Tampa Bay Rays Fan RECAPS Game 75 vs Athletics (TB 4-5 OAK) | 2019 MLB Season

terrible all right early in the game the Athletics take 1-0 lead on a solo home run forget who it was by netting later the Rays responded with a Tommy Pham solo home run the game is tied at 1-1 all the way up until the night betting three score 3-3 scored three runs and I think take a 4-1 lead anytime you have a free 2-1 lead in the ninth inning you should not lose but oh wait we have Diego Castillo for the first day's batter of the ninth inning Castile walks him the next batter he strikes out the next batter he walks and that right there is when we should allow coverage come in but for whatever reason the Rays continued to believe in Diego Castillo he has sucked all season long this is like the fourth or fifth time he's blown a lead he sucks there's nothing else to it he sucks and so does the rest of the Rays bullpen we are now 2 & 8 in our last 10 we have a great chance tonight to start again on a winning track but we give up a three-run walk-off home run to Chapman in the bottom of the ninth inning Oswin it's unbelievable it is it is beyond me how the Rays continuously believe in Diego Castillo and like I said it's just not Diego Castillo it's this whole bullpen that sucks if the Rays end up making the playoffs if they ever get out of this damn slump and make the playoffs which they should but I just don't know because they're really streaky team if it does happen we will not go anywhere say we make a one-game wild card start Morton or glass now we win that game we go to the ALDS easy but in that ALDS we lose because this bullpen has proven all season that they are one of the worst of the majors chaz row i'm sorry chas blow sucks diego castillo he's one in five now he's blown like four leads in the ninth inning he sucks Jose Alvarado he's been terrible I don't know what to make of Kittridge yet he's probably average for a reliever I like Jalen Beeks Jalen Beeks is probably the only reliever on the Rays that I like Ryan Stanek he's not bad why didn't you put in it but as long as we have Chaz Rowe Diego Castillo and Jose Alvarado this team will go nowhere come October it is embarrassing it's so embarrassing to the point where you just want to look at the Rays and just laugh despite there being 162 games in an MLB season teams consistently missed the playoffs by just one or two games so if the Rays missed the playoffs by one game I'm gonna look back at this game right here and say you Diego Castillo oh and another one Austin Pruitt she is awful so you've got Chaz Rowe Austin Pruitt Diego Castillo Jose Alvarado all utter trash I mean they're all just trash they are not major league level pitchers and if the Rays want any chance at making a playoff run you better get some relievers at the trade deadline that's all I have to say so with that being said the Rays slump continues we are now 2 & 8 in our last 10 we dropped the first game of this four-game series versus the Oakland Athletics in walk-off fashion the Rays offense has been awful recently they need to get some more runs in they need to start hitting more and in the relievers they're not gonna help you at all you can't put your trust into them at any point in this season they are all bad the only three that I would put in is Jalen beaks Ryan Stanek and drew Kittredge all the other ones are below average and they can they consistently blow leads so that's all I have raise up raise lose will we ever win a game again this season we'll see you tomorrow we'll see if we can actually win a baseball game disappointing as hell but what can you do