Star Wars: Inferno Squad CINEMATIC FILM | Ep 1: Invincible Faith

Rebel: Captain. She’s highly trained. Rebel: Deception. Infiltration. Rebel: Extraction. Rebel: She’s special forces. Captain: Iden Versio. Captain: Inferno Squad. Captain: Commander Versio. Captain: You must be important. Captain: Look at me. Captain: So let’s talk facts. That’s what I’m here for. Captain: You have the activation code. Captain: I’ve got the ability to help you out. Captain: Just give me the code. Captain: You know we could really use someone like you. Captain: Just help me and I’ll help you, it’s that easy. Captain: I’m going to get what I want eventually. Captain: My best technicians are slicing into your droid right now. Captain: Take on my offer. Captain: All I want is the code. Captain: The Empire’s time has come. Captain: You don’t have to go down with it. Iden: You’re right. Iden: The Empire’s time has come. Iden: VZ-626… *Droid beeps* Iden: VZ-626… Rebel: What have we here? Rebel: an ID10 tactical droid! Rebel: You’re way more advanced than the ID9. Rebel: Slicing into you is not going to be easy. Protocol Droid: Might I suggest a less invasive procedure? Rebel: Wish I could., but we don’t have time this droid’s access code. Protocol Droid: Might I suggest finding the access code! Rebel: The Captain’s working on that in the detention center. Rebel: Until then, the only way to access the droid’s status is to pry the memory core out of its shell. Protocol Droid: Analysis shows this ID10 has been… Protocol Droid: Sir? It appears the ID10 had been remotely activated. Iden: Stick to the plan. Protocol Droid: Attention crew! We have an enemy droid on the loose! Send reinforcements immediately! Protocol Droid: That is what I would say if anyone could hear me… which they cannot. Iden: Droid, access the security systems. Iden: Find the schematics. Protocol Droid: If I had my legs, I would… Protocol Droid: well… I don’t know what I’d do Protocol Droid: But I’m sure you’d be very sorry. Protocol Droid: Please! Stop that! Iden: Use the ventilation system to reach me. Protocol Droid: Oh, why do I bother?