Sting Sports' founder Arjun David speaks to Australian Iron Man magazine

I'm here with Arjun from Singh this morning thank you so much for taking the time to time and tell me this is your brand well sting was started about 15 years ago and we started here in Australia so we're quite proud about that fact and we put it quite a lot of emphasis into you know being quite technical in the design and development of our equipment and now apparel I think so is it primarily a boxing brand or a fighting brand predominantly boxing we cover a lot of the the fight sports but we are very strong in boxing not only here but also overseas amazing and you weren't a boxer yourself but obviously you love boxing is that kind of why you founded it yeah absolutely I mean boxing has a lot of benefits obviously there's a lot of fitness benefits but you know just soul yeah it's brilliant you know there's a bit of strategy there to be had as well so it's not just the physical aspect that's a mental aspect that's going yeah especially out the long day at work yeah so we're we're the sole supplier for boxing at the Olympics which is brilliant so what that means is essentially you'll see everyone using sting during the Olympic Games for boxing and we're actually quite proud of that fact as well how did you manage that oh look I think it's something that happens over time we put a lot of hard work and effort in our equipment it's it's realized and you know when you get requested to use your equipment at the Olympic Games I guess it's testament to how good you your equipment can perform ya understand so how long is it taking it at the point we've secured such an amazing deal I'd say since day one so we've been working towards a fact you know to to hit a level or performance level and you never actually stopped so you know after these Olympic Games we'll keep going and going and what is the aim after the Olympic Games like you have a grand plan that you want over the next five 10 years yeah like would like to see ourselves as one of the patrons in in this sort of space just boxing again or like you would say look boxing and and that Fitness space as well it's quite powerful for us it also keeps us driven because the general consumer that's who we like to actually see that that change in you know body types and aspirations for what they want to achieve so it's quite empowering to us that's amazing so you've got technical staff now you also have a fitness and lifestyle range like a clothing range yeah absolutely absolutely and what we've done is we've actually made it that whole technical aspect as well so we designed all of our apparel in 3d as well so we've actually we've actually taken into account you know the various aspects of form and movement as well so you get a better fit out of the apparel which suits our brand so we can wear active wear all the time absolutely in a comfortable way yeah that's amazing like thank you so much for taking the time out live with everything