Sneak Attack Squad Nerf Rival Pool Battle! Fancy Ethan Vs. Cole in a Mansion!

– (Ethan) Ahhh Ah man, it's such a hot day. – (Cole) Can I help you? – Nah, I got to get going. Thought I just sit down for a bit. – You want me to ask you
where you got the money, huh? – Oh, the money? Oh yeah. Its just the money I'm getting for watching Grandma's house. – Grandma gave you money
for watching her house? – No, nothing. Just turned
into an adult, get nine bucks. – Have fun with your nine dollars. Grandma's house is boring. – It's not our grandma
with the boring house. It's a rich grandma. (hip hop music) – So wait, you're going to
watch a rich grandma's house? – Yeah you know the house
with the, like foosball and the massive pool and stuff? – Foosball? – Yeah you know, foosball, the thing with the
soccer thingy, you know? – It's called foosball. – Whatever, now that I have money, I can call it whatever I want. – So, when you're leaving,
I'm gonna come with. – Oh, no no no. – Why? – Cause you know, it's just my house, and uh, I don't think I invited you. – Oh yeah? It's Grandma's house. I can go there whenever I want. – Sorry. I'm in charge of
the house today, you know. And you're not invited. – I'm coming there! – No you're not! – I'm gonna call Grandma
and see if I can come over. – Don't call Grandma! Leave her alone! – I'm gonna do it! – No, you're not gonna call Grandma, and stay out of my house! – Hi Grandma. – (Grandma) Hi Paulie. How are you? – I'm good Grandma. Is
Ethan watching your house? – Oh yes he is. Would
you like to go over there and go swimming with him? – Yeah, you don't mind if I go over there? – Oh no. I don't mind at all. Go have fun! – Alright, thanks Grandma! – It's go time, Ethan. (suspenseful music) It's locked. Now all I have to do is wait. – Ahh. – What is he wearing? He looks like fancy-pants Ethan. Let's see how he likes this. (Nerf Rival Blast) – Ahhh! (action music) (door creaking) (door closing) – Get out of here! Bringing fire! What are you doing in my house?
I told you not to come here! – You know this is Grandma's house, so I can come here whenever I want. – I told you not to come here! This is what you get for not listening! (Nerf Blasting) – Why are you dressed like that? – Cause this is a fancy house,
and now I'm sophisticated. – Well, you look ridiculous. – You're very uncivilized,
and when we're here, you address me as Sir Ethan. – You're not getting away that easy. (reloading Blaster) – Ha! – Ahh! – Good show. Jolly good show. I'm up for some sporting games, good chap. Let's have a gentleman's duel. Come out, and we can finish this. (Near miss) – Oh that's how you wanna
play? Ungentlemanly. – Quit talking like that. – Hey, come here! (Surprise attack!) (breathing heavily) – Ahh! (breathing heavily) – Where are you? – Ahh! Where are you? Ahh! (Nerf Blasting) (battle cries) – Take this! – Take this! – Have you had enough, fancy-pants? – I'll show you fancy-pants! – Ahh! – Oh, bullseye. – Aha! Where did he go? Oh Coley? Where are you? Don't hide! Don't worry about it. Where are you? Wherever you think you
are, just let me know. Where are you? He must be in here. Where did you go? (knocking on window) Busted! (breathing heavily) (water splashing) – Ahhh! That's it, Paulie! (running water) (ball ricocheting) (water splashing) (screaming underwater) – Hey guys! We have new
Extreme Toys TV merchandise. We got water bottles. Nerf dart pouches. They work, I promise. And
I just dropped this thing, and its still super durable. – Yeah! They're awesome! Check them out at the Extreme Toys Store! – We have a link to the store right there. Or somewhere, you'll
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and we'll see you next time! (background music) (mumbling) – Woo! Down the slide, down
the slide, down the slide, down the slide, down the slide, (mumbling) – That's probably not going in the video. Leave it in? Hi, mom. Here we go. The plummet of doom. Here we go. (coughing) Here we go.