SMALL Teams Winning BIG Trophies

back an old bags up that came in first to the ball and curls it stare hot food was david platt who brought the scrambled save from Schmeichel dont think blacc got ahold of it as well as he buddy [Applause] it was set up well here and Johnny ensign steering phosphorous Ward's a day as well off the bench they thought that was in and England to have a lucky escape super Dalian still marry dolly when he slick Bob Dawson's night on his feet spider swats getting into the center from [Applause] 13 minutes into the second half [Applause] it's outside him bricks in the middle oh and bully gets the ball out for a corner good break by the dates I trust him on a French engine as a goal Patrick Larson little back lol [Applause] shut up [Applause] oh I think fighting for the pullback Oh who had the shot Franky's up there oh it funny mister and that's the goal it's not the chat log stroke who scored the jet knock [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I've got the cross if I stop time [Applause] but cat let's go try the goalkeeper then if vodkas equalized started to the bat Laudrup the target again [Applause] they kick in the European Championship my job Roger you can place the plastic as well in the tournament Oh thought and on file looks at the referee again it's a short approach to the ball today Ramos cross offside reader [Applause] it's junk [Applause] and there's Reedley with the junk every bird on the side can go forth Klinsmann Christiansen kicked out there this is Belfort dead in his head and it came before [Applause] [Applause] I see plane is headed across Carcharias [Applause] it's neat and it is about yellow to us it's all gone he's flipping effects again [Applause] pull to the far post at night no chance for armored sad and a great opportunity for Livia arvin sad snotty hard with his right foot it's there because of course of the conditions a certain caliber plays a lovely boy what a finish Zambian lever and it was a lovely snared Molly across the goalkeeper Emmanuel great Johnson outside I'll search there he's buried it Gold up return for outside and gold number two for Libya who like in the first half of struggle lovely overhead to the farmers oh what a strike Chris the Booker don't know making it to – that's just sensational bright open up that side Oh Africa Cup of Nations opening going up around 15 minutes the heteros stop your Isuzu [Applause] I was way back in 1970 one of the pioneering nations they were no match for Zambia here early interest fatter katanas bouncing would say Betty [Applause] two-nil 66 of senegal top of Roubaix ahead of the joy house Equatorial Guinea third Gaza a lovely finish from Jim hang it Adame near the song has reading kuma-chan you unless filled the air allah presents the chorus and workability korrasami sadhana catastrophic illusion a bitch laughs Gotama Yuja also tiffany all desire to sleep Arabic Arabic energy-related war [Applause] when I was five [Applause] [Applause] where did that and he keep his dude they're against Ivory Coast Kotaku the situation to be and likewise another chance of bambor [Applause] schools Felix Cataldo score pistol we give it to sudden death [Applause] for himself litter now champions say forget he doesn't [Applause] Oh Table Talk : it'll be cheap boy [Applause] by making sober [Applause] yeah free kick free unite at schools to screamer stop but not corralled by Vito by eeeh we've been fortunate over it and man you up one-nil the lead last is 15 minutes it's for Betty McCarthy with a one-time shot that shatter Steve makes it and we're all even things not as stunning United with a second pool fourth goal in five traffic I think everyone who's acted with the work on the left side for inside and out than that there's small schools scoring to make it one nil I did not it schools secured Corral it was all back because of the offside that this turns out to be a missed call and an advantage for FC second half 89 3 kick Tim Howard the same posh thing against the rebound which ties the match at one but don't now with the advantage on the away goal and he came and final in this one it was the visitors who snatched it deco greets the chance Manish does the rest in portals task now gargantuan the chance Florent Malouda is run and pulled back said to Peggy lien do lot to equalize in the 14th but they still needed plenty more for a while it looked possible early in the second deco once again the creator manish once again the score his second excellent strike of the evening as if it wasn't tough enough again the supplier Elbert with the header but it was far too late so portal continued to [Applause] into the middle [Applause] he's standing [Applause] this would achieve the substitute simply sensational in Germany tonight [Applause] [Applause]