Talking Tom and Friends – Ping Pong Wizard (Season 1 Episode 18)

Ha ha! Missed again, noodle arm! Can you guys keep it down? Yeah, we’re trying to finish
Biceptor, our arm-wrestling robot. Sorry. We’re playing slingshot tag, and Ginger is “it.” I’m throwing it now! Oo, you almost got me there, shortstack! He didn’t really almost get me. I’m teasing him. Wink. Hank, if you’re trying to whisper,
you can’t just put your hand near your mouth. You actually have to lower your voice like this. Aww, how adorable.
Little fella doesn’t even understand how to whi… Ah-ha-ha! You’re “it.” Hank! Hank! Wake up! I was having a dream
that we were living in a 3-D cartoon… Hah imagine us living in a cartoon. Wow! Oopsie! Sorry. I’ll put that right there… Okay, I see what I did, I see what I did. No-no-no-no! Finally, we can play some ping-pong! I’m first! No way! Ping-pong is forbidden in this garage. Aw! This table has a long and troubled history… Yeah. You’re probably too young to
remember, little guy. Well, I remember.
I remember…like it was yesterday… – And, uh… – Should something be happening? – Shh. – We’re waiting for a flashback. Oh Yesterday! THREE YEARS EARLIER Can you please stop that? We need
to finish the watermelon launcher. Hey Ben, you think I could pogo over the moon? Tom, Tom focus. Launching watermelons
across football fields is serious business. Are you even listening to yourself? If we don’t win the watermelon-launching contest and the cash prize that
comes with it, we’ll have to shut down the company. Lighten up, man! You’re stressing
yourself out. You need to relax and have a little fun. That’s why I got us a… Ping-pong table! Hey, Hank. Do you think
maybe you could use two hands? Angela, then where would I
put my ice cream cone? On my head? Good point. Okay. Let’s go. Ben, you’re up first. Absolutely not. We need to work. Oh come on, Ben. You know how the song goes. Physical activity increases productivity
and ta-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da. Poing. Who says that? Everyone! Scientists,
brain experts, ping-pong…ologists… I don’t know. This. Is. Awesome! Told you! It’s nice to see you finally relax. Oh my… what? Game. Okay, well now that we’ve had a little fun, we
can all get back to work on the watermelon launcher. My turn! I’ll play Angela! Actually, the official rule of the garage is “winner stays on,” so you have to play me. Come on, Ben. We have to get back to work. “If we don’t win the contest
and the cash prize that comes with it, we’ll have to shut down
the company.” That was you, right? I mean, that was a spot on impression of you. “Winner stays on” is the most
sacred rule in the unofficial ping- pong rule book. And I refuse to break it. What have I done? Step up, junior! Ben! Thank you. Okay! – Woo hoo. – Yeah. Ever since I was a young girl,
I thought my game was strong. But then I met
a master, and oh baby, I was wrong. If you have to play him, you won’t be
out there long…That nerdy tech geek… SURE PLAYS A MEAN PING-PONG! … He’s a ping-pong wizard,
and he’s living in our midst! A ping-pong wizard. Actually… actually exists. Ah, Ben is unstoppable. If someone doesn’t beat him in ping-pong and soon, we’re never going to finish
our watermelon launcher in time. This is just like the episode of
“Alpha Squadron Explosion Go!” where Hitoshi has to battle
the two-headed samurai ghost. You know sometimes I think
you make up these TV shows. That sounds like something
a samurai ghost would say. Where are you hiding your
laser sword… Tom-San? Wait! I know someone who can beat Ben. You don’t mean… Hitoshi? What? No, Hank.
I mean someone who lives right by us… someone who’s a lord of sorts… a lord… …of the land! I’m talking about the Landlord. The Landlord? I don’t know…
I mean, look at us. We’re mere land-commoners. Relax, I’ll ask him. He’s not my landlord. Hi, Tom’s landlord. Oh… it’s you… Greetings, fair and noble Landlord.
Our friend, Angela hath a request of thee. Okay, we tried. Oh come on, we can’t give up yet. Hey, listen. We need your help!
We know you’re a former ping-pong champion! You stumbled on my
little secret… But how? Well, the door knocker
is shaped like a ping-pong paddle. Oh, right, yes. And also there’s a sign in the driveway
that says “Parking Reserved for Ping Pong Champions.” Okay, fine-fine-fine, yes. The giant pile of
ping-pong trophies in your yard. Also you’re holding a ping-pong paddle. My pong-ping days are over. Please. Look we wouldn’t
ask unless it was really important. Someone must defeat Ben, so we
can get back to work on our watermelon launcher. Enough. Go away. Boy! He sure loves slamming that door. Ben! What the heck’s going on? Get out of here, Tom.
I’ve told you before – this is no place for you! I can’t believe this! Not only are
you sacrificing the future of our company for your ping-pong obsession –
but now you’ve filled our garage with “pong scum!” Ah! Oh, you know it’s true. Winner stays on! That’s the rule!
You had your chance to beat me and you failed! So I – the winner – stay on. This is my garage. And I won’t have it filled with low-life pong-ping hustlers. Ohh So, the rumors are true… Looks like you’re ready
for your reckoning, old man… Oh, I’m ready… to knock you off your “pong-estal!” On pong! The spin…first the spin There we go. So it all comes down to this… Match point. Bring it! Up your face! Yes! Champion! You did it! I knew you could do it! King Pong! Hehehe. Yes. Don’t touch me. Alright, show’s over. Come on, you don’t have to
go home, but you can’t stay here. Shoo! Shoo scum! Get out of here! Ah… Well, good game, Ben. What happened? What time is it? 10:30 Ah, phew. If we work all night,
we can still finish the watermelon launcher. Now you’re talking! And that, Ginger, is why this
ping-pong table is now used exclusively as a desk. What happened with the watermelon launch? We won, of course. Using the rocket-powered
slingshot you’re holding now… Wow! Whoa! Ginger! Sorry, Hank – not sorry. Since that day, we vowed
to focus on work and not let anything distract us. That reminds me, we have to finish Biceptor. The fate of our company
rests on winning the robo-lympics. Foosball Express!
I’ve got a delivery. It’s a foosball table. Yeah, thanks. We got that
when you said “Foosball Express.” We didn’t order a foosball table. Well, I’m not hauling this thing
back to the warehouse. I mean, what do I look like,
some kind of delivery man? Yeah, you do. Whatever you say, lady. Cuckoo-cuckoo! What are we supposed
to do with the foosball table? I mean, the robo-lympics start
in eight hours. We can’t waste time playing. Game on. Oh, great! I don’t know how to solve this problem. But I do. Don’t worry Ben, it’s an easy five minute procedure. I can do this. I am an internet doctor.