Squad News 4

hey welcome back to squad news we're in the beautiful area of mystia where the united states forces are in conflict with the united states army we're gonna go ahead and walk up here into the monastery here where old monks used to come and pray and do all that crazy stuff here we got Grug here he's our juniors correspondent soon to be promoted to a it's just a normal correspond at war correspondent okay that's a very very good so we're gonna go ahead and walk through the monastery here here are some stairs gym is down this area is known to have a lot of magnetic like issues like the Northern Lights and all that stuff so what you're gonna get a lot is a lot of bodies with all the metal gear they have on a the compasses what kind of a fuckup you can zip around here and we'll send them a we'll send them up stop halfway up and just do some creepy guys – shit use it a psychological warfare and will execute prisoners and send them up upward but it's only in certain spots so if we head that way you'll probably get lucky and get sent up [Applause] so [Applause] we're document the file that says [Applause] so his callsign they don't want to give out real names he's named after office supplies here but he's a well-known marksman on this unit you want to tell everybody back home you know what your job description is you know what you got to look up here oh no anything that could be good information back home you want to go ahead and tell them we appreciate appreciate having you over here talking about what you do I love hey it's Jim here with squad news here yeah we got a what's her name again son you can you call me big dick Dan we got digs in here and he's a big guy he's a real big guy you got a real big gun – so uh dance right tell us a little about your uh your firearm here so this is standard issue s PG 9 PG 90 heat that's no big deal you know it looks like a pretty now this whole place is uh evacuated correct no I saw my wife that blew her out oh so that was your wife yeah porch [Applause] continue on with the interviews here at Quora right now we have a hobby is that how you say it yes yes hobby here is a combat medic and he saves the lives and he makes sure that all of us boys are accounted for and taken care of is there anything else you want to explain everybody back home well you have to go through what exactly it is that you do well actually I never got the official medic training that kind of gave me a shovel and threw me out here I have a little kid sure my helmet on my backpack but I'm not honest Lee just a shovel dude I get paid minimum wage I'm out here now are you a combatant or you not cuz there's a lot of a controversy with a medics in combat why they should be armed why not cuz we're here to save lives not take them or do you agree with these accusations and whatnot go give a fuck as long as I get my potatoes in my vodka and I have my shovel and it looks like a man won't go down you I don't care about that politic shit man I just know my wife summit area okay well ladies and gentlemen core value time we come back here it's the same fucking Bank just dirt sprint hurt and then poured dirt Oh No Oh God no we got no get that okay this is bad praise be to Allah multi-cultured uh Russian unit here I [Applause] have seen everything this place is magical everybody here we see friendlies friendlies for fun we see vehicles flipped and they go into orbit try to get unplug you mints see more unarmed people running around truly is a magic phrase English speaking Russians Russian speaking Americans this place shows no bounds on what it can do the possibilities are absolutely endless everybody and this is why we're taking it back home everybody back home you can see exactly what goes on over here nothing but the truth and that ride HP office pro jet that law secrecy fools dah dah I completely agree with the fact that death may be around the corner I've seen it all ladies and gentlemen you could say that I'm tired but in reality I live for this I some paper here heavy machinery flow over here and explosions sounds like the engine is work Oh Jerry [Applause] oh we're in it boys down hey you're good you're gonna back up okay push your cross Jerry let's go you're good you're good you're good tensions are high some sort you can see the plants growing in there this is a strategic area of operation that they're trying to capture here as strategic advantage morale boost so these guys are fighting valiantly in order to capture this spot here in order to get that good buffa gang weed let's go in my father so much so yeah their plan here's the Russian forces have successfully captured the heme farm this is a good room morale boost for them they can use this to uh any means necessary whether it's a consumption or they're selling it to the locals for extra rubles but other than that yeah yeah it seems like today three outside here they were able to meet their accomplishments and continue on their campaign but we're gonna go ahead and keep on pushing new with the lives with them constantly vigilant these boys even though it the objective captured their day is not over yet but it could possibly get harder from here on out the us are good probably gonna wanna take that good boof gang we'd back so uh pretty tough fight to keep Oh God I hate this game you're a valiant warrior son I hope you know that hey welcome back squad news we're here at gora dock we're here with the parachute regiment for the insurgents and they're gonna show us a little bit what they do on a daily basis and they're gonna do some tests for us they're gonna do a little military exercise so how you boys feeling gqq I'm pretty good they're pretty good all right so uh boys you guys can assume the position do whatever you got to do get ready to go and we'll go ahead and document this anything you want to say before you go er move my mother cyka blyat they love mother asset cheeki breeki gov no follow speak yes I do this for vodka uh so yeah so they you might want to grab your chute no he gets my thumb to jump you're falling boys oh my god okay so this clever little mound of dirt is a cleverly known ambush Hill it could go either way either we're getting ambushed and we're ambushing people egg boy what's the situation it's fucked okay it doesn't look good as what he's saying here this area is getting pretty thinned out friendlies are getting dropped left and right the Russians are pushing and we're probably put that okay news crew so he's calling out back home soon hello to his relatives ya know just – just greetings – my brother big guru now that's that's heartwarming a fellow greeting from a brother to another brother that's a that's good on you son yes I'll be seeing you late okay Godspeed it's unfortunate they seen it as lying around here kids – just hurt themselves on this kind of ears [Applause] bringing the message forward to the public it's clear that they're trying to silence this well that's not gonna stop this year sweaty oh no not today not ever son I'm the one who's fighting the war what are you doing I'm getting the truth out there what are you doing punk punk with a gun doing the Warriors and Tommy the truth it's a comedy you should be a bully you're just an Internet bully that's all you are you're a keyboard warrior huh big tough guy with a gun huh going at it with a guy hey fucko put a big strong guy huh huh got no weapon huh yeah I'm a point of gun Adam I'm gonna point a gun at him he ain't got a weapon big strong got here big big tough army man guy here yeah I'm fuckin I'm done with this boy uh-huh how do you clutch your arms like that flex on me what's up what's up what's up how do you put your arms up order I could get Oh real quick motherfucker what's up yeah what's up fucker where'd you go yeah damn hopefully you can even Johnny what's up fuckers yeah what are you doing singing the Floyd little bitches on the poster okay all right let's go