Soccer Tips And Tricks – Tips For Forwards, Midfielders & Defenders

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deftab720 pardpardeftab720qlqnaturalpardirnatural f0fs24 cf0 Hey guys, this is Matt from
Epic Soccer Training, and I kind of want to take you through some soccer tips now about
how you can improve your individual skill. Like I say in a bunch of videos, and I’m sure
you’ll hear, soccer practice a lot of times does not teach you the individual skills that
you need to not only make yourself better but also the teammates around you better.
So that’s something that I kind of figured out and it took me from being at this level
to being way up here. So anytime somebody asks me how I did that, it’s basically because
of individual soccer skill. So one of the first soccer tips I want to
teach you is basically just learning that you need the fundamentals, um and again you
are going to get a lot of that in some of the other videos as well which you can check
out, but it’s a lot of touches on the ball. You know, when you are at soccer practice
and you are just kind of standing in line, really doing nothing but waste your time,
you always want to have a ball at your feet. You always want to kind of want to be moving
around. Again, the best thing you can do is even when you are warming up, you want to
just be able to dribble down the field and work on your moves as you are going down the
field warming up. You don’t want to do them like, super explosive without stretching first
but, you want to work on that. Once you have the proper fundamentals down,
which Ill teach you in some other videos as well, just the basic approach… it’s going
to be a lot to do with ball control. And again, ball control is just simply that. It’s just
being able to have kind of a umm sticky foot, as they call it. Where you are just always
kind of moving around the ball is never really like about more than a couple of feet from
you. You don’t want to take a touch and then it’s like way out here and then you are trying
to regain control because when you see Messi, who is basically the best player in the world
right now, the ball is glue on his foot. He’s moving around, he’s doing all these fakes
and it’s going right where he wants it to go. So to have good ball control is one of
the ways to do that. Again, one of the ways in which you can work on your ball control
is not only just side to side stuff and shielding, as I’ll show you in some videos. Juggling
is a great way to be able to work on some stuff. So, again, work on that. One of the
other things that really takes you to the next level is actually your first touch…
and a lot of people don;t really realize this. When people are starting out, you want to
really focus on your first touch, it really is a lot, it’s pretty mental. So, again, if
Chad’s playing me a ball, a lot of people just take the ball and they let it kind of
go way off off of their foot and they are not really paying attention to where they
want the ball to go. Again, if I have a defender who is over here, and I get a ball played
and I want to go over here, then shield him and you want to keep it pretty close to you
as well. So your first touch is pretty crucial, you want to kind of, just be able to go wherever
you want. So really focus on “Where do I need to go” when you have the ball, “when it’s
played to me”. When the ball’s not at you, you should be surveying the field, you should
be looking to where you want to go. So if you get the ball and you want to immediately
go out here you need to know where your player’s at. So you’re playing it out here and you
have a player coming on to it. You want to have your first touch be good because that
was one of the first things that took me to the next level when my coach sat me down and
said, “Hey you really need to work on your first touch if you want to have playing time.
You need to get that down so you know where to go with the ball because it slows down
the play and you don’t want to have that happen.” You want all your teammates to have great
individual skill and that comes with your first touch and then as you get into that,
it’s anticipating where everybody is going to be and that gets into more team-play as
opposed to individual skill. Like I said, it’s a lot to do with being mental
with soccer; a lot of people don’t realize that. It’s what I call your soccer IQ, which
I actually want to explain to you in the video below. If you click on that right now, I’m
going to show you and explain what that is and I guess, more of the tactical side of
things, you know, when you get to a certain level, there are coaches wanting to break
game film down and kind of learn how to play like that, see other teams weaknesses and
how you’re going to exploit it, how certain players play and their flow. So your soccer
IQ is very important for that. It’92s something that isn’t taught really a whole lot. I want
to teach you what that is so, again, click on the link below. Check that out. Also leave
some comments and let me know if you have any tips and suggestions or what you want.
I’ll come by and answer them personally so, also click the subscribe button above and
I’ll see you guys in the next video! Take care.