Statues and Infected Outdoor Games for Kids! Last One Caught Moving Wins!!

that's right guys if you didn't see on their channel yesterday Atilla mailed herself to us and so we decided that we gotta play some games with the right girls alright guys so today we're gonna play statues I'm gonna be running the camera seeing who can be the best statue whoever wins and whoever's the last one that I find moving gets to be the infected on our next round alright kids you ready to play now you guys today we're not just playing a game with the kids I see some other people in here you three are out through the game so don't move you're off tattoos you want your room Preston don't you move hey you got you kids ready okay I'm gonna give you ten seconds to go these statues ready ten nine eight seven six five four three two one ready man what's up Tran can catch you mmm statue sitting in the chair it's not I saw something funny over here huh what that other one go a statue laying down so far they're doing okay but there's been a lot of statues moving guys got a statue over here hey golfer dude you're out of course the oldest person here loses all right hey I think I heard you laugh I didn't see you move all right you're out baby still in don't make him move now if the baby wins I don't think she can be the infected because I don't think there's any way he could catch somebody mmm you guys should like all hang up there that way we can oh I think I saw some movement you're out oh man oh wait is it just girls Dale girls and baby Preston Madison mmm girl well she didn't even oh she did blink I'm gonna say she's even blink yeah there's a cute face I bet you I can get someone out what I saw that drain you're out out you're out of the game oh I saw that too you're out and you're out then you're all out you're all out we still got massive laying over there but I gotta check on baby pee bib Preston let's see you move in if you move in he's not moving okay hey it's between you and baby Preston do you really want to take away this win from your baby brother or do you just want to let him win if you move your baby brother wins come on he's little let him win huh all right guys I don't who's gonna win this one baby Preston or Madison well Madison I'm gonna I'm gonna go downstairs over here okay okay I'm going down the stairs ah really win okay Madison the bad news is won but the good news is you still gonna be the infected because Preston is way too little he can never catch anybody so you're the infected for the next round are you ready wait wait wait we got to tell everyone else to be ready all right everybody else Madison one well big impressing one but they Madison now we're gonna play infected so how you play infected Madison is it she is gonna come and tag whoever she can whoever she can tag is on her team last person infected is the winner are you ready ready well she is counting all right guys see all right Madison who are you gonna get come on look there's all the people over here man oh you just infected mom and the baby the problem medicine is she's not gonna be very much help but good job go get him go get him come on go get them yep mom can still help you get a check oh you're infected oh man I got it that's it check out this show hey you gotta get them come on here you gonna get oh man hurry good oh oh man come on okay now we just got two people stuck up on top of this thing you guys are kind of stuck all right what are these who are gonna win all right Oh trains making a run for it James are still up here Oh trees Cohen come on all right well it's gonna get oh come on someone has got to get him all right everybody is infected and temperature in Trinity is somewhere up in the hills but nobody is chasing her I don't know where she went she's somewhere someone's gotta go get her come on go infect her medicine I hear her all right guys it looks like she's clear up there whoa all right hello man we got to make this we got to make this hike what oh man who's gonna get it all right guys we are almost to the top oh there she is there she is Oh Tran looks like you were cornered oh you are infected I guess eternity was a winner of that one once again she's always beating us at these games