Tampa Bay Rays Fan RECAPS Game 66 vs Athletics (OAK 4-3 TB) | 2019 MLB Season

on an opener day the Rays fall to the Oakland Athletics four to three bottom of the first ending Tommy Pham homeruns 1-0 raised in the bottom of the fourth Willie Adamas steals Holmes in the fourth inning it's 2-0 raised in the top of the fifth a chat appender singles jerks and pro farce scores it's 2-1 raised on the top of the 6th the Athletics hit a two-run home run taking a 3 to 2 lead and it would then be followed by a Chris Davis home run doubling the race score making it a 4-2 game in the bottom of the 9th the race got a little bit of momentum Willie Adama singled drove in Brandon Lau but that would be the rest of the game 4-3 is the final there's really not much at all for me to recap here was an opener not much pitching stats it's just one it's just one of those games you know what I'm saying and that's gonna do for this one I'll see in the next one peace out