SUMMONERS WAR: Kro Improved our Giants/Dragons/Necro Teams! (LD Only #59)

what's up what's up property it's time for the episode of ladies and darkies today is crow day with today's crow day to the second crown a second clinic you know what okay I wanted to do a video on air das right I want to do an arrow das video I use them all time I mean one thing that I've realized trying to use him on here actually two things I've realized three things every ok many things that I've realized I've learned something today era das needs a few things to actually be good number one he's not a primary dps unit if you're trying to use them as your only dps it's absolutely not gonna work absolutely not gonna work number two he needs skill ups to be really good we have some scallops on him but we don't have a Mac skilled he kind of needs to be max almost max skilled to really shine number three you kind of need a premium stripper you need Triton or Tiana right so you can do troit and Tiana galleon and then it doesn't necessarily need to be zero so our Russell's ok Samantha's okay but you need another kind of DPS unit sometimes you need another sometimes you need something that cools down but sometimes sometimes you don't so but he needs some kind of other DPS you know you can even use well you could use a few different things but I'm just saying like he needs he's not working on this account so today we're gonna take a look at CRO I've been using him in he's actually got decide from that team aside from that time that dungeon run he was doing pretty good he was doing pretty good I want to try him in some Giants I mean I already tried him in Giants I know he's good in Giants but I want to see if we can go like super Yolo here's the team I'm currently running but we don't have we have well we have an attack power buff we have a defense break so it works out nicely there but and I show you I think I think we have like a minute 20 seconds on both these dungeons Giants and Dragons I want to try to use them in the Necropolis as well I don't know if we're gonna be able to do it but me he just does so much damage I'd be really enjoying him I feel like I have no regrets I have no regrets with this crew you really can't go wrong with these in economies though like well I mean maybe the water one but the other game to go he's the second awakening on these other end economies are not not bad fire ones been I've seen people love using him I've seen people that loved using the the light one I love using the light one I didn't do a side into a fire one yet though but I see him all the time light one pretty good get it on two accounts even I might consider even building a second CRO on this account because I feel like we could possibly do a double crochet can crow and have it be like a new fastest dungeon team way it was it's already the fastest right it's already fastest with this one with the single crow but we need some defense breaks buddy yeah nice um defense breaks but these are the teams that I've been using for the dungeons let's see how much damage Pro does do it oh god damn I told you okay so very nice I have no regrets on this guy I really do let's try a necropolis team I have not tried this yet I have not sure with crow I mean is this gonna be enough to break through this shield though is this gonna be enough to break through the shield we'll see well you don't you don't do multi hits right he doesn't do like team no he doesn't do well why was I thinking he did he's not a new gummy okay let's go for can you work now he's on stupid prints what about you let's see if this works I want a new good dungeon time with this I know we took out a multi hitter with good attack power elite actually this could be the dark kabila has an attack but better attack power early doesn't she dark Kabila let's see if she works I know there's gonna be a fail team now trying something new never gonna work never in a million years Vegas Oh city like how girls great here but I don't think she has enough DPS to be really gonna be a fast one here I guess we'll find out but trying to theory craft a good team here got the brand hope crows gonna destroy I didn't see how much damage he did it was a mini destroy mini destroy wasn't 130,000 damage it's a mini destroy though actually maybe we could use a well he's got this bear I was gonna say we could use the light uh he's not gonna do that much damage though he's not gonna we kind of need some damage Khan needs some damage can we go with because we need a few things like we need we don't have enough to like I'm gonna keep attacking until I get some debuffs on damn it we need the multi hits but we also need I didn't have enough thoughts no we need the multi but we also need a damage and we also need sustain this is a few things we need you know what if we put that if we put the leader of the dark heart be dark Kabila not fine but that would have worked uh not that bad we got the slow on I like the I like to like calve earlier like Alvarez great you we don't have her on um we don't have her on Balto too old-fashioned we've have a terrible best I know we have a terrible best that let's kind of see what man that was a six star what kind of multi hits does she do maybe we don't use her maybe we use stick back with this one what about me we ruined him so long oh he's got terrible runes but that is a triple hit we'll test it out we'll test it out we'll try it out we'll see how it does we'll see how it does sometimes I just test things out and see you like this work nope does this work nope does this work nope and I will just try a whole bunch of different things until something eventually works and that'll be like oh this is pretty good but I test out a little a lot of difference especially on all these different alts let's find out this if this crazy thing works but we don't have we don't have us we do have a slope we do starve a slope I was gonna say we don't have this love what we do we're still in the slow with the raksasa the ruckus taco we need some more defense breaks though don't we yeah oh we don't have a lot of defense breaks that's the problem we need more defense breaks yeah okay so we're not gonna get