Tampa Bay Rays Fan RECAPS Game 65 vs Athletics (OAK 2-6 TB) | 2019 MLB Season

hey I was going cheese fries bullets here just got back from the game was an hour-and-a-half drive back home but the Rays don't have fans right Charlie Warren started today and once again another absolute lights-out performance he is now 8 and OH with a 2.10 er a he played seven innings allowed two hits two walks seven strikeouts the first scoring play wouldn't come until the bottom of the sixth when Brandon Lau hits a two-run homer to 0 raised in the bottom of the seventh inning Kevin kiermaier ok this is funny so my friend Tyler he looks at me he goes head I don't remember the last time kiermaier hit a ball and then that pitch that very next pitch whacked it out I was it was hilarious you had to be there to believe it happen but it was final arias yeah that happened to run home run for 0 race bottom of the 8th g-man Choi comes up this this lady sitting behind me she's talking to her husband she's like yeah he's been in a slump recently and then BOOM wax it out so the the the jinxing the positive jinxing among race fans worked great today so yeah g-man choi to run home run three two run home runs for the race today top of the ninth I have I was in the parking lot looking for my car at this point in the top of the night Stephen Piscotty doubles one scores and then a Robbie Grossman single drives him to Scotty and that would be at six two to raise we are now 41 in 24 that is an outstanding record for the race at this point in the season lastly guys go vote raise go vote raise look I I was um fair with my all-star voting I voted for who actually deserved it and then I realized you know what the good players the big-name players they're gonna make it and there are there already gonna make it right so I just went ahead and voted all race because a lot of these players do not get the recognition they deserve Giancarlo Stanton has played three games all season and yet he's fifth place in the all-star game voting for his respective position say it with me guys say with me popularity contest except for the pictures because we don't get to vote for the pictures but as for every other position is it's literally a popularity contest it's ridiculous do I have to remind you that last season Blake Snell was a replacement pitcher for whichever pitcher didn't want to play in the game yeah you remember that he was literally like snow was literally the sub in last man in pitcher and he ended up winning the AL siyoung and as a small-market fan and as a matter of fact the smallest market team in the MLB it sucks it sucks when the all-star voting comes around because you know you have three or four players deserving of the all-star contest what in reality you're getting one or two at most Tommy Pham is like 15th place among al outfielders he deserves to be at least top five Austin Meadows is top three and al outfielders he deserves that I'm glad he's where he's at I'm glad people are paying attention to Austin Meadows at least because everybody else has done absolutely zero respect Mike Zunino is eighth place for catchers that's fair that's fair g-man Choi is ninth place for first base and also fair Brendon Lau a Rookie of the Year candidate is seventh place for AL second baseman that is ridiculous he should be at least top three willie Adamas is tenth for shortstops that's fair I agree with that Jonnie Dee has his tenth place for third baseman I don't agree with that at all the ad should be at least top six top five Austen Meadows is third Tommy Pham is 15th and Kevin kiermaier is 19th all right all right I'm not gonna go and say Oh Kevin kiermaier should be an all-star because at the plate he's not been statistically good this season I still think most people will agree with me when I say kiermaier is one of the best defensive players in the MLB but he's just not a good batter so 19th is is awful but I think I think it should be moved up a little bit and then avisail Garcia who was it all start with the White Sox just two seasons ago is ninth place among designated hitters and he should be top five so like I said say it wouldn't be popularity contest it sucks being a small-market fan once again when you have to go through the all-star hopefully we at least get Morten Snell and Meadows in there I expect Meadows in mourning I don't I don't even think Blake snow will get in there because it's a it's a popularity contest that's all it is I mean Giancarlo Stanton's played three games all season he's fifth place in his in his position it's ridiculous anyways with that being said enough me ranting raise up raise win this one six to two against the Oakland Athletics will go for the series win tomorrow Stan X gonna start that game it's an opener we'll see how it goes I'll see you then peace out