Rip gun. Or not . I think it’s an M416. Isn’t Yeah Catching bullet Sh*t, I dont have healing stuff ! No cure and aim Maybe will be some teams at the brigde? I don’t really think that I hope no, cause I want o camper there Now I’ll wait the teams came from the base Holly sh*t ! They stopped Nice! They are coming, with a lvl 3 hemelt I don’t know you, but my plan worked It’s not camper, It’s
intelligence. If I dye it’s camper If I kill it’s
intelligence OPA The pus*y turned around holly almost WHAT!! HO… WHAT! How I missed this ?! Now hit him Great …. But wasn’t hs Got it again ! OMG I’m cheating DEISH Shit “PINEI” bro I do not know how I did not hit that guy at first. But was not enough Opa Where do these shots from? Man I think it’s behind those rocks Dude Dude is that stone There is no other place Have to be in there There`s the mother****** boat I knew it was from that place I gave him 2 shoots but they stop there There are other people shooting. And there are still the guys on the boat Here see? Hmmmm. What a shoot! Uhmmmm go swim go swim go swim because your friend already fell and was to have died too shooting noise…. Who shoot on me? WoW grenade noise… grenade noise… Switching the aim of the weapon shooting noise…. shooting noise…. shooting noise…. I do not know who is shoting me shooting noise…. From the house he saw me Wow, what a bullet I took. I trolled, was to i make him down Hmm. Pin PIN PIN It was these motherf****rs throwing me all this time Cursed Oh no was another I think that guys is dead to the play zone Drinking energy I found Opening the crosshairs Reloading the weapon Sad… I took helmet Yeah i will risk I think i win xd Amazing game Hey guys, thank you very much for watching. If you liked it, rate the video, sign up the video Thank so much for the help of all. And see you guys in another video! Music.. Music.. Music..