it fast enough time with this because we don't have it made deep in space more defect well we can use the net this again but and everything she doesn't do any multi hit skill one that's the thing I think the law I think we just got to go with a like how bro again man I want them to do some crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy damages it's not bad I wonder if this is a new best time not if we don't get need yeah nope it's not gonna be it's not gonna be I think it's still two minutes I think it fell two minutes you man I really wanted see I really wanted to do I have to do I have to do something today anyway because we have to get that hopefully dark stick boy dark towers 159 is that it's not super bad but I think we can definitely get it there I think we could definitely get he doesn't have defense brace on we need defense break a multi hitter I mean I guess we just used to Lauren again you know what what does she have on her nothing apparently she doesn't have runes basically I consider that not having roots we could use the vampire I could use the vampire I think it's probably our best option work in progress you know it'd be great another twin of boomerang a late boomerang dark boomerang light or dark boomerang either way any boomerang would be phenomenal what else would be great actually dark gum more crows more crows that's what we need more crows that's the real that's the real key to this we need 15 crows we need three crows and then we'll be able to do this it's gonna be so good with me crows should be call it a day actually the the light cowgirl doesn't have a DPS enough DPS for necro I'm just using her for support to get her fast enough if she was on attack or temperature tech like she used to be she used to be at academic tech but she was so slow we couldn't use her in Guild Wars so one built for Guild Wars one built for you no one built for PvP one built for necro told me to come build but you want everything not to be on attack whatever your tech for that but you need speed on it for PvP so kind of a very different build not bad not bad I don't know if it's gonna be a new time but but just be good you've been good so far I think that's a barely a new best time yeah 147 new best time okay making improvements every day sounds good but yeah I was trying to do the arrow das just needs a lot he needs a lot also with this with these versions he's not gonna do too much they're all the thing is they're all sick start rude some of them are legendary runes I think this might have been purple yeah it's purple this moon was legendary this is old this is legendary purple blue yeah so mostly here on legendary ruins but still like the stats are not good enough to make him do really much of anything so this game legendary runes are not good enough in this game you need the stats to roll the way they should roll and you need grinds and you need arvind ji oh it's not it's not enough to just farm 4/6 are legendary runes it really is not it's so ridiculous it's so ridiculous in toy 19 to play summoners war like the standards are so crazy anyway we're gonna do where you a few summon will do few summons we got a light dark we have no space always good to make sure you have no space let's put all these martial artists I wonder what Vega is gonna work on how much space do you know how much all right nine Emmys stick boys maybe we'll get the boys from here I don't know we you know it would be great for us to redo our bounty hunter cuz he's gonna be great there too in that growth but I think we need to try to get necro time down to like under 130 I know we need to get our necro time down to under 130 but it's more about like we need a OS and we need more defense tricks hey Weez more defense bricks and lots of damage twin would be great light or dark boomerang would be the dream okay so hoping for stick voice we got zip we got zero stick boys I know that I because I would've been excited if we got stick boys we got nine of these nonstick nonstick nonstick board now we're going to get zero stick voice I save Christic voice we got zero stick voice please don't give me an at five okay zero stick voice glad we save for this week we got zero stick boys documenting who dark him champion hold on have we got him before doesn't he do multi it's with dots oh you know what yeah but this is not it's used ones three turns we might test this guy out cuz this is good the spear shower is really good for necro but but we can need more than just the speed vid the spear shower I mean this might be good for this mix with CRO provider if we get speed to it if we could smiie to this for the dots and then the CRO to hit on top of the thoughts that would be great right that'd be fantastic so it's got potential but just for necro we need more multi hits than just the third skill so that's one of the things like you think going into it like if you're newer to the game you're like oh if we have three multi hits on the third skill it's gonna be just fine it's gonna be great but you need multi hits on like more than just the third skill so it's kind of one of the keys so you saw we had like the multi hits on the first skill of the whoa multi it's on the first skill of the Lord multi it's on the first girlfreind multi it's on the first skill of what else the leader skill the Khitan not the kidney they the nine-tailed Fox Fox you know what I mean alright guys anyway that's it for this one there's some more crow playtime cuz did we even like he actually got new best scores on we're not the best oh it doesn't show that things you don't show things here new best scores for terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible noobest goes for this crow crow crow everything's coming up crow and then we have these we might not have tried him in all these though but light and dark four million in the light beast four million or still a plus four million still a plus there's Batman full Marines for a plus sign and ladies anyway that's for this one hope you guys enjoyed it I was just in case you're considerate you second awakening crow I have no regrets on not building him I might even do a second one she was always in the next one