Suicide Squad Nails – Part 1 – Harley Quinn

– Hi I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video we’re going to
do something really exciting. You have all asked for this
video so this is just for you. We are doing Suicide Squad. (upbeat music) And we’re going to concentrate
on doing a couple of the characters. One is Harley Quinn and
then we’re going to do her evil boyfriend, The Joker. (cackles) (both laughing) – [Man] That was the best
Joker impersonation I’ve ever seen. (cackles) – That was really bad. – [Man] It’s like Winnie the Witch. – Yeah, it was more witchy, that was. – It was, wasn’t? – It was quite witchy. – So we’re going to do a
full look on this hand, on all five nails. And what I’m going to do is
I’m going to use the hand a little bit like this,
I’m going to fold it over, and then we’re going to line them up so we see the design go across the nails. Rather than doing it like this. ‘Cause obviously I can’t take
her finger off and make it the same length like this. You see how’d I’d have
to shorten that finger. Or decapitate these fingers. Can’t do that. – [Man] Those (mumbles)
just won’t go as far as they need to, do they? – They won’t. We’re going to put the main
character in the middle, which is the beautiful Harley Quinn. I really like her, I like her style, she’s a bit crazy. I think I need to do a fancy dress, you know what I mean? If a fancy dress comes up,
I am dressing like her. – With the pigtails. – The pigtails and I’ve got
one side pink so I just need blue the other side. – I’ll do it for you. – Do you know what I mean? Got my make up– (blows raspberry) like that. Should I put nice make up on and then cry, or just like have a
really good rub on me eyes and then, ta-da! So I’ve already got a set of nails on. They’re just done in an almond shape. These are actually an old set
of nails that we’ve filled and filled and filled. And they’re from a photo
shoot that we did a while ago, so they’re just on, they’ve been filled, we’ve tidied them up. So don’t worry about the fact
that they’ve got a bit of netting sort of in there. I’m going to cover all that
up with gel polish and paints and everything. Okay so I’m going to start this design from the middle and work my way out. And that’s how I always sort
of start anything that is progressing across all the nails. I will start in the middle
and work my way out. And sort of plan it as I go. I’ve got it planned in
my head a little bit. We’ll see how it works out on the nail. I like just, you know,
make it up as I go along, to be honest. So here we go. On this nail, I just need to
make sure it’s nice and clean. So I’m going to clean
over with some acetone. I want it really dry. All your oils or anything like that. So I’m going to base them
all with What A Body, which is a nice nude colour. And the nails that they are,
you know, a nudeish colour at the moment because they
are done with natural beige. But I want something to work on. I want a nice gel polish to work on. I want a nice clean colour. I also want to cover up
anything that’s underneath, like this netting that we’ve got inside. And cure that for one
minuted LED, two minutes UV. Oh, pallet! Pull out my beautiful pallet. Starting to look like a piece of art. You could win this. You could do a little– (talking over each other) To win Kirsty’s pallet. A bit strange, but you know, no big deal. If anybody wants it. – [Man] What is Harley Quinn’s real name? – What did you tell me it was? – [Man] This is for the competition. – Oh, that, okay. So if you want to win
my decorative pallet, if you want it, do you
think anybody wants it? – They’re going to Google it. That’s a question you can Google. What’s Kirsty’s middle name? – [Man] Is that really her middle name? – Yeah.
– [Man] Is it? – Yeah, did you not know it was– – [Man] I just thought you were– – Flamboyant? No, that is my middle name. I used to get teased when I was at school. – [Man] I love your middle name. – The first person to
comment on this video with my middle name, you will win this pallet. And I’m sure it’ll have
lots more paint on it by the time you get it, as well. So I’m going to get some paints out. Okay so we’ve got violet, black,
rose pale, brilliant green, light, ultramarine, zinc
white, and flesh tint. That’s what I’ve got out for now, anyway. I might add more as we go. I’m going to start by just mapping out where I’m going. So I’m just going to water
down some white paint. So it’s like a wash. So literally just mapping
out where the face is. Before I put her face in,
I’m going to mix a grey. Just to do a little bit of
colour in the background. So I’ve just given a bit
of shading like the arch of her neck and I’ve added in
a little bit of detail of the brick wall that she’s
sort of lent up against, I suppose. I’m just watering down the
flesh tint and coming in with a wash. Wait for that to dry and
you’re going to do it again. And that’s going to build some colour. I’ve just added a bit of red aqua. I’m literally just mapping
out where the features are. Just some dots that I can
see where her nose is, top of her lip, bottom
lip, how big the eyes are. Going to add a little bit
of rose pale to her cheeks and water that down. If you make your paints into
a wash and you want to control it a little bit, it’ll help
you to build the colour slowly rather than adding a whole
heap of colour and waiting forever for that paint to dry. You make it into a wash,
it’ll dry really quickly and, you know, the Polycolor
paint is so pigmented that it’s so easy to water
down and still get quite a lot of colour there. I’ve just mixed some red aqua
and black to make kind of a muddy colour. And I watered it down so we’ve got a wash. And with the wash we’re
going to add some shading to the face. And we can start to add a bit
of shade in where her hair would be. And we just added some
definition to the eyebrows. I didn’t just go like across. I didn’t just do a line going
across, I did tiny little strokes so it make it a
little bit more realistic. Even this is like, it is
quite a cartoony image that we’re doing, but I
just want to make it look a little bit more realistic
so we’ve still got a bit of realism going on. I’m just using rich gold to do her hair. We’ll highlight with a pearl yellow. Using bright yellow from Polycolor paints, we’re going to use this
to highlight some details for her hair. Quite simple strokes, really. Just giong to add a bit of shadow. I’m just using a muddy
wash, really, for that. These will be the more detailed strokes. I’m just going to add a necklace here. She had a necklace that says Pudding. That’s not ’cause she likes pudding. And then I’m told that she’s
got pudding around her neck because that’s what she calls the Joker. She calls him pudding. I’m just going to line these up and just roughly use the gold. Go across and start to
line up where her hair is. I’m going to do the same thing here. For the pink side of her. So this is just a guide so I
can see where I’m going to add the detail. So she hasn’t got to
keep her fingers sort of, you know, in an uncomfortable position, I can still work on that
without having to look at this nail. So I’ve just added a little
bit of Primary blue (mumbles) to the blue marine and white that I mixed. Just to give it a bit of colour. I wanted to do like little
strokes, this is what I’ve got to do to make this look like hair. And also sort of blend
them into each other. Now I’ve got to make this
blue a little bit darker. And then some fade, (mumbles), but don’t go as far up. So it (mumbles) place
it up a little bore more sort of shading to the hair. Now I’m going to add some highlights. (humming) I just need to shade this little bit here. We’ve got this bobble, as well, that needs to be highlighted. Got to do the background now. Which is quite simple. So I’m going to mix a grey,
obviously with black and white. So I’m just going to add some brick here. The details still show
through with the wall. This just gives it a bit
of a tone of the pink on the back of the wall, as well. ‘Cause the wall is not
just a brick colour, or dirty colour, it’s got a bit (mumbles). So we’re going to move on
and do exactly the same on this nail. And do the pink at the
end of the hair there. Painted the pink ponytail,
I’m going to seal them all in with metta gloss. That’s going to seal all the artwork in. So that’s what they look
like, those three nails all together so you can
see the full image now, the face and ponytails coming out.