Suicide Squad vs Enchantress – Final Fight (Part 1) | Suicide Squad (2016) Movie Clip

You next. My spell is complete. Once you and your armies are gone,
my darkness will spread across this world. And it will be mine to rule. That was our main satellite uplink. How did this witch even know
how to target this thing? It’s a secret facility. You got a move here, Flag? We gotta cut her heart out. While we’re fighting, that thing’s laying waste
to the whole damn world. Where is she? I don’t know. Hey. Look out. Look out! Uh-oh. Sorry. Flag! Enough! Of all who have faced me,
you have earned mercy. For the last time, join me, or die. I’m not much of a joiner, but maybe we should. Hey! She’s trying to take over the world. So? What’s the world ever done for us, anyway?
It hates us. Hey, Harley! Hey, lady? Um… I lost my Puddin’. But you can get him back, right? I can, my dear. Anything you want. You promise? Yes, child. You need only bow and serve beneath my feet. I like what you’re sellin’, lady. There’s just one teeny problem. You messed with my friends. Her heart’s out! We can end this! Hey, Croc! Harley!