Soccer Scramble, FTW

– Welcome to “For The Win,” a little show that helps you tackle whatever life throws your way, like when juggling two soccer seasons has you feeling like a total rookie. Getting through it is gonna require some serious teamwork. Oh! And, yep, game-time fuel. Okay, let’s go. Slay those soccer stains and smells all season long with Tide Pods. Take that, grass stains. One nil. Oh, and keep jerseys looking good as new. Nice move. Home team rules. [upbeat music] Somebody’s got serious snack break skills. [whistle blows] Handball! All right, we’re looking at a double game day situation here. Get your shin guards and your game faces on. This is what we train for. Today’s biggest opponents: sun and mosquitoes. And flip. Good hustle, you two. Okay, almost game time. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Look at that hand-eye coordination. You’re crushing it, cocaptains. Okay, team. Let’s take that fancy footwork to the field. Our soccer stars are back. Time to turn off beast mode and turn on your TCL TV. [crowd cheers] And that’s how you dominate soccer season. For the win. Tap the link on the right so you never miss an episode. Thanks for watching.