Soccer for Kids! ~ Ryu’s Soccer Journal ~ Game day VS All-Stars & fun at the Museum!

Coming up next… November 2nd. Ryu’s Soccer Journal! Today, we were supposed to go against the Las Vegas Desert Storm. But… they forfeited! So the Sports Center put together an All-Star team. They picked all the best players in the league. This is gonna be hard… Marseille turn! But I call it… Ryu turn! So close! This move is called “La Croqueta” Look at everyone targeting me… Half-time! We are down 3-5. We need to play better, if we want to win this game. We still need one more goal. Leave it to me! We did it! Let’s follow the Dino footsteps. Let’s go inside the Museum! Umm… Giraffes? These are my friends, Jack and C.J. Ooooh dangerous beauties. I wonder how they’re dangerous. What do you think, Quinn? He could swallow us whole. You guys, I think there is a snake in here! Is this the Jurrasic Era? Let’s go see some Dinosaurs! Follow me to Egypt! Guys! Let’s build a pyramid! Ooooh, I’m touching a snake. Thanks for hanging out with us! See you soon! If you like this video, please like/subscribe. And… Click here for more videos!