of here my clothes white less awkward yeah you look awkward I've been meeting girls oh you know you're up was filling me after that they definitely smash before so let's see what happens you come here often media right [Applause] no no and it's time for round five round five I'm gonna be the judge sorry time my premium membership right right right right right minutes a it's a give you a sip your bio that's right right hey you delete the app but I already got a phone messages just poppin today must be looking good today come with my heart job I love McDonald's right and now I thought who's going somewhere else with that I like your band-aid I'm a swipe right and all these entities though oh if we break out well this problem is that when I have broken up with my girlfriends before they've all dropped songs about me you're right but also they I'm just gonna have to swipe less you don't want to break up song about me if it wasn't if you weren't that that's right [Applause] damn girl keep that PG that's dope kind of yeah is there like a maybe button cuz I just don't know I don't know like about the sugar daddy thing like I I'm sorry aunt Hannah Lana Hana Hana Hana I'm at snow snow plan yes I right yeah oh my god you swipe left on me so stop it's you know oh man this is getting out of control thank you guys for watching get yourself some merch the fans were like oh backslash team 10 I love you guys so much we just got a new drop that came out thank you guys for participating we love comment down below you guys want to see tinder in real life part 2 